History | Synergy Lighting


Our Founder Matthew Gregg, was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida. Matthew grew up in a light bulb household where his father had made a career in the lighting industry. His father, having been an Engineer with Norelco and later becoming a National Sales Manager with Philips, lived the “light bulb guy’s life”, and so did his kids. As the oldest of two sons, Matthew helped his father as a child putting together distributor packets and marketing materials for new lighting distributors.

After graduating college for Business Management and serving in the United States Navy as an Air Traffic Controller, Matthew never imagined himself getting into lighting or light bulbs. However after much influence by his father to try out lighting, Matthew soon found himself loving what he didn’t care for as a child, and in 2001 formed the company Synergy Lighting.

Since our inception, Synergy Lighting has been focused on bring forth to its clients, the highest levels of quality products and services. Synergy provides both its lighting expertise and service excellence to all clients ranging from small business to national corporate clients.

Synergy lighting prides itself on bring to customers the most innovative and energy efficient products in today’s market and is able to service clients needs for both lighting and electrical service nationwide.