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Due to soaring energy costs many companies are aggressively exploring ways to reduce their energy consumption and improve efficiencies. Replacing or retrofitting obsolete lighting systems can often provide significant savings and many local utilities are offering rebates to customers that upgrade their lighting with new, more energy efficient products.

Leasing Your Lighting System Saves MoneyWith today’s credit crunch, leasing these projects provides an attractive alternative to a capital outlay and often makes the purchase of a lighting project more feasible. Payments can often be structured so they are less than the monthly savings and can generate immediate positive cash flow for the customer.

Synergy Lighting has the knowledge, resources and expertise to deliver the leasing options that energy management professional’s demand.  To better serve our clients we now offer leasing of your lighting system on our Green Energy Leasing Plan, which offers the following benefits:

Manage Cash Flow

Payments can be matched to the energy savings generated by the project and this can provide you with positive cash flow.

Overcome Budget Constraints

We can provide you with a variety of financing structures specifically designed to work with your budget. Here are a few examples:

  • Step Payments
  • Monthly or Quarterly Payments
  • Deferred Payments

100% Project Financing

Bundle charges related to lamps, ballast, fixtures, installation and disposal into a single monthly payment. We’ll even issue purchase orders to your vendors to reduce your administrative burden.

Preserve Working Capital

Avoid large capital outlays and preserve your working capital for other important projects

Dedicated Sales and Service Support

With Synergy Leasing, you will always talk to a live person so that you can get the support you need, when you need it. Synergy can provide state and local government customers with tax exempt pricing and structures unique to their market.


For more information on leasing, call for a free consultation.


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