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Apartment Complex Pool | Sarasota, FL

10/06/10 0 COMMENTS

Sarasota, Florida Landscape Lighting is somewhat challenging and far from boring. When the manager of a local Apartment Complex asked us to “Spruce Up” the pool area on a budget of $500.00 we were scratching our heads to figure out how to accomplish her goal. That’s when the light bulb came on out of nowhere. Could we use Self Ballasted Metal Halide lamps to provide incredible uplighting effects and maintain a budget? YES! The customer installed (6) Par 38 Bullet Light Fixtures with (6) 25 Watt Philips Metal Halide Light Bulbs: Total prject cost: $487.43. Just enough left over for a nice Margarita By The Pool!

Energy Savings acheived by using the MasterColor® Integrated 25W PAR38 Ceramic Metal Halide Lamps over Halogen was 50 Watts per fixture or $203.43 per year savings, and a 15% Increase in light quality.


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