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Induction Lighting High/Low Bay Fixture

Acrylic High/Low Bay Induction



Commercial, Industrial, Warehouses, Manufacturing, Gymnasiums, Retail, Food / Agricultural

Our Induction Highbay/Lowbay Fixture is an excellent choice for commercial and industrial uses, as well as Gymnasiums.  Replacing metal halide and high pressure sodium fixtures is easy and simple to do with this induction fixture.   Induction Lighting Highbay and Lowbay fixtures offer immediate on and instant restrike, no color shift and the ultimate in maintenance free operation for up to 20 years.


  • 100,000 Hour Product Lifespan (IESNA)
  • 10 year OR 60,000 Hour Warranty
  • High Pressure Die-Casted Aluminum Gear Box
  • Prismatic Acrylic Refractor/Lens
  • Optional “Teardrop” style (200/250W)
  • Photocatalytic, Anti-Dust Treatment on Lamp/Lens
  • UL Listed
  • Ambient Lighting Temp: -30 to 140 deg Farenheit


  • 120-277v Universal Electronic Ballast
  • Optional 0-10v DC Dimmability, 2-way Communication
  • Power Factor > 0.95, Operating Frequency 50-60Hz
  • Instant On, Flicker Free, Minimum Light Loss
  • 80W/100W/120W/150W/200W/250W Round Tubular Induction Lamp
  • Color Temps available: 3000-5000k
  • CRI > 85 – Excellent Color Rendition
*** All Products are UL Listed/Labeled and Assembled in ISO9000/1 Certified US Facility ***
*** Every product is quality tested and inspected prior to shipment ***
*** Synergy Lighting offers a 10-year, 60,000 hour Warranty ***
*** Made in the USA, Meets Buy American requirements within the ARRA ***

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