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Green Underwater Fishing Lights

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People have often been amazed by Green Underwater Fishing Lights used around docks and canals. These lights do provide amazing effects to the water-scape as well as attract very large fish at night. The theory is simple, as the green light produces ultra-violet rays at a specific nanometer wavelength that attracts bait fish & plankton which show up first. Shortly there after, larger fish such as Tarpon and Snook begin to show up to feed on smaller fish. Very popular in Texas and Florida, these became known as the Green Underwater Snook Light.


Synergy Offers Green Dock and Fishing Lights

GREEN UNDERWATER LIGHT FOR MOMSTER FISHSynergy Lighting, a leader in innovative lighting offers the first commercially available, Heavy Duty Underwater Green Fishing Light. Constructed of a heavy duty Polypropylene Copolymer, the Underwater Fish Light from Synergy offers an indestructible housing that can withstand impacts from boats that are docking in low tides, and doesn’t break when hit by fishing lures and weights.   Additionally, the light source is protected by a heavy duty water-proof tempered lens. Because of the innovative design, the Underwater Green Fishing Light from Synergy Lighting is heavily weighted to eliminate drifting in heavy currents or storms, and comes with a secondary ground spike to ensure it stays in place for good. Unlike other kits that are available on the market, this Underwater Light Fixture comes with everything you need in one easy package, eliminating the need for large bulky boxes and hardware mounted to your pilings or structure!

Underwater Green Lights Attract Big Fish Next To Docks!

Did we mention lots of fish? The Underwater Fishing Light from Synergy emits light outwards and upwards creating nearly a 40 foot diameter through clear waters around docks, seawalls and canals. Brackish water allows light to emit up to 25 feet in diameter attracting larger and bigger fish with higher levels of plankton. The Green underwater light installs in minutes and comes with a 3 year factory warranty. The green light source lasts up to 3 years and can be replaced by the user for less than $40.00. Improve the look of your marina, back yard, waterway, or resort with Underwater Lights from Synergy Lighting. Also available in Blue!

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Halco Lighting T8 FLuorescent Bulbs In Stock!

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With the ever growing national shortage of T8 and fluorescent light bulbs, Synergy Lighting has a full line of fluorescent lamps in stock from Halco Lighting.

Halco Lighting Vs Sylvania, Philips And GE

Most everyone is familiar with the “Big 3” automobile companies. Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. In the lighting world, we as well have the “Big 3” which are Sylvania, Philips and General Electric which manufacture contractor grade lamps and ballasts. Just like the car industry, we have all realized over the years that you don’t have to be one of the Big 3 to make a quality automobile. In fact, many consumers today would argue undoubtedly that Toyota, Lexus, Honda and others make an even better automobile with better gas mileage and reliability.

Halco Lighting Technologies Light Bulbs Ballasts Sarasota Bradenton Clearwater Tampa

This is how we look at, and feel about Halco Lighting Technologies. Halco is to light bulbs and ballasts, what Lexus is to Chrysler. Quality, Value, and Exceptional Performance and Reliability, are the breath of Halco Lighting. This line of commercial grade lighting has just as an extensive line of lamps and ballasts.  With nearly 40 years in the industry, Halco Lighting’s depth of technology spans globally with manufacturing in the United States, Germany and China. Further, Halco is pending as one of only 17 Accredited (NVLAP) Facilities for National Standards for Technology Testing Laboratories in the country relating to energy efficient products.

Synergy Lighting has supplied Sylvania and Halco Lighting products for over a decade, and in the last ten years we have experienced longer life, better quality and product assistance from Halco than we have any other brand in our company’s history.  When you buy Halco or any of the HLT branded products such as Prism, Prolume and ProLED products, you are receiving lamps and ballasts with the highest levels of quality.  Halco Lighting is the “Lexus of Light Bulbs”!  What’s your shade of GREEN?!

Call us today to purchase Halco Lighting branded products! Synergy Lighting National Toll Free Order Line: 1-877-220-5483


Wholesale Light Bulbs Bradenton Florida

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Synergy Lighting is Bradenton Florida’s Light Bulb Superstore Offering Wholesale Prices!

Since 1999, Synergy Lighting has been providing residential and commercial businesses in Bradenton, Florida, exceptional quality light bulbs, ballasts and fixtures. Whether you’re looking for halogen light bulbs, fluorescent light bulbs or hard to find light bulbs we’re sure to have you covered. Synergy Lighting carries major brand light bulbs from Sylvania, Philips, General Electric and many other quality brands. All items at Synergy Lighting are priced at wholesale levels based on case quantity whether you purchase a single light bulb or a whole truck load.

Light Bulbs Available in Bradenton Florida Warehouse

Over 5000 Light Bulbs In Stock At Bradenton Warehouse

Our warehouse located at 6015 28th Street East in Bradenton, Florida carries over 5000 items from names you trust and is open to the public daily from 8:00am until 5:00pm. Synergy Lighting staff members are always there to assist you with expertise in finding the right bulbs for your application, as well as making energy saving recommendations for our clients whenever practical.  Often times there are many Compact Fluorescent (CFL) or Light Emitting Diode (LED) Light bulbs that can save thousands off your electricity bills.

Lighting Experts You Can Depend On In Bradenton

light bulb customer service girl at bradenton warehouse

Synergy Lighting is a company that customers can depend on for excellent service, knowledge and expertise. Our long term service to Southwest Florida has made us a valued business partner with over 10,000 clients. Synergy Lighting is a family owned and operated business with a solid foundation, and is a financially stable company that can meet and exceed all of your expectations. With Synergy Lighting you save time, save energy, and save money!


For more information on Light Bulbs available in Bradenton, Florida, view our website and call Synergy Lighting for a free consultation. Our expert staff is standing by to assist you in selecting the best products for your application!


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Synergy Lighting Free Catalog | 6000 Items!

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Download our Full Color E-Catalog for FREE!

Synergy Light Bulb Ballast Fixture Catalog

Tired of not being able to find the right light bulb, ballasts or fixtures for your business? Synergy Lighting now offers one of the most diverse Lighting Catalogs that has nearly everything you could need! With over 5000 items from Light Bulbs, Ballasts, Fixtures, Emergency Lights, Parts, Globes, Lenses, we’ve got you covered!

Our full color E-Catalog is interactive for quick and easy searching. Simply go to the table of contents, click on the section you want and you’ll be there fast! Full color photos with measurements help to make sure you see exactly the kind of bulb you’re looking for!  This ensures you order the right item the first time!


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Light Fixtures | Clearwater | St Pete | Sarasota | Bradenton | Naples | Ft Myers

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Synergy Lighting USA is Florida Residential and Businesses #1 Source for industrial and commercial lighting fixtures. From indoor to outdoor fixtures, Recessed Can, Troffers, Strip Lights, Wall Packs, Parking Lot Flood Fixtures, Synergy Lighting carries the largest selection. Synergy Lighting is an authorized distributor of over 250 manufacturers including Lithonia Lighting, Hubbel Lighting, Progress, Focus, Atlas, Rab, Juno, Simkar, Electro Elf, Orbit Industries, and many more. Synergy Lighting also carries the largest line of LED Lighting and Induction Lighting Fixtures.LIGHT FIXTURES CLEARWATER SARASOTA BRADENTON TAMPA NAPLES FT MYERS LAKELAND

No Charge Layout and Design

As a member of the Illumination Engineering Society and American Lighting Association, Synergy Lighting employs trained and certified experts that provide no charge layout and design services. Synergy Lighting will help you select the lighting fixtures that will best suit your needs as well as focusing on budget, maintenance and energy savings.

Free Delivery

Synergy Lighting provides free delivery to any business located within Clearwater, St Petersburg, Tampa, Sarasota, Bradenton, Port Charlotte, Lakeland, Ft Myers, Naples and all surrounding areas.


For more information on Lighting Fixtures, visit or website or call Synergy Lighting for a free consultation.


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Turtle Friendly Lighting | New Products Available From Synergy Lighting

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Turtle Friendly Lighting | save hatchlingsSynergy Lighting, a Florida Corporation specializes in coastal lighting design and modification to accommodate Sea Turtle Friendly Lighting requirements. Through our work with Mote Marine Labratories, and the Florida Department of Fish and Wildlife, Synergy has distinguished itself as offering the most cost affective alternatives to preserving the life of these species.  Turtle Friendly lighting to many customers such as condominiums and hotels, resorts and homes can seem like a difficult and expensive task to meet the requirements by the State and Local Governments. Synergy Lighting uses a combination of innovative lighting fixtures, LED light bulbs and specialty lamps to create the perfect balance between human and turtle needs.

According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection:

“Sea Turtle populations have suffered worldwide declines, and their recovery largely depends upon our managing the effects of expanding human populations. One of these effects is light pollution – the presence of detrimental artificial light in the environment. Of the many ecological disturbances caused by human beings, light pollution may be among the most manageable. Light pollution on nesting beaches is detrimental to sea turtles because it alters critical nocturnal behaviors, namely how each turtle chooses nesting sites, how they return to the sea after nesting and how hatchlings find the sea after emerging from their nests.”

FMRI Technical Report TR-2

Do I have to go without lights?

It may seem if faced with a warning letter from a government agency that your home or facility is facing a potential fine for light pollution along coastal beaches and that they want you to have no lighting at all. We assure you that is not the case. What these agencies are requiring you to do is very simple and usually affordable. This in most cases is a simple redirection of light, and selecting a product with a wavelength of light not in the visible spectrum of turtles.  Usually @ 450 nanometers. Lighting products that produce that wavelength of light are orange, yellow and red. By redirecting light and using these types of products, all requirements and conservation methods should be easily and affordably achieved. Each facility or location may vary in the application of products required, but consulting an expert from Synergy Lighting is always free of charge.

A New Turtle Friendly Lighting Product is born!


Turtle Friendly Lighting - Fluorescent Lamps - InterelectricOn July 16, 2010  Interelectric Corporation, received a Wildlife Lighting Certificate for final approval of its line of Orange colored 45o nm light bulbs which are available in F32T8/ORANGE  AND F40T12/ORANGE as well as their existing full line of Red Fluorescent Lamps. These fluorescent light bulbs can be used along walkways, in parking garages and for exterior lighting for retail stores, while maintaining compliance with Turtle Friendly Lighting requirements. This is a phenomenal breakthrough with the 450 nm lamp. Previously, customer had to remove fluorescent fixtures and purchase new expensive fixtures for these applications. Now with the Interelectric Orange fluorescent Lamps available from Synergy Lighting, compliance can be just a twist of a lamp away!


For more information on Turtle Friendly Lighting, view our website or call Synergy Lighting for a free consultation.


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Light Bulbs Banned | Bradenton, FL

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Light Bulbs Banned Synergy Lighting is Florida’s #1 Provider of wholesale lighting, and the largest selection of Light Bulbs. However we find that most businesses are not aware of the recent ban of incandescent, halogen and many popular fluorescent tubes.

On July 1, 2009 Congress passed an amendment to the Energy Independence and Securities Act of 2007. This amendment called specifically for the ban of manufacturing any incandescent or halogen floods, all 13oV commercial grade light bulbs as well as most 2′, 4′ and 8′ models. This comes just after the July 1, 2010 ban of magnetic ballasts.

What does this mean for you business?

This means that 90% of all businesses will have to make significant changes to their lighting by 2012. The push is to achieve greater energy savings and efficiency. Synergy Lighting carries all the new lighting including CFL and LED Light Bulbs as well as High Lumen T8 and Natural White light bulbs. A business owner should be cognisant of these changes before purchasing any lighting or light bulbs that are discontinued under this new rule. Some companies may attempt to liquidate old stock or surplus inventories of these discontinued lamps, which we do not recommend anyone to purchase as it will increase the replacement costs in the future.


Synergy Lighitng Provides free delivery and great pricing on over 5000 of the most popular light bulbs to customer in Sarasota, bradenton, Clearwater, Tampa, Naples, and all surrounding areas. To learn more about the new DOE Law 2012 , visit us online at or call us toll free at 1-877-220-5483.


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Quick Disconnects Meet New NEC Code

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Changing ballasts in a commercial setting has often been difficult without interrupting operations. For most businesses, turning out the lights in a store so that an electrician can replace and rewire a ballasts is not an option. This requires the electrician or maintenance repair man to work with the electricity hot.

Working with live electricity poses serious risk

Working with electricity hot can pose serious risk of electrocution to those performing the repairs. Fortunately the New N.E.C. code requires that all manufacturers of lighting fixtures for commercial use require quick disconnects. Ideal Industries has solved this problem with the new IDEAL PowerPlug is the first disconnect that fully meets both the new Canadian Electrical Code 30-308(4) and new National Electrical Code 410.73(G) for non-residential fluorescent fixtures with ballasts.

Synergy Lighting use PowerPlug disconnects with every ballast and fixture installation

Using these quick disconnects prevents the possibility of electricution during repairs and replacement. Synergy Lighting goes beyond the basic requirements of the N.E.C. by utilizing these PowerPlug connectors with every ballast we replace at no charge to the client. Synergy lighting feels that by including these with every ballast replacement that it should be a standard for taking care of the customer, the right way every time.


For more information on Ballast replacements, or Powerplug disconnects, contact our service department at 877-220-5483 Ext 201


Leviton CFL Dimmer – It works!

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Leviton Decora CFL Dimmer On Sale Now!Compact fluorescent light bulbs have a lot of advantages  over incandescents, but they’ve never been that good at dimming. Standard dimmers designed to work with incandescent or halogen lamps have failed at dimming CFL effectively without flickering or cutting out. According to James Sherman, director of residential marketing at Leviton Manufacturing, consumers had a myriad of complaints with standard dimmers. That is why Leviton, a leading manufacturer of Dimming Systems and electrical components is now introducing their new, patented Decora Slide Dimmer made just for dimmabel CFL bulbs. The new Decora dimmer has the ability to detect whether bulbs are incandescent or dimmable CFL’s, and the Decora can determine the individual bulb’s dimming capabilities – which differ according to manufacturer and type – and adjust the range accordingly.

We tested the new Decora CFL dimmer with various brands of dimmable CFL’s and found that in nearly all cases, the dimming capability of the Decora dimmer was smooth.

Here is what you can expect when using the new Leviton Dimmer:

  • Smooth dimming from full to the lowest range @ 20% lumen output
  • Flicker free at all times
  • When turned on, dimmer will cycle to full and back down to last dimmed setting
  • Self dimming on-cycle is @ 3 seconds
  • Can handle both CFL & Incandescent

For customer who purchase lamps brands other than what the Decora was designed for, it has a manual setting override to make it completely compatible with any dimmable CFL Lamp. We found the best results when testing the dimmer with Prolume brand dimmable CFL’s which are available in Spiral – A Shape and Reflector types.


For more information, or to purchase the Leviton CFL dimmer, contact our sales staff at 877-220-5483