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LED Sign Lighting Fixture

30/09/11 0 COMMENTS

Monument Signs and Landscape Signs are a wonderful way for any business or property to display themselves at night. Most of the time, monument signs are not internally illuminated and require an external lighting fixture in order to be seen at night. Typical flood lights result in an uneven light pattern on monument signs and typically are very wasteful in energy.

Synergy Introduces the LED Sign Lighting Fixture


Made from a solid aluminum housing and in 24″ (16w)and 48″ (36w) linear design, the LED Sign Lighting Fixture from Synergy Lighting offers even illumination at night on virtually any type of corporate signage, monument or building signs as well as the latest in energy savings utilizing a patented high power LED Light Engine. This ultra-slim LED Sign Lighting series provides an attractive, yet compact lighting solution for most applications, including up lighting canopies and overhangs plus illuminating menu boards or directories from top to bottom. It can also create impressive residential and corporate development entrances and give entry walls a warm, welcoming uniform glow. These high performance LED Sign lighting Fixtures can be mounted on walls or pads to solve almost any exterior lighting problem.

Save Money, Save Energy With Synergy Lighting


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