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Juno Lighting WarmDim LED Recssed Lighting

13/05/12 0 COMMENTS

UNO LIGHTING WARM DIM LED RECESSED DOWN LIGHT IC20LEDG3-120V-HMany people choosing to incorporate LED Recessed Lighting into their home, or restaurant have been disappointed with the quality and color of light when the LED fixtures are dimmed. This is because when incandescent or halogen bulbs are dimmed, the color temperature has a warming effect from 3000K down to 2200K. Standard LED Recessed cans do not warm or lower the color temperature when dimmed, they just give off less light.  Until now!

LED Recessed Lighting That Warms When Dimmed

juno-warmdim-led-recessed-lightingJuno Lighting Group®, a leader in innovative commercial and residential lighting solutions, today introduced the Juno-exclusive WarmDim™ feature for the Juno Generation 3 LED Down-lights Series. Using a proprietary micro-processor controlled light engine to warm the LED color temperature while dimming, WarmDim enables commercial, hospitality and residential users to bring natural warmth to LED down-light dimming, taking the LED color temperature from 3000K to 2000K – a task that was previously only achieved with incandescent light sources. The WarmDim version of the Juno Generation 3 LED Down lights Series also provides users with superior efficiency, producing over 600 lumens of high-quality light while using just 14 watts – a fraction of the energy used by incandescent sources.

Juno Lighting WarmDim Benefits

Offered in 4-, 5-, and 6-inch new construction and remodel housing styles, the Juno Generation 3 LED Down lights Series with WarmDim provide versatile features for simple installation, including a low-profile housing that fits easily in 2 x 6 ceiling joists, the Juno Real Nail 3® bar hanger system for new construction applications, and the integral T-bar notch for suspended ceilings. Additional features include:

  • Efficient, low-glare optics: The reflector and high-transmission diffusing lens are computer optimized for each aperture size, producing an optic system that provides uniform light distribution and reduced glare.
  • LED driver: A dedicated 120-volt LED driver supports WarmDim dimming, using readily available incandescent, magnetic low-voltage and electronic low-voltage dimmers.
  • Effective thermal management: The LED light engine is integrated into a high-purity aluminum, thermally conductive housing that provides uninterrupted heat transfer, assuring the LEDs produce 70 percent of their initial light output with no perceptible color change at the end of their 50,000 hour service life.
  • Extensive trim collection: Housings are compatible with a broad selection of existing Juno
    4-, 5- and 6-inch open, lensed and decorative trims.

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