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Synergy Lighting USA Proudly introduces a new series of LED Linear Sign Light Fixtures for use on Monument Signs, Billboards, Community Entrances, and various other types of externally illuminated signage.   These LED Sign Lighters are Made In U.S.A. and come complete with a 5 year factory warranty!

High Output LED Sign Light Fixtures


The New High Output LED Sign Lighters are the perfect solution for low level concealed light to illuminate your signage needs.   Available in 24″, 48″ and 96″ lengths, we are sure to have the right size with solid state high output LED Lighting that produces consistent and even coverage across the surface of your sign. Available in both warm 2700K and cool 4000K color temperatures, the HO LED Sign Lights can be used in residential and commercial applications. Each fixture is equipped with a specular clear reflector and diamond cut acrylic lens to eliminate hot spots and pixelations to provide smooth uniformity on the surface of the sign. The fixture form factor is made from natural anodized and cast aluminum in a silver finish that blends well with any architectural design, and can be custom powder coated for a bronze, black, white or verde green finish. LED’s on board are the latest in Samsung LED Chips built on a thermally managed LED Board delivering over 100,000 hours of maintenance free operation. Drivers and LED’s can be upgraded in the future or replaced at any time with the modular design of the High Output LED Sign Light Fixture. LED Driver accommodates 120-277 voltages.

Each Fixture is comes standard with 1/2″ NPT Knuckles that mount to any outdoor junction box, or ground mount post (sold separately). The High Output LED Sign Lights are light enough to be mounted by use of metal nipples or EMT that can extend outwards up to 36 inches for aerial mounted [shine back] applications above or below a sign. The High Output LED Sign Light Fixtures rotate up to 360 degrees in order to provide direct adjustable illumination or can even be used to graze the surface of a sign or wall.

HO LED Sign Light to Metal Halide Compariosn Metal Halide Equivalent
WLED HO 24″ LED Sign Light (5900 Lumens) 54 Watts Compares to 175w Metal Halide
WLED HO 48″ LED Sign Light (11900 Lumens) 110 Watts Compares to 400w Metal Halide
WLED HO 96″ LED Sign Light (23800 Lumens) 205 Watts Compares to 1000w Metal Halide

These LED Sign Light fixtures have undergone 1000 hour salt spray testing and 5000 hour harsh element testing under heat, water, and freezing conditions. IP67 Rated, and LM80 tested, the High Output LED Sign Light Fixtures will hold up the the harshest of conditions from coastal applications to harsh summer temperatures without fail. The durable extruded aluminum form factor also holds up to abuse from any landscape applications that should provide you up to 20 years of maintenance free operation!

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Synergy Lighting USA Leading the way in LED Lighting

HO LED Sign Light Specification Details
Available Lengths 24 Inch, 48 Inch, 96 Inch
Lumens 24″-5900, 48″-11900, 96″ 23800
Wattage 24″-54W, 48″-110W, 96″ 205W
Fixture Body Aluminum
Lens Diamond Cut Acrylic
Mounting Dual 1/2″ NPT Knuckle
Voltage 120-277 MVOLT
LED Chips Samsung LH141A
Driver Philips,  Other by availability
Color Temp 2700K Warm, 4000K Cool
Finish Colors Natural, Black, Bronze, White, Green
Manufacture Origin Bradenton, FL USA
Life Rating 100,000 Hours / 20-25 Years
IP Rating IP67 Wet Location
LM80 Tested Yes
Warranty 5 Year Limited Warranty
All LED Sign Light Fixtures are contract manufactured in Bradenton, FL for Synergy Lighting, Inc.

120V LED Polycarbonate Flood Light Fixture

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Synergy Lighting introduces the latest in affordable LED Lighting with our 10 Watt and 17 Watt 120 Volt LED Flood Light Fixtures! Using as little as 10 watts 5000K Bright White LED, these LED Flood Light Fixtures easily replace traditional 13 watt and 26 Watt compact fluorescent light fixtures. At a price of less than $100, the GMF is your best value in LED lighting!

LED Ground Mount Floods Replace CFL

120V LED GROUND FLOOD LIGHT FIXTUREThe SYN-LED-10W-GMF and the SYN-LED-17W-GMF are an extremely durable wet-location rated fixture using advanced thermal polycarbonates to manage heat. These new polycarbonates are designed to allow heat buildup to transfer outwards from the fixture rather than trapping the heat in like older CFL version. This means exceptionally longer life, and better lumen maintenance.

The fixtures are designed with 1/2″ NPT knuckles for easy mounting into junction boxes, ground posts and can be used for sign lighting, general security lighting, or building flood lighting. Rated life is 4 times longer then CFL bulbs resulting in up to 8-10 years life at 40,000 hours. The GMF fixtures stay bright and brilliant, do not flicker or attract bugs!

The durable black finish blends well with any commercial building, or landscape and won’t fade, chip, peel or degrade. The GMF fixtures comes standard with our 3 year factory warranty.


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Solar Powered LED Sign Light Fixtures

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Installing new signage on an existing commercial property or roadway has become more common these days. Directional boring or cutting up asphalt in a parking lot and re-patching can cost upwards of several thousands of dollars, and therefore is often an abandoned idea. Residential developments as well seek solutions for illuminating entrance ways that weren’t planned by the developer with no available power. The solution of having to power entrance lighting from the nearest home, meets strong opposition. However, with advances in LED and Solar Power, illuminating signage in these situations is now easy, and remarkably bright, and most of all, affordable!


BL Series Solar LED Sign Light Kits

Synergy Lighting introduces the latest in Solar Powered LED Signage with BL Series LED Sign Light Kits. These kits are a commercial-grade solar LED sign lighting system powered by a separate solar array. The solar sign lighting system illuminates a variety of signage ranging from entry, welcome and other small signs to monuments, statues and larger DOT signs and flag pole lighting. BL Series is a low maintenance, dependable LED sign lighting system configured for your location to ensure reliable lighting under extreme weather and site conditions. Our high-output solar sign lighting system is easy to assemble and maintain because there is no need for trenching, electric meters, fixture maintenance and monthly electric bills. This durable commercial off-grid LED sign light system is the economic choice compared to conventional or “off the shelf” solar sign lighting systems, and is 5x brighter!

Solar LED Sign Light Features

The BL Series Solar Powered LED Sign Light Kits are available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 LED Light configurations, and Features include:
  • All inclusive system features LED floodlight, pv module, maintenance-free battery and intelligent controller housed in a vandal-resistant aluminum battery enclosure, direct burial pole and plug-and-play connectors
  • Programmed for full light intensity all night long or a for desired run time
  • Maintenance free gel cell batteries provide five nights of back-up power
  • FivePlus™ Warranty includes 10 years on electronics, wiring, and LED Fixtures

Solar Powered LED Sign Light Fixture For BL Series Kits


The BL Series kits features and advanced High Output LED Lighting Fixture specifically designed to be powered from the low voltage solar power array. This easy-to-install floodlight is designed for outdoor lighting applications where a directed light source is required. Powered by a separate solar array, it is ideal for sign lighting, monuments, up lighting, building security, perimeter fence security lighting, remote buildings and other floodlight applications. It features an advanced LED optical system that provides a directed light source with high uniformity, glare control and improved light distribution. The LED Fixtures is designed in a heavy duty cast aluminum commercial fixture body to match those traditionally made for HID. Offering higher lumen’s per watt, the 20W LED Sign Light fixture matches traditional HID lights between 70 and 100 watts. and has a long life of 65,000 hours (L70).

For more information on Solar Powered LED Sign Light Fixtures with the BL Series Kits, contact Synergy Lighting at 1-877-220-5483 or visit us online at www.synergylightingusa.com

We also offer Solar Powered Kits for:
  • Solar LED Street Lighting
  • Solar LED Parking Lot Lighting
  • Solar LED Bus Station Lights
  • Solar LED Pathway Lights
  • Solar Powered LED Bollards
  • Solar LED Flag Pole Lighting
Here are some examples of successful Solar LED Sign Lighting Projects:



Photos above are not those of Synergy Lighting, they are representations of successful projects by others whom specialize in Solar Lighting. Images are copyright their respective owners.

LED Sign Lighting Fixture

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Monument Signs and Landscape Signs are a wonderful way for any business or property to display themselves at night. Most of the time, monument signs are not internally illuminated and require an external lighting fixture in order to be seen at night. Typical flood lights result in an uneven light pattern on monument signs and typically are very wasteful in energy.

Synergy Introduces the LED Sign Lighting Fixture


Made from a solid aluminum housing and in 24″ (16w)and 48″ (36w) linear design, the LED Sign Lighting Fixture from Synergy Lighting offers even illumination at night on virtually any type of corporate signage, monument or building signs as well as the latest in energy savings utilizing a patented high power LED Light Engine. This ultra-slim LED Sign Lighting series provides an attractive, yet compact lighting solution for most applications, including up lighting canopies and overhangs plus illuminating menu boards or directories from top to bottom. It can also create impressive residential and corporate development entrances and give entry walls a warm, welcoming uniform glow. These high performance LED Sign lighting Fixtures can be mounted on walls or pads to solve almost any exterior lighting problem.

Save Money, Save Energy With Synergy Lighting


For more information on LED Sign Lighting Fixtures, contact us today at 877-220-5483 or visit us online at www.synergylightingusa.com.