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HID Ballasts

Synergy carry’s a full line of magnetic HID ballasts and electronic HID ballasts.

Electronic HID ballasts are steadily increasing in applications and versatility while decreasing in size and cost. Meanwhile, lamp and ballast manufacturers are partnering on joint dedicated lamp and ballast development.

Wattages have been expanding, with ballasts now available for 20W, 39W, 50W, 70W, 100W, 150W, 175W, 200W, 250W, 320W, 400W and 450W lamps. One manufacturer estimates that 39W and 70W lamp applications make up 50 percent of the electronic HID market, but sees accelerating growth in conversion of 400W metal halide lamp and magnetic ballast applications to 250W, 320W or 350W systems due to the lamp lumen depreciation benefits and energy savings derived from use of electronic HID ballasts.

A number of models now offer versatile multi-wattage and multi-voltage operation. HID electronic ballasts with multi-wattage capability and an ability to run on 208-277 volts provide a heightened level of application versatility.

Brands we carry:
Advance, Sylvania, Universal, Prolume, American Ballast, Hatch, Superior Life, and many more!


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