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CFL Light Bulbs

Synergy Lighting carries a huge assortment of energy saving compact fluorescent plug in and screw base CFL’s (Compact Fluorescent Bulbs). All of our CFL energy saving replacement bulbs carry an exclusive 2 year free replacement against premature failure. By switching from incandescent or halogen to Compact Fluorescent CFL’s, you can save $100’s in electricity costs while maintaining quality light output and drastically reducing heat. All of our CFL bulbs are available in nearly every Kelvin temperature including the very exclusive Skybrite – Pure Natural Daylight as well as a full line of dimmable CFL bulbs.


Spiral CFL Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Featuring T2 and T3 Mini spiral to High wattage Spirals
All Spirals carry a 2 year free replacement

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PAR Type CFL Light Bulbs

Featuring Natural Daylight Alumi-Par & Dimmable PAR Lamps
All CFL PAR’s carry a 2 year free replacement

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A Shaped CFL Replacement Bulbs

Dimmable and Non-Dimmable A Shapes
All “A” shape CFL’s carry a 2 year free replacement

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    • Single Twin Plug In
    • Double Twin (Quad)
    • Triple Twin
    • Flat Tube 4-Pin
    • Spiral CFL’s
    • Plug In adapters
    • Electronic Globes
    • Bullet shape
    • CFL Floods
    • CFL PAR Type
    • Dimmable CFL’s
    • Cold Cathode Torpedo
    • Shatter-Proof
    • Special Voltage

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Brands we carry: Greenlite, TCP, Overdrive, Prism, Bulbrite, Satco, Superior Life, Longstar