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LED Stadium Lights | Replace Metal Halide With LED Sports Lighter

19/07/12 0 COMMENTS

Sports facilities that are not shifting to LED Stadium Lights are losing money in a big way. The multiple advantages of extreme power savings, low power consumption, impact resistance, long service life, low maintenance requirement, excellent light levels and light uniformity make LED Stadium Lights the ideal choice for any sports venue.


Replace 1000W or 1500W Metal Halide With LED

LED SPORTS LIGHT FIXTURE FLOOD SPOT ARENA LIGHTING STADIUM LIGHTSynergy Lighting introduces the latest in LED Lighting with the introduction of the LED Sport Light. This unique LED bridged the gap between the significant energy savings of solid state LED light engines and the precise beam control needed for sports lighting applications. A very lowprofile aluminum housing incorporates a substantial heat sink that provides excellent thermal management required by the high wattage LED light engine. Precision optical lenses combined with a high-performance, high wattage solid state LED light engine provide viable, energy saving alternative to traditional HID sportslighters. The LED Sports Light has been engineered to provide a LED sports light luminaire that delivers concise and consistent optical performance, significant energy savings and over a tenfold increase in longevity over traditional MH lamps, all in an attractive and durable housing. Available LED light engines include a 200w unit that provides 16,500 initial delivered lumens and a 400w unit that provides 32,500 initial delivered lumens. Optical lenses are available in 15°, 20°, 35° and 60° beam angles, or the LED Sports Light can be configured with no lens.

Energy And Maintenance Savings Achieved By LED

electric-meter-slow-down-cut-electricity-bill-led-sports-lightingThe LED Sports Light allows Stadiums, Ball Parks, Municipalities, Schools and Private Sports Complexes to reduce their electric use by over 70%.  Because the LED Sports light uses only 400 Watts of power, this results in a significant reduction of demand metered power, and provides up to 60,000 hours of service. This means a raw energy savings of up to $9912.00 per fixture. Additionally, maintenance or contractor staff will no longer need to bring out bucket trucks, or climb gangways in need of servicing, as lamp and ballast replacements are no longer needed.

Superior Performance and Ease Of Installation

The LED Sports Light offers superior performance with its solid state LED Design. The LED Sports Light delivers Instant-On, exceptional light quality with high intensity 5700K natural daylight light. No longer will stadiums experience color shift or significant lumen depreciation. The LED light engine and optical lens combinations are specifically designed to distribute light in both the Vertical and Horizontal plains with a very specific beam pattern. Tight control of the light distribution not only puts light where it is needed in the most efficient way possible, but it also eliminates the need for glare visors and spill control reflectors.

The specifically designed mounting bracket fits most all sports lighting support arrays and angle iron and bolts on in minutes. The LED Sports Light can the be adjusted by specific measured angles using the side adjusting notches built into the mounting bracket. Voltages are 120-277 with use of a small transformer for 480 volt applications.

Standard Features

  • Available in 200 and 400 watt super bright configurations.
  • Allows for a 1 for 1 replacement of existing metal halide fixtures.
  • 32,500 lumens equal to the delivered lumens of 1500w Metal Halide.
  • Instant-On delivers light when you need it.
  • Solid state LED light engines and the precise beam control required for Sporting Events.
  • Extreme energy reductions compared to traditional HID sports lighters.
  • Optical lenses are available in 15°, 20°, 35° and 60° beam angles.
  • LED light engine emits extremely low UV.
  • Minimal heat and contains no mercury or lead (RoHS compliant)
  • 5700K CCT and high CRI with a projected color shift of less than 1%
  • Aluminum housing with integrated thermal management.
  • Heavy duty mounting yoke with angle indicators for aiming.
  • 60,000 hours of dedicated service (up to 20,000 ball games!)
  • 5 year factory warranty!

For more information on LED Stadium Lights, Contact Synergy Lighting at 1-877-220-5483 or visit us online at www.synergylightingusa.com for more details!