LED Dock Lighting For Boat Docks And Pilings

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Having a boat dock behind your home or restaurant can not only be useful for boating, but can create a beautiful scenic view. In Florida, especially, having a boat dock behind your home is just part of the everyday lifestyle. However most homeowners, restaurants and marina’s often loose the scenic view because of inadequate lighting or no lighting at all. Being in a saltwater environment, maintaining a Dock Lighting System is cumbersome due to corrosion because almost nothing holds up to the salt air and water…. until now!

Synergy Lighting Introduces LED Dock Lighting Caps

Our new line of LED Dock Lighting is a Patent Pending Piling Light that fits on to your existing dock pilings, is Saltwater Proof, and virtually indestructible! While functioning in the day as a piling cap, our Dock Light Fixtures come alive at night with a warm glow of beauty across the deck! This indirect/direct LED design offers superior illumination for scenic boat dock views and is bright enough  to provide safety and security for embarking and disembarking on a night boat ride or returning form a long day of fishing!


The LED Dock Light Fixture is fully sealed against salt air so that it provides zero maintenance for the life of the product (10 Year Rated Life at 12 hours use per night).   The LED Dock Light System is a low voltage system that is completely safe from electrical hazards associated with wet/water environments, and because it is low voltage, it can be installed cleanly and easily as to not show any pipe or wiring along the deck or rails to provide the most stunning lighting effect you have ever seen on a dock.


LED Dock Light Features and BenefitsLED DOCK LIGHTS

  • LED long life expectancy from LED Lighting
  • Available in Warm or Bright White, Amber, Blue, Green or Red
  • Low power usage
  • Zero Maintenance (no bulbs to replace)
  • Corrosion Proof Design
  • Black or White Polycarbonate Caps
  • Marine grade Stainless Hardware
  • Indirect – No Glare Design
  • Clean Installation provides zero obstacles
  • Protects piling from Utra-Violet decay
  • Integrates with Lutron Remote Control System
  • Can be controlled by photocell from dusk to dawn
  • Operates on safe low voltage system
  • Bird and Fowl Detterant
  • Has been known to attract fish at night
  • Made in USA
  • 3 Year factory Warranty
  • Fits Dock Pilings in multiple sizes

All Dock Lights are custom made to order, non-returnable, verify measurements prior to ordering. Restocking fees for incorrectly measured items is 35%.

Green Underwater Fishing Lights

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People have often been amazed by Green Underwater Fishing Lights used around docks and canals. These lights do provide amazing effects to the water-scape as well as attract very large fish at night. The theory is simple, as the green light produces ultra-violet rays at a specific nanometer wavelength that attracts bait fish & plankton which show up first. Shortly there after, larger fish such as Tarpon and Snook begin to show up to feed on smaller fish. Very popular in Texas and Florida, these became known as the Green Underwater Snook Light.


Synergy Offers Green Dock and Fishing Lights

GREEN UNDERWATER LIGHT FOR MOMSTER FISHSynergy Lighting, a leader in innovative lighting offers the first commercially available, Heavy Duty Underwater Green Fishing Light. Constructed of a heavy duty Polypropylene Copolymer, the Underwater Fish Light from Synergy offers an indestructible housing that can withstand impacts from boats that are docking in low tides, and doesn’t break when hit by fishing lures and weights.   Additionally, the light source is protected by a heavy duty water-proof tempered lens. Because of the innovative design, the Underwater Green Fishing Light from Synergy Lighting is heavily weighted to eliminate drifting in heavy currents or storms, and comes with a secondary ground spike to ensure it stays in place for good. Unlike other kits that are available on the market, this Underwater Light Fixture comes with everything you need in one easy package, eliminating the need for large bulky boxes and hardware mounted to your pilings or structure!

Underwater Green Lights Attract Big Fish Next To Docks!

Did we mention lots of fish? The Underwater Fishing Light from Synergy emits light outwards and upwards creating nearly a 40 foot diameter through clear waters around docks, seawalls and canals. Brackish water allows light to emit up to 25 feet in diameter attracting larger and bigger fish with higher levels of plankton. The Green underwater light installs in minutes and comes with a 3 year factory warranty. The green light source lasts up to 3 years and can be replaced by the user for less than $40.00. Improve the look of your marina, back yard, waterway, or resort with Underwater Lights from Synergy Lighting. Also available in Blue!

UNDERWATER GREEN FISHING LIGHTSCall today for a free quote! 1-877-220-5483

LED Loading Dock Light Saves Energy | Industrial Dock Light Fixture

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LED LOADING DOCK LIGHT FIXTURE AND ARMWith the heavy abuse of fork lifts, loading equipment and freight, having a reliable and indestructable light fixture to illuminate the inside of a 53′ trailer is crucial. Lighting in these situations is dark, and if no properly illuminated during day or night loading can result in damage to shipments, or even the acceptance of damage goods. To provide proper illumination, especially for large distribution centers can be costly in electricity usage and replacement of bulbs and fixtures that become damaged during industrial operations.

Indestructible LED Dock Lighting Fixture

Synergy Lighting offers the latest in LED technology with our lines of indestructible Dock Lighting Fixtures with a solid billet aluminum housing. Unmatched by Halogen, CFL or even LED Light Bulbs, the Dock Light Series LED fixture provides ten times (10x) the light levels of its energy wasteful rivals. This led fixture provides brilliant, crisp white light that delivers throughout the length of the longest trailers. The billet aluminum housing can withstand the harshest of long term, repetitive impacts without damaging the light source within. This is because the aluminum housing is 30 times thicker than competing fixtures with shock resistant mounting of the internal components.


  • Attaches directly to current dock light arm for easy retrofit.
  • 6 foot power cord with 5-15 straight blade plug or IEC 60320 – C14 Plug.
  • Optional 10′ power cord and Nema In-Line Power Switch
  • 100 – 240 Volt
  • High intensity LED with low power consumption.
  • LED life = 50,000 hours.
  • IP 65 Rated (Short Term Submersible).
  • “Safety Yellow” epoxy powder coat.
  • High impact acrylic lens for standard locations.
  • Borosilicate lens for hazardous locations.
  • High impact – passed military shock and vibration tests
  • Handles 200 hour salt fog.
  • Center Beam Candle Power – 7000

LED Dock Light Saves Time, Energy And Money

In an energy and cost analysis performed on behalf of a large Californiabased distribution center, Synergy Lighting was able to create an energy cost savings of over $290,000 dollars by replacing 221 Halogen Dock Lights with the LED Dock Lighting Fixture. This is because the energy savings of 120 watts per fixture is reduced to less than 16 watts per fixture. Replacement halogen light bulbs would have to be changed nearly 30 times if not prematurely damaged, not to mention the timeliness labor of ordering, stocking and replacing failed light bulbs. With 50,000 hours of maintenance free operation, the LED Dock Light Fixture is a no-brainer among shipping managers and distribution center management. The estimated energy savings alone per fixture based on a 8 hour daily run time is $719.00 per fixture.

LED Dock Light Delivers Highest Foot Candles

All CFL and halogen lamps fail to provide the required foot-candles of illumination at the most forward loading area of a trailer. The LED Dock Light exceeds it predecessors by delivering maximum brightness at the rear most loading point up to 53′ from the light source.

Footcandles Comparison (from inside trailer)
Distance Incandescent Quartz Halogen Fluorescent LED Dock Light
10 feet 15 28 9 184
20 feet 5 14 3 32
40 feet 2 5 15
53 feet 1 3 10


The LED Dock light is available in both 15w, 16w and 26w models. It is also an excellent option for Flag Pole Lighting and Landscape Lighting. Finishes Include: Safety Yellow, Black and Architectural Bronze.

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For more information or to purchase LED Dock Light Fixtures, visit us online at www.synergylightingusa.com or call us toll free at 1-877-220-5483.


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LED Doc Light Specification Sheet

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