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Power Outage Delays Super Bowl XLVII

03/02/13 0 COMMENTS

On February 3, 2013 at approximately 8:42pm, the nation observed a power outage due to surge during the Super Bowl game. This delay surely caused a hindrance to the momentum of both teams. Although the power surge only lasted a matter of moments, the stadium lights (1500W Metal Halide) require a cool down time of up to 15 minutes prior to having a thermal re-strike, before the re-illuminate.

LED Stadium Lights from Synergy Lighting would have re-illuminated immediately preventing the serious Super Bowl game delay.

Sports facilities that are not shifting to LED Stadium Lights are losing money in a big way. The multiple advantages of extreme power savings, low power consumption, impact resistance, long service life, low maintenance requirement, excellent light levels and light uniformity make LED Stadium Lights the ideal choice for any sports venue.

LED SPORTS LIGHT FIXTURE FLOOD SPOT ARENA LIGHTING STADIUM LIGHTPOWER FAILURE LIGHTS OUT SUPERBOWL - PHOTO BY ESPNFor more information on LED Stadium Lights and how they could have saved the Super Bowl, Click Here!