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Neon Repair Services

17/05/10 0 COMMENTS

We received a call from a customer that his neon wasn’t working. No big deal we thought, and how would you like to handle it?, we asked the customer. The customer ordered a neon transformer and was going to change the transformer himself. That is until he realized that the transformer is 15,000 volts.

Neon repair is almost as simple as changing a light bulb or a ballast. In theory it is the same concept. However the ballast in a fluorescent light produces approximately 296 volts of electricity, and a neon transformer typically ranges from 7,500 volts to over 15,000 volts. The amp load on neon is very low, but there is enough potential to cause serious electrocution when working with electrical components.

Synergy Lighting provides all types of signage from Pylon and road signs to neon and LED. In this case the transformer was bad, but there was also a bad neon letter. Synergy has the capability to have made the reproduction of any neon letter, rod or design with a 48 hour turn around time and can color match any shade of neon.

For more information about neon repair or installation, visit our website at or call us at 941-756-4844. Don’t be the one to get shocking results attempting your own repair, we only recommend using a Licensed Sign or Electrical Contractor.


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