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LED Parking Lot and Street Lighting

LED Parking Lot Lighting Installation Tampa FloridaSynergy Lighting is a leader in LED Parking Lot and Street Lighting with more LED fixtures specified than any other lighting company in Southwest Florida. Synergy offers complete lighting system analysis for commercial clients, and utility companies converting existing lightng systems to LED or new LED installations.  By switching to LED Parking Lot Lighting a facility can reduce their electricity costs by as much as 70% while providing increased seeability, reduction of maintenance costs and natural bright white lighting.

Choosing the Right LED Fixture

LED Street and Parking Lot Lighting Fixture LightsSynergy Lighting specifies specifies and sells LED Parking Lot Lighting fixtures from over 30 manufacturers including Beacon, LSI, Ruud and many more. Our lines of LED parking lot lighting fixtures are available in modular designs with full cut off optics for dark sky compliancy, as well as forward throw optics for use in Shopping Centers and Roadway Lighting. In coastal and beachfront communities, Synergy is the exclusive distributor for Vapor-Proof LED Fixtures that withstand the harsh salt environment and will not allow salt air to penetrate and corode the delicate circuitry within the LED boards. These fixtures have extreme durability in all weather conditions and can withstand the grueling of summer heat with advanced thermal management.

Why Choose LED Parking Lot Lighting

LED Parking Lot Street Lighting The future of outdoor lighting is in LEDs. The many benefits of LED light in applications from outdoor architectural lighting to flashlights to emergency vehicle lighting are well established. The benefits of LED light in those applications also apply to outdoor lighting. The majority of our LED fixtures use CREE XLamp® LED’s, which maintain over 70% of their original luminous flux at 50,000 hours — long after conventional outdoor light sources have burned out.

LSI LED Parking Lot Lighting FixturesHID-based light fixtures waste approximately 20 to 50 percent of the light generated due to the lack of directionality of the light source. LED-based fixtures overcome this handicap by making use of a directional point light source. Not only is the pure white LED light more pleasing to the human eye, it also increases the amount of image information captured on security cameras. Therefore, LED-based parking garage lights can both decrease the total costs of lighting a parking area and potentially increase safety levels for everyone who uses it.

Green Energy Leasing Plan

LED’s Are Environmentally Friendly

Eco Friendly SolutionsUnlike many conventional lighting technologies, LEDs contain no mercury or heavy metals. Not only are LEDs better for the environment during their operational life, the disposal of LEDs will not further pollute our world’s landfills with hazardous waste.

For more information on LED parking lot lighting or to receive no-obligation HID to LED Energy Cost Analysis, contact Synergy Lighting at 1-877-220-5483

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