Halogen Light Bulbs

Halogen light bulbs are more efficient than their incandescent predecessors and are available in many shapes, sizes and varieties, including low voltage models.  Synergy Lighting carries a full selection of commercial grade halogen bulbs. These lamps have higher, cleaner gas fills that create brighter, whiter, more energy efficient alternatives to incandescent. We are exceptionally proud of the Prism Brand halogen bulbs that have twice the life of competing brands while providing excellent beam control and quality.

Low Voltage Halogen Bi-Pin LampsLine Voltage Halogen Bi-Pin LampsMR8 Halogen Light BulbJDR MR16 Halogen Light BulbsGBF Elevator Light BulbsE26 MR16 light BulbsGU10 MR16 Halogen Light BulbsPAR14 LIGHT BULBPAR16 LIGHT BULBSPAR20 Halogen Light BulbsPAR30 Halogen Light BulbsPAR30 Long Neck Halogen Light BulbsPAR38 Halogen Light BulbsSealed Beam Par Light BulbsAR Halogen Light BulbsKX2000 Xenon Light BulbsJD Type Halogen Light BulbsJDD halogen Light BulbsHalogena Light BulbsDouble Ended Quartz Halogen Light BulbsWedge Festoon halogen Light Bulbs.
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Brands we carry: Sylvania, GE, Philips, Ushio, PrismBulbrite, Satco, Superior Life