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Founded over 65 years ago, Keystone Technologies continues to evolve and grow their comprehensive line of highly reliable, electronic, magnetic, and HID ballasts. You will find Keystone products installed by many of the world’s leading lighting fixture manufacturers and contractors.  They choose Keystone because of their quality, value and commitment to engineer only the best ballast products for the market.


Synergy Lighting offers the complete line of Keystone brand ballasts at unbelievable low prices.  From T12, T8 and T5 electronic ballasts to the HID, CFL and more.

Electronic Ballasts

KEYSTONE ELECTRONIC FLUORESCENT BALLASTKeystone’s extensive portfolio of electronic ballasts covers all fluorescent lighting applications, including commercial, industrial, and residential type lighting fixtures. Known for their dependability and energy efficiency, every Keystone electronic ballast is “burnt in” at the factory to ensure exceptional performance and superior reliability.  Complete with a 3 year factory warranty.

HID Ballasts

KEYSTONE HID BALLASTS METAL HALIDE HPSKnown for dependability and superior efficiency, Keystone’s high intensity discharge (HID) ballasts are perfectly suited for even the most demanding HID lighting applications. Keystone utilizes sophisticated manufacturing and quality control processes to guarantee outstanding performance in the field.

Available in metal halide, pulse start metal halide, and high pressure sodium, as well as ballast replacement kits.

Sign Ballasts

KEYSTONE SIGN BALLASTSKeystone’s line of sign ballasts makes commercial sign maintenance simple. With only six ballasts that cover virtually all common plastic sign configurations, you’re sure to have the right ballast for the job.

All Keystone magnetic sign ballasts are designed to operate at a minimum starting temperature of -20ºF, which is ideal for use in cold outdoor sign applications. With Keystone’s quality and dependability, you can count on your installation to last.

Magnetic Ballasts

KEYSTONE MAGNETIC FLUORESCENT BALLASTSWhile many other manufacturers have discontinued their magnetic ballast lineup, Keystone remains committed to providing replacement magnetic ballasts for the millions of existing magnetic ballast installations.

Keystone also offers electronic “drop in” replacement to many common magnetic ballasts for simple conversion from magnetic to electronic technology.
To learn more or purchase Keystone Ballasts at GURANTEED LOW PRICING, visit us online at or call us toll free at 1-877-220-5483.

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