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A Tribute To Thomas Alva Edison

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We wanted to take a moment to thank the true inventor of our industry.  Synergy Lighting recognizes that it was because of Thomas Alva Edison, that more jobs were created than by any President, World Leader, Congressman, or Business Owner in U.S. History.

On Forward And Into the Night

“One day while playing around in my workshop…Thomas Alva Edison Making Light Bulb
I played around with some patents I bought….
I experimented with plants and rubber….
But those experiments soon started to blubber..

I tried more times with palms and bamboo…
Then all of a sudden, an idea I possibly knew…
Why maybe with tungsten I could surely play…
If this works, then what would everyone say…

To make this it must be formed in a vacuum tube…
Attach it to wires, and a base held with glue…
I’ll attach a few leads and give it some power…
Then my creation came to life like a beautiful flower…

This thing of mine encased in all glass….
It lit up the night and I could see out into the grass…
Its shape was arbitrary but worked very well…
So I called for Mina, so there was someone to tell..

She smiled with joy and a tearful laugh…
With one of those I could see in my bath…Incandescent Light Bulb Invention Thomas Edison
That’s right my dear, the day of candles is done…
Why its almost as if I have replicated the sun…

Its time to get busy and make more of these…
Lets build a factory and fill it with worker bees..
Every home and business around should want a few…
Imagine the possibilities of what it could do…

We can now enjoy ourselves and travel at night…
Drive around Fords Model A, with a front head light…
The days of night fear will definitely come to pass…
Now lets make a battery so these things can last…

As people began to know and enjoy incandescent light…
Things around the world started to seem all right…
Jobs were created and factories pushed on till late…
Revolution and industry were changed after this date…”


A Poem for Thomas Alva Edison – Thank you for creating the light bulb, and the industry. Thank you for bringing light to our homes, our businesses and our tomorrows.
-Synergy Lighting

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Rayovac Ultra Pro Industrial Grade Batteries

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Rayovac® Ultra PRO™ Industrial Grade Batteries offer superior performance and longer life for use in electronic devices, flashlights, test equipment and equipment used every day. Rayovac® Batteries are the #1 selling industrial battery based on top industrial distributors. Whether you need shrink packaging (great for contract or bid business) or contractor packaging to help organize and protect batteries from damage and short circuiting, Synergy Lighting is an Authorized Distributor of the Rayovac Products that fit your needs at guaranteed low pricing.

For more information on Rayovac Ultra Pro Industrial Grade Batteries, view our website and call Synergy Lighting for a free consultation.  Our expert staff is standing by to assist you in selecting the best products for your application!


Phone: (941)-756-4844

Toll Free: (877) 220-5483



Sylvania Light Bulbs | Sarasota | Bradenton | Clearwater | Ft Myers | Naples | Tampa

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Synergy Lighting is Florida’s West Coast Leading Supplier of Sylvania Brand Light Bulbs and Ballasts. As an appreciation to our customers, Synergy Lighting is offering 15% off regular price of any Sylvania Brand Light Bulbs including Incandescent, Halogen, Compact Fluorescent, Fluorescent, Metal Halide and HID Lamps, sealed beam, medical and dental lamps as well as stage and studio. Sylvania’s new LED lamps are paving a new frontier in energy saving lighting by offering up to 60,000 hour life and energy savings of up to 85%.

Sylvania Light Bulbs & Ballasts In Stock For Immediate Delivery

Synergy Lighting carries over 5000 items in stock for immediate free delivery to commercial customers in Sarasota, Bradenton, Clearwater, FT Myers, Naples, Tampa and surrounding areas.


For more information on Sylvania Light Bulbs, view our website and call Synergy Lighting for a free consultation.


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Sylvania Light Bulbs And Ballasts | Sarasota | Bradenton | Clearwater | Tampa | Ft Myers

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Synergy Lighting Supply is your number one resource for Sylvania Light Bulbs and Ballasts. Sylvania Light Bulbs and Ballasts are priced at wholesale pricing to contractors, builders and electricians. As a contractor grade product, Sylvania Lamps and Ballasts are suitable for general use in new construction and general lighting needs. We stock a complete lines of Sylvania Halogen PAR’s, Compact Fluorescent, Linear Octron™ and Pentron™ Fluorescent, Metal Halides, High Pressure Sodium Lamps, and the full line of Quicktronic™ Fluorescent Ballasts and HID Ballasts, ready for immediate free delivery.

Low Price Guarantee on all Sylvania Brand Products

You can shop anywhere for Sylvania Light Bulbs and Ballasts, however Synergy Lighting offers a low price guarantee against any competitor. Our every day savings on Sylvania Light Bulbs is available even with free delivery to your business. Whether you need a Sylvania bulb or an entire truck load, we pride ourselves on our FAST FREE Delivery on all in stock items. Plus… our prompt, expert service. Count on It!

Fast FREE Delivery Of Sylvania Light Bulbs And Ballasts

Synergy Lighting provides Fast FREE Delivery of Sylvania Light Bulbs and Ballasts to commercial customers, contractors and property management firms in Sarasota, Bradenton, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Tampa, Ft Myers, Naples, and all surrounding areas.

Sylvania Distributor

As a distributor of Sylvania Brand products, you can be assured to receive the fairest prices on brand name bulbs and ballasts. Unlike other authorized distributors of Sylvania Brand Products, Synergy Lighting tests every product we sell against competing brands to ensure that you are offered the highest quality products at unbelievable savings, and value. Should another brand of product provide better quality and value, we will help assist you in comparing brands and selecting the product that works best for your needs.Sylvania Light Bulbs and Ballasts, view our website and call Synergy Lighting for a free quote.

Order your Sylvania Light Bulbs and Ballasts Today!


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For more information on ordering Sylvania Light Bulbs, View our website or call Synergy Lighting for a free consultation.


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13 Watt CFL Spirals On Sale!

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13 Watt CFL Sale

Prolume Brand $1.89 Each (10 Per Case)

Prolume Brand
T3 Integrated Spiral
Length: 4.2 Inches
Energy Saved: $61.02
Available in 27K, 35K, 41K 50K
2 Year Free Replacement
10,000 Hours Avg Life
900 Lumens Output
85 CRI Color Rendering
Equals: 60W Incandescent

Order Online Now
Full Case Only, Offer Ends 7-30-2010