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Synergy Lighting is the Nation’s Number 1 Source For Auto Dealership LED Lighting. For over a decade, Synergy Lighting has specialized in New and Used Car Dealership Retrofit Lighting. Synergy Lighting USA offers a true turn key solution, and can manage your LED Lighting Conversion of your Auto Dealership Lighting from supply through installation. Our services include layout and design, as well as full photometric workups by our Engineering Department, flat-rate installation by licensed electrical contractors, as well as custom fabrication services in our OEM Fabrication department that makes fitters and ¬†mounts to adapt to your existing poles.

Having specialized in Auto Dealerships we understand the required light levels needed to turn your outdoor parking and staging lots into a true “Outdoor Showroom” while balancing energy savings vs. cost. Synergy Lighting works with your local municipalities and contractors to handle all facets of installation.



Illuminating an Auto Dealership is not as easy as just pulling down one fixture and putting up another. In fact in today’s market place, there can be as many as 100 fixtures available that all claim to be able to replace 1000 Watt Metal Halide and 400 Watt Metal Halide to LED. However, despite many of these claims, most fall short of providing the quality of light required to help an auto dealership showcase and sell cars effectively at night. These claims can range widely as one manufacturer claims to replace 1000w HID to LED with a fixture producing only 19,000 Lumens, while other claim to do so with 36,000 lumens. Pricing of these fixtures varies widely as well, and ranges from an average of $700 per fixture to as high as $2400 per fixture. This is where hiring and entrusting Synergy Lighting is your true advantage!

At Synergy Lighting, we provide a complimentary evaluation of your Auto Dealership taking into account everything from the number of poles and fixtures, pole height, pole spacing, voltages, and most importantly your floor plan. Then once we have established all necessary criteria, we compare the available fixtures in the market place, scrutinizing the light output, wattages, color of light, lumens and optical control of the LED itself to select the fixtures and beam spreads of the fixtures in order to fully execute and establish a flawless lighting plan for your dealership. Sounds like a lot of things to consider? It is, and we do it for you!


Design Layout and Guaranteed Low Pricing

Synergy Lighting will gladly provide you with our Engineering and Expertise to layout and design your automotive dealership free of charge.* Our LED Lighting Plan will include evaluation of your property and property concerns, floor plan and limitations. Expert Fixture selection betweeen our top manufacturers such as CREE, LSI, GE, Lithonia, Hubbel, Cooper and Many more. You will receive the results of our analysis in a detailed report including layout, point-by-point photometrics, and much more! From there we will include a detailed energy analysis and cost saving proposal as well as a fully installed turn-key project package for your approval! Then we guarantee the lowest price on the LED Fixtures selected for your dealership!

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