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1383 LED by Halco 1383/3WW/LED R12 2.6W FL 2700K BA15S PROLED Elevator Light Bulb

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led 1383 halco r12 led 1383-3ww-led 2700k light bulb

Halco’s ProLED 1383 R12 lamps, are the latest in elevator lighting technology. Offering low maintenance and high incentives, including energy and cost savings.

Enhanced Safety and Lowering Costs

Elevator lamps are frequently required to be safety coated since the area is confined and subject to vibration. With LED technology, there is no glass, so you eliminate the need and cost of safety coating each lamp. In a constantly operating elevator, the ProLED lamp would last 4.566 years, compared to an incandescent lamp at an average of 35.6 days. Safety coated lamps cost an average of $4 each, eliminating this now unnecessary expense saves you $532 in safety coating costs alone.

Energy Savings with ProLED incandescent equivalent.

Save up to 87%1 in energy costs with ProLED R12 low voltage lamps, compared to its miniature incandescent equivalent. By replacing a 20 watt incandescent lamp with a ProLED 2.6 watt R12, you’ll save $76.562 over the life of the lamp.

Lower Heat Generation

By eliminating 87% of the energy devoted to lighting, there is less heat introduced to the cab of the elevator. With this decrease, the occupants are more comfortable while being safely protected. Plus, there is less impact on the elevator’s climate controls.

Longest Guaranteed Life Equals Maximum Savings

You’ll save 1333 lamp changes simply by switching from incandescent to ProLED. This means fewer lamps to purchase, install and dispose of and less hassle for you. With a useful life4 of 40,000 hours, backed by a 5-year Warranty, ProLED lamps are the solution for demanding lighting applications.

halco 1383 led light bulb chart  1383 LED LIGHT BULB HALCO LED PROLED R12 LAMP

Synergy Lighting Special Price $26.00 each – Call to order!

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Halco 1383 LED Specification Sheet        1383 LED Product Bulletin


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LED Elevator Light Bulbs | GBF LED |1383 LED Replacement Bulbs

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Led elevator light bulbsSynergy Lighting is very proud to introduce the 1383 and GBF LED’s by TCP to our retrofit LED line. These LED elevator bulbs are a direct replacement and provide greater light levels, 90% energy savings and over 25,000 life hours. An added benefit to the GFB LED and 1383 LED replacements is that virtually no heat is emitted, which makes elevator cabs cooler and less stuffy. With equivalent and higher light output in both lumens and color temperature compared to standard 1383 and halogen GBF incandescent bulbs, these are the best choice for all elevator lighting applications.

LED Elevator Bulb Saves 90% Energy!

Energy savings going up, maintenance costs going down! TCP’s LED Elevator Lamp Series is ideal for low voltage elevator lighting applications! Take your elevator lighting to a new level with LED elevator bulbs!

Benefits of LED Elevator Light Bulbs

TCP Elevator Light Bulbs Save Energy! Going Up!


  • Energy Efficient: 90% less energy than incandescent replacements – only 2 watts!
  • Long life: 25,000 hours ( lasts 25 times longer than incandescent alternatives)
  • More Light: More overall light output compared to incandescent.
  • Very Durable: Solid state technology significantly reduces lighting service & maintenance calls .
  • LEDs perform exceptionally well in rough service lighting applications.
  • Exceptional On/Off cycling capability that is compatible with occupancy control systems.
  • Very low heat generation in cab as compared to incandescent lamps.
  • No need for shatter resistant coatings.  Indestructible Polycarbonate Lens

TCP LE2W1383 2W LED Elevator Bulb

TCP LE2W1383 2W LED Elevator Bulb

2W 13V LED Single Contact (SC) Bayonet Base Reflector Flood Lamp

Color temperature / CCT (k): 3000K
Product Life: 25,000 HOUR
Width: 1.5 Inches
Length: 2.5 Inches
Shape: R12
Our Price: $29.95


TCP LE2WGBF 2W LED Elevator Bulb

TCP LE2WGBF3 2W LED Elevator Bulb
2W 13V LED Single Contact (SC) Bayonet Base Reflector Flood Lamp

Color temperature / CCT (k): 3000K
Product Life: 25,000 HOUR
Width: 1.5 Inches
Length: 2.5 Inches
Shape: R12
Our Price: $29.95[wp_cart:TCP LE2W1383 2W LED Elevator Bulb:price:29.95:end]


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 TCP Led elevator light bulb spec sheet