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40w LED Wall Pack 5000K- Replace 175w Metal Halide with 40 watt LED

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One of the most popular size wall packs to retrofit is the 175 Watt Metal Halide Wall Pack. In the past the only affordable way to convert to LED was to use a screw in lamp where the ballast is by-passed and the led put into the socket. Although that is a good alternative and it works, the draw back is a limitation to a 50,000 hour lamp (10 year life) and the need for cooling fans in order to make sure the led lamp doesn’t over heat. Often the lamps are a 360 degree output requiring the reflector to push out lumens from the rear of the lamp that is not directly emitted from the fixture. Often this was the choice because a new LED Fixture would cost four times (4x) as much and did not justify the higher price. Until now….

Synergy Lighting Introduces 40 Watt LED Wall Pack


40w LED WALL PACK - 40 WATT - 5000K - 5000 LUMEN - REPLACES MH175

Synergy Lighting’s 40w LED Night Blaster is a super bright 5000 Lumen, 5000K Bright White LED Fixture designed to meet design foot candle levels for safety and security. At nearly twice the light of competing wall packs, the Night Blaster is the pinnacle of Performance and Efficiency. The 40w LED Night Blaster is made from Die Cast Aluminum with Dupont Powder Coat, a Glass Borosilicate Lens designed for even light distribution, an angled LED array designed to focus light downward and outward. The 40w LED Night Blaster Wall Pack is rated for 100,000 hours of maintenance free operation (22 years) and is made in U.S.A. Each 40w LED Wall Pack when replacing 175 Watt Metal Halide saves approximately $2295.00 over the life of the fixture.

Standard Features of the 40w LED Night Blaster Wall Pack:

  • Heavy duty two piece die-cast aluminum housing is side hinged for ease of maintenance
  • Two captive stainless steel door fasteners
  • .5” threaded conduit entry with coin plug
  • Clear prismatic borosilicate glass reflector is thermal/shock resistant
  • Computer designed and precision formed specular aluminum reflector
  • Lightweight back plate is easily attached to wall
  • Silicone rubber gaskets
  • UL 1598 listed for wet locations
  • Dark bronze polyester powder finish for excellent impact, corrosion and UV resistance
  • 100,000 Hour Life (L70) with 10 year Factory Warranty
  • Standard Stocking color is bronze; also available in black and white (additional cost). Contact factory for custom finishes.



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Lithona Introduces OLW14 LED Wall Pack Outdoor Lighting Fixture

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LITHONIA OLW14 LED OUTDOOR WALL PACK - LED WALL PACKOften times we are looking for LED Lighting solutions for our commercial buildings and properties, only to be confused on what the right fixture would be. Then we are faced with the challenge of wondering if it will produce enough light and be affordable at the same time.

Lithonia Lighting has solved this problem with the introduction of the The  OLW LED wall pack in models OLW14, OLW23 and OLW31 Models. The OLW delivers the promise of LED in a contemporary, lightweight design ideal for maintenance free commercial illumination. The 120-277 MVOLT fixture features an integral fully adjustable photocell and can be surface or recessed mounted with the included junction box.

Tested in accordance to IESNA LM-79 and LM-80 and meeting all requirements of the DesignLights Consortium, the OLW LED Wall Pack offers 1400 Lumens of even lighting and 50,000 hours of maintenance free use. Thats 11 years of all night operation without the need for changing light bulbs or requiring servicing. Built from a rugged die cast aluminum housing, the OLW LED Wall Pack looks great on virtually any building or structure. It offers an optional dark sky shield, and is made in the full cut-off design.

Buy OLW14, OLW23 OR OLW31 LED Wall PackS Online And Save!



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