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Natural Lighting

Did you ever wonder why everything looks so much brighter and more colorful in sunlight rather than inside a store? The answer is simple! Natural light captures the full spectrum of the color chart, while reproduced light will only capture a small part depending on the Kelvin temperature of the lamp. Most people do not know that while using different Kelvin temperature bulbs, they accentuate certain colors of the spectrum, leaving the opposite colors looking faded and dingy. In addition, natural light minimizes the strain your eyes feel, making it easier to see smaller objects, with less strain creating a much more pleasant and productive work environment. More information can be found In a study published by the Department of Energy “Energy Conservation Using Scotopically Enhance Fluorescent Lighting in an Office Environment”.

“From McDonalds, offices, and medical or smaller businesses, to large manufacturing, the benefits of the Natural Light Conversion is a very long list. Humans were created to live under natural light like that of a sunny day. Our Natural White Light fluorescent light bulbs can brighten up your business like no other conventional fluorescent light bulb because our Natural White Bulbs simulate the crisp, full color, and ultraviolet spectrum of natural outdoor light. Natural Lighting, high quality design, and Free Replacement Warranty make it the only choice for Natural White Lighting light bulbs for work environment.

The Image and appearance of a business to its customers is the first priority. By using NaturalWhite Lighting in virtually any application, a business appears much brighter to its customers which is inviting, feels safer, and well suited. Well-sustained lighting sends a clear message to customers that your open and ready to conduct business and convey a sense of cleanliness, safety, and proper maintenance.

The natural spectrum of Natural White Lighting also improves your ability to see. Reading, computer work, and close detail work become easier. The Natural White Light allows your eyes to focus clearer and with ease. This allows the muscles in your eyes to relax. A study performed by Cornell University found that students who studied and read under Natural White Light experienced far less perceptual fatigue and had better visual acuity than students who studied under other types of fluorescent lighting. This is also believed to greatly reduce the numbers of headaches associated with eye strain. Employees who work under Natural White Light also experience emotional responses to the light. These emotional responses are seen through happier and more productive work being performed. The Natural White Light also reduces glare from computer monitors.”

Changing from standard fluorescent light bulbs to Natural White Light is not a daunting task, nor is it an expensive change. In fact, it is the most affordable change that a business owner can make. Synergy Natural White Lamps in some applications can reduce electric bills by as much as 80%, with an average of 50% in larger facilities. Synergy Lighting exclusively carries the largest selection of various Natural White Light bulbs, allowing virtually all businesses to have better quality of light, energy savings, and exceptional product performance. Call Synergy Lighting for a no charge demonstration, with a complimentary energy audit to see how you can improve your lighting and start saving money. All of our Natural White Light Bulbs come with a minimum 2 year warranty against defect of premature failure.