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Sarasota Hair Salon Goes Natural!

07/06/10 0 COMMENTS

Lighting always seems to be the most over looked item when a retail store is created. We paint the walls, pick out good flooring, and sometimes even go the extra mile to choose great looking formica to cover the counter tops. Yet the one thing that effects everything is the lighting. It doesn’t matter what color we paint the walls, lighting can make the color appear different.

Additionally, the lighting we overlook can make a huge difference in the tasks we perform. This  hair salon made the realization that lighting can make all the difference especially in hair. The sylists at the salon perform hair coloring to their clients regularly. In most cases the Stylist peeks under the foil or wrap to check base color, and often times walks the customer outside to check if the color is correct.

By choosing Natural White light bulbs from Synergy Lighting, the stylists not only can create more accurate coloring for the clients, but the no longer need to walk a client out the door. The natual white lamps made a hug difference and a great improvement for the business by spending less than $300.00 to complete the change over.

In the words of the Store manager; Julie, “This is the most excellent change we have ever made”!

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