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Green Underwater Fishing Lights

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People have often been amazed by Green Underwater Fishing Lights used around docks and canals. These lights do provide amazing effects to the water-scape as well as attract very large fish at night. The theory is simple, as the green light produces ultra-violet rays at a specific nanometer wavelength that attracts bait fish & plankton which show up first. Shortly there after, larger fish such as Tarpon and Snook begin to show up to feed on smaller fish. Very popular in Texas and Florida, these became known as the Green Underwater Snook Light.


Synergy Offers Green Dock and Fishing Lights

GREEN UNDERWATER LIGHT FOR MOMSTER FISHSynergy Lighting, a leader in innovative lighting offers the first commercially available, Heavy Duty Underwater Green Fishing Light. Constructed of a heavy duty Polypropylene Copolymer, the Underwater Fish Light from Synergy offers an indestructible¬†housing that can withstand impacts from boats that are docking in low tides, and doesn’t break when hit by fishing lures and weights. ¬† Additionally, the light source is protected by a heavy duty water-proof tempered lens. Because of the innovative design, the Underwater Green Fishing Light from Synergy Lighting is heavily weighted to eliminate drifting in heavy currents or storms, and comes with a secondary ground spike to ensure it stays in place for good. Unlike other kits that are available on the market, this Underwater Light Fixture comes with everything you need in one easy package, eliminating the need for large bulky boxes and hardware mounted to your pilings or structure!

Underwater Green Lights Attract Big Fish Next To Docks!

Did we mention lots of fish? The Underwater Fishing Light from Synergy emits light outwards and upwards creating nearly a 40 foot diameter through clear waters around docks, seawalls and canals. Brackish water allows light to emit up to 25 feet in diameter attracting larger and bigger fish with higher levels of plankton. The Green underwater light installs in minutes and comes with a 3 year factory warranty. The green light source lasts up to 3 years and can be replaced by the user for less than $40.00. Improve the look of your marina, back yard, waterway, or resort with Underwater Lights from Synergy Lighting. Also available in Blue!

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