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CREE IG Series LED Parking Garage Fixture – WaveMax™ LED Technology

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CREE IG SERIES LED PARKING GARAGE FIXTURE IG-A-NM-5S-A-57K-UL-WHSynergy Lighting is Proud to Be A National Distributor For CREE Brand Products. The Latest Introduction of the CREE IG Series LED WaveMax™ Parking Garage Luminaire is an exciting revolution in LED Lighting Technology. The IG Series is the first of its kind offering superior performance and light output in both a 4000 Lumen and 7500 Lumen package that meets the both the old and new IES Standards for Parking Garages. Specifically, the IG Series fixture offers a “ZERO GLARE” emission of light that is still projected for both horizontal and vertical foot candles. Drivers have no distractions while security cameras can clearly see and record accurate facial recognition. This increases both driver and pedestrian safety in parking garages while providing all of the features and benefits of increased light and uniformity, energy savings of up to 80% and total reduction of maintenance. Wattages offered are 33w and 65W with 120-277 Volt Operation.

Wave Max™ Technology From CREE


WaveMax™ Technology form CREE is the latest in light control and distribution. LED’s are mounted vertically along the top edge of the fixture aiming downward. The LED Light travels through a Vertical, Specialty UV Polymer Pane that are engineered and etched to distribute light outward through a series of tiny grooves, pin point dots, and angled cuts within the broader surface of the polymer CREE Calls DiamondFacet Microlenses. Because nearly 70% of the surface is engineered, light is carefully controlled and distributed across multiple layers allowing the fixture to never have a hot spot and while emitting in a uniform and controlled pattern. This technology far exceeds other “edge-lit” technologies because the WaveMax™ actually distributes projected light where edge lit technology just illuminates the panel itself.

Saving With The CREE IG LED Parking Garage Fixture

Because the IG Series is the first parking garage LED Fixture built around performance, it offers uncompromising style and design without the need for bulky heat sinks and heavy aluminum castings. The IG Series is an IP66 Rated Indoor/Outdoor Wet Location Luminaire that looks great in any garage with its sleek design, is affordable at a price point under $300 per fixture and is available with Remote Programmable Dimming Controls built into each fixture. This allows the fixtures to dim when the area of the garage is not in use or during off peak hours thus increasing the energy savings by up to an additional 80% compared to other LED Parking Garage Fixtures. The IG Series from CREE is available in both 4000K and 5700K, Made in USA and Comes with a 10 Year Factory Warranty!


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