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With the increasing demand for energy conservation and rising demand electricity charges, LED Stadium Lighting has drastically risen in popularity. As well with the increasing innovation and technology the brightness [lumen output] of LED Lighting, as well as the optical control and clarity have vastly improved, thus making LED Stadium Lighting and Ball Field Lighting a practical solution for all types of lighting form major Arena’s and Stadiums to Collegiate and Municipal fields. Initially, costs were price prohibitive, but with the most recent improvements in LED chip technology and large scale adoption, the price levels have come to an affordable level for all.

LED STADIUM LIGHTS - SPORTS LIGHTNG FIXTURES REPLACE MH1500 Photo Coyright Ricker at Awesome Documentary

Synergy Lighting, as a leader in LED Lighting was providing and installing LED Stadium lights long before traditional companies of whom specialized in metal halide stadium lights took adoption.  Therefore, our experience and consultation service has been involved on major projects at the National, Collegiate and Municipal fields. Some of these projects include Raymond James Stadium, The Palace at Auburn Hills and more. Our expertise in lighting ball fields, courts and arena’s take careful account of performance, glare, delivered lumens, light spill, as well as vertical and horizontal foot candles. Combined with out wind load engineering team, Synergy Lighting can deliver a professional and affordable solution for your LED Stadium and LED Sports Lighting Projects!


The Spartan LED Stadium Light takes the guess work out picking a suitable replacement for your 1000w and 1500w metal halide sports lighting. The Spartan through its unique design is available in three configurations using 300w LED Engines with precision glass LED Optics.  By utilizing high luster-polished glass optics, long term clarity of the optic is maintained by eliminating deteriorating form heat and UV which is the number one reason for light loss in outdoor sports lighting applications. As well the glass optics reduces dust and dirt contamination, and lengthens the long term durability of the led fixture.   IP67 Rated, the Spartan LED Fixture can stand up to high abuse from wind and rain to deliver long term protection and performance of the light fixture. Additionally, the Spartan fixture comes with built in surge suppression, stainless steel hardware, tool-less adjustment handles for field aiming and optional wireless lighting control system ready.

Replacing your existing stadium lights has never been easier than with the Spartan LED Stadium Lighting fixture. The Spartan is made in USA by American workers, but is highly derived from German engineering that brings together high quality materials, precision manufacturing, and delivering the largest impact into “Friday Night Lights” you have come to expect from LED Lighting. Comparative to competitive lighting systems from Musco or Ephysus, the Spartan brings forth the latest in lighting innovation to be truly scalable for any size field regardless of setbacks, light restrictions for spill over light to property boundaries, as well as easier to install and maintain.


Our 300W High Output LED Engines deliver more lumens per fixture than competing brands, with very precise beam control. Additionally because the Spartan is a configurable LED Stadium Light, we can factory install SOOW power cords to any length greatly reducing the installation time and material costs for a retrofit of existing HID Lighting systems. When lift costs, and high reach bucket trucks are required for installation, this alone can save days if not weeks of electricians labor resulting in thousands of conversion costs. The fixture body is made form cast and billet aluminum with a 5 step polymer powdercoat finish and complete with with a 10 year factory warranty.


Though the Musco product performs well, as shown to the right, however bleachers and stands fall dark, this means less safety for spectators. Image left, the Spartan LED Stadium Light provides ample coverage of the field, surrounding track and bleachers using less required fixtures for the job making the Spartan LED Stadium light a more affordable and practical solution. For situations where light spill is a constraint, the Spartan LED Stadium Light is available with tighter beam angles to reduce light spill and completely eliminate light trespass.

For your sports lighting venue, Synergy Lighting offer FREE Photometry and lighting layouts to ensure that your lighting requirements are met, and that the maximum delivered lighting can be achieved. Structural Engineers are available to certify that the weight, size and EPA of the Spartan LED Fixtures will meet or pass structural wind-loading using existing light poles and angle iron arms on your existing poles. Engineers are certified and licensed in the state of Florida, please be aware that your local municipality may require a licensed engineer in your state.

For more information on Spartan LED Stadium Lights for your LED sports lighting application, please call us at 877-220-5483