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Cree CXB LED High Bay Lighting Fixture – Replace 400w Metal Halide

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CREE CXB LED HIGH BAY CXB-23L-40K-U-1-HC CXB-23L-40K-U-1-JPThe time for an affordable and highly dependable LED High Bay has arrived! The Cree®CXB High Bay LED luminaire delivers 23,000 lumens of crisp, bright white light, and is a true replacement for 400w Metal Halide.

The traditional design of the CXB High Bay LED fixture allows for a quick exchange for your existing High Bay fixture within minutes saving hundreds of dollars in labor for retrofitting. The unique design is powerful, yet light weight and can handle the higher temperatures often associated with Warehouse, Production Facilities, Gymnasiums and High Ceiling Applications. The CXB LED High Bay comes on immediately with no warm up time, and can easily be used with occupancy control devices to provide even higher levels of energy savings.

Save Money With CXB LED High Bay Fixture

Made in U.S.A. at only 230 watts and less than $500.00 a fixture, the CXB High Bay saves 55% energy over standard 400w Metal Halide and requires no maintenance for up to 75,000 hours. For most 12 hour a day facilities, this means 15 to 20 years of hassle free brilliant light. The instant on and off functions allow facilities to continue work or production when power is temporarily interrupted. Further, the CXB LED High Bay saves hundreds of dollars by eliminating the need for replacement light bulbs, ballasts or other expensive labor cost.The CXB comes standard with a multivolt 120-277v input and comes with mounting options for J-Box, Hook and Cord, and Pendant Mounting.


CREE CXB LED High Bay Offers 10 Year Factory Warranty

Peace of Mind is priceless in the eyes of an Engineer and Facility Owners. That is why the Cree CXB LED High Bay comes standard with a 10 year Warranty against premature failure. No other LED High Bay comes close to the CXB High Bay when dependability and reliability are the top priority!


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High Bay Lighting CXB LED High Bay MH400 High Bay
Total Wattage Per Fixture 230 Watts 468 Watts
Product Life in Years 20 5
Hour life of bulbs 75,000 20,000
Energy cost per year (.13 pkw) $250.53 $532.95
Lumen Depreciation 5% 35%
Heat Emissions Temp 140 F 480 F
Hot Spots on Floor NONE YES
Color shifting of lamps NONE OFTEN
Danger of explosion NONE HIGH
Time To Restrike INSTANT 15 minutes
Warranty 10 year 1 year
Energy Cost Reduction $2824.32 Per Fixture NONE

LED Retrofit for 250W Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium Lights

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Across the United States, many commercial properties and municipalities are converting their existing Metal Halide Fixtures to LED. In the past this required a complete fixture replacement because there simply was no other alternative. The upfront costs associated with this type of fixture change is high but does result in tremendous energy savings and labor savings. Fortunately, the need for a complete fixture change is no longer required as Synergy Lighting introduces two of the most efficient LED Retrofit Lamps on the market. These LED replacements for 250 Watt Metal Halide not only offers the same life as more expensive LED fixtures, but are extremely affordable at less than half the cost!RETROFIT 250 WATT METAL HALIDE TO LED REPLACEMENT LED BULB FOR LIGHT FIXTURES HIGH BAY

Universal Position 100 Watt LED Replacement Bulb

Utilizing only 100 Watts of consumable energy, the LED-8027-DL Light Bulb easily replaces up to 250w Watt Metal Halide bulbs in Roadway, Street Lights, Wall Packs, Post Lights and Garage Lighting Fixtures. This LED Retrofit results in an energy saving of $1,614.00 per fixture*. Installation is quick and simple with the LED-8027-DL. Simply remove the existing metal halide from the light fixture and bypass the HID ballast. Then screw in this multi-volt (110v-277v) retrofit lamp. The omni-direction LED array emits light in 360 degrees. Additionally the LED-8027-DL has a built in integral 70,000 hour cooling fan that provides additional thermal management. This feature ensures proper LED junction temperatures are controlled in a fully enclosed fixture. (Please note: Removal of the original HID Ballast from the existing fixture may be required for utility incentives, consult with your local utility).


  • 100 Watt Universal Position LED Array
  • Universal Voltage 110V-277V
  • 5700 Kelvin – Bright White Light
  • 8900 Photopic Lumens / 11,150 Scotopic Lumens
  • 50,000 Hour Life In Enclosed Fixtures
  • 12 Years Life @ 12 Hours Use Per Day
  • 70,000 Hour On Board Delta Cooling Fan
  • Mogul Base
  • UL Listed LED Lighting Retrofit
  • LM79 Tested by ITT Boulder
  • 5 Year Factory Warranty
  • Diameter: 4.92 Inches x Length: 11.93 Inches


Base-Up 100 Watt LED Replacement Bulb

Utilizing only 100 Watts of consumable energy the LED-8026 Down-light Bulb is the latest in Energy Efficient LED Retrofits. This unique and specially engineered lamp is the perfect replacement for up to 175 watt Metal Halide in fixtures that have vertically mounted lamps such as Street Lights, Parking Garage Fixtures, Low Bay’s and Shoeboxes. Energy Savings with this LED Retrofit yields up to $1590.00 per fixture*. Equipped with a vented prismatic lens, the LED-8026 creates a perfected distribution of light both downwards and outwards without glare that could hinder drivers from becoming distracted. Replacement is easy by simply bypassing the existing HID ballast and screwing in the LED-8026. The LED-8026 is also equipped with a 70,000 hour internal cooling fan to provide thermal management for enclosed fixtures, and can by used in outdoor open-rated street light fixtures typically found in most municipalities. Its slim size fits perfectly into PGR and Gas Station Canopy Style Light Fixtures, and can work with occupancy control systems.


  • 100 Watt Base Up LED Prismatic Diffuse Array
  • Universal Voltage 110V-277V
  • 5700 Kelvin – Bright White Light
  • 8300 Photopic Lumens / 10400 Scotopic Lumens
  • 50,000 Hour Life In Enclosed Fixtures
  • 12 Years Life @ 12 Hours Use Per Day
  • 70,000 Hour On Board Cooling Fan
  • Medium Base (Mogul Base Adapter Available)
  • UL Listed LED Lighting Retrofit
  • LM79 Tested by ITT Boulder
  • 5 Year Factory Warranty
  • Diameter: 7.15 Inches x Depth: 8.15 Inches



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* Energy Savings Based on $0.13 per KW at 50,000 hours. Utility Rates May Vary

LED High Bay Lighting Fixture – LED High Bay Retrofit | Sylvania LED Warehouse Lighting

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Synergy Lighting offers our commercial customers some of the most Diverse Lines of LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures in today’s market place. Customers currently using 250 Watt and 400 Watt Metal Halide High Bays, may use LED High Bay Light Fixtures and LED High Bay Retrofits to not only increase visibility and light output, but additionally can obtain serious energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.


SYLVANIA LED HIGH BAY LIGHTING FIXTURE COLOR STARS HB-E40-WHT-180Our line of HB Series LED High Bay Fixtures are unlike any other LED on the market. This line of High Performance LED High Bay’s is available in both New Fixture with both Bracket and Ceiling Mounting options as well as the Exclusive Retrofit Model for existing HID Fixtures. Taking these superior options one step further, the HB Series LED High Bay come standard with the latest is Either Nichia or Sylvania LED Modules. The SYLVANIA ULTRA HD Professional Series offers high-definition lighting and unparalleled performance. “This is the True Bright White LED replacement product line that lighting professionals have been waiting for,”

Equal Light Output As Metal Halide

We have tested over 30 manufacturers of LED High Bay Light Fixtures many consumers find offered online and compared specifications across the board. The HB Series LED High Bay is the only LED High Bay fixture that truly replicates the light out put of metal halide by offering equal lumens / light output. Other brands tested we lacking up to 40% with significant reductions in comparison to both 250 and 400 Watt HID Systems. The 120 Series HB Fixture or Retrofit offers 10,560 Lumens equalling 250w HID, and the 180 Series HB Led Lighting Fixture or Retrofit delivers up to a consistent 15,840 Lumens, truly exceeding industry standards. The HB Series LED High Bay Lighting Fixture comes standard with a 3 year factory warranty and operates on 120-277 voltages, ideal for any warehouse or industrial commercial application.

Advanced Thermal Management And Safety Controls

The advanced thermal management housing of the HB Series Fixture delivers accelerated heat dissipation for long life and cool running operation. As an added precaution, we realize that many commercial warehouses and industrial facilities can reach high temperatures throughout the summer months in excess of 140 degrees at the ceiling. This high ambient temperatures can cause other LED Lighting Fixtures to overheat and fail in time. However the HB Series LED Retrofits and LED High Bay Fixtures will not. Built in to every fixture and retrofit is a patented electronically controlled microchip that protects the fixture from ambient excessive heat and will temporarily shut the fixture off to protect the LED’s, Drivers and electronics. This will prevent LED and Fixture damage, as well as premature failure from overheating. No other LED High Bay on the market offers this advance feature.



For more information on the HB Series LED High Bay Lighting Fixture or Mogul Base LED High Bay Retrofit, please visit our website www.synergylightingusa.com for a free consultation.


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Toll Free: (877) 220-5483

e-mail: sales@synergylightingusa.com