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Hurricane Season | Don’t get left in the dark! | Sarasota | Bradenton | Port Charlotte

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Hurricane EvacuationWith Tropical Storm Bonnie fizzling out on the Sun Coast of Florida, businesses may not feel any need to worry about a Hurricane Strike. As all of us that live and work in South Florida know, Hurricane Season can become very unpredictable. It is estimated that the 2010 summer hurricane season may be the biggest yet and it is just getting started.  Businesses in North Port, Florida learned the hard way that these massive storms can hit at anytime, any place with no accurate predictability. We all get consumed by rushing around gathering batteries, flashlights, water and plywood. But wait! Has anyone bothered to make sure that their emergency lighting is working properly?

Don’t get Left In The Dark!

Synergy Lighting is offering FREE Inspections of all emergency and exit lighting for any business located within Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte County. This inspection will ensure that all light bulbs and emergency battery back-ups are working properly so that your business, hotel or shelter is prepared for this hurricane season. Should for any reason your emergency or exit lighting not function properly, Synergy is offering replacement emergency lights and exit signs at our cost for the duration of the hurricane season.

Why is emergency lighting so important?

Exit Sign Emergency LightsIn the event a hurricane should strike here on the Sun Coast, it is more likely that businesses and hotels will be without power for long periods of time. Emergency Lighting, is not only required by law, but is often times the only form of lighting to illuminate emergency evacuation paths and egress points within a commercial building.  This could mean the difference between life and death should a building be damaged badly from extreme high winds and weather associated with a hurricane or tropical storm. Flashlights can be left on and batteries drained, however emergency and exit lighting is designed to provide 90 minutes of illumination after a power interruption. Business Owners and manager should know that If the winds are high enough to down a power line, they can be strong enough to cause structural failure to any commercial building or hotel.


For more information on Emergency Lighting, view our website or call Synergy Lighting for a free consultation.


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