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LED Sign Light Fixtures | LED Signage Lighting


Synergy Lighting USA Proudly introduces a new series of LED Linear Sign Light Fixtures for use on Monument Signs, Billboards, Community Entrances, and various other types of externally illuminated signage.   These LED Sign Lighters are Made In U.S.A. and come complete with a 5 year factory warranty!

High Output LED Sign Light Fixtures


The New High Output LED Sign Lighters are the perfect solution for low level concealed light to illuminate your signage needs.   Available in 24″, 48″ and 96″ lengths, we are sure to have the right size with solid state high output LED Lighting that produces consistent and even coverage across the surface of your sign. Available in both warm 2700K and cool 4000K color temperatures, the HO LED Sign Lights can be used in residential and commercial applications. Each fixture is equipped with a specular clear reflector and diamond cut acrylic lens to eliminate hot spots and pixelations to provide smooth uniformity on the surface of the sign. The fixture form factor is made from natural anodized and cast aluminum in a silver finish that blends well with any architectural design, and can be custom powder coated for a bronze, black, white or verde green finish. LED’s on board are the latest in Samsung LED Chips built on a thermally managed LED Board delivering over 100,000 hours of maintenance free operation. Drivers and LED’s can be upgraded in the future or replaced at any time with the modular design of the High Output LED Sign Light Fixture. LED Driver accommodates 120-277 voltages.

Each Fixture is comes standard with 1/2″ NPT Knuckles that mount to any outdoor junction box, or ground mount post (sold separately). The High Output LED Sign Lights are light enough to be mounted by use of metal nipples or EMT that can extend outwards up to 36 inches for aerial mounted [shine back] applications above or below a sign. The High Output LED Sign Light Fixtures rotate up to 360 degrees in order to provide direct adjustable illumination or can even be used to graze the surface of a sign or wall.

HO LED Sign Light to Metal Halide Compariosn Metal Halide Equivalent
WLED HO 24″ LED Sign Light (5900 Lumens) 54 Watts Compares to 175w Metal Halide
WLED HO 48″ LED Sign Light (11900 Lumens) 110 Watts Compares to 400w Metal Halide
WLED HO 96″ LED Sign Light (23800 Lumens) 205 Watts Compares to 1000w Metal Halide

These LED Sign Light fixtures have undergone 1000 hour salt spray testing and 5000 hour harsh element testing under heat, water, and freezing conditions. IP67 Rated, and LM80 tested, the High Output LED Sign Light Fixtures will hold up the the harshest of conditions from coastal applications to harsh summer temperatures without fail. The durable extruded aluminum form factor also holds up to abuse from any landscape applications that should provide you up to 20 years of maintenance free operation!

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Synergy Lighting USA Leading the way in LED Lighting

HO LED Sign Light Specification Details
Available Lengths 24 Inch, 48 Inch, 96 Inch
Lumens 24″-5900, 48″-11900, 96″ 23800
Wattage 24″-54W, 48″-110W, 96″ 205W
Fixture Body Aluminum
Lens Diamond Cut Acrylic
Mounting Dual 1/2″ NPT Knuckle
Voltage 120-277 MVOLT
LED Chips Samsung LH141A
Driver Philips,  Other by availability
Color Temp 2700K Warm, 4000K Cool
Finish Colors Natural, Black, Bronze, White, Green
Manufacture Origin Bradenton, FL USA
Life Rating 100,000 Hours / 20-25 Years
IP Rating IP67 Wet Location
LM80 Tested Yes
Warranty 5 Year Limited Warranty
All LED Sign Light Fixtures are contract manufactured in Bradenton, FL for Synergy Lighting, Inc.

1000w LED Replacement Light Fixtures – What You Need To Know


1000w metal halide fixtures are most commonly used for Flood and Area Lighting. Because of the high wattage of these fixtures, users have often depended on the higher light levels for safety and security of shopping centers and parking lot lighting. As well these fixtures have been key in promoting and displaying product at automobile dealerships for years. Unfortunately these high wattage fixtures consume a ton of electricity often resulting in demand charges from utility companies. However with advancement in LED Lighting, the 1000w metal Halide Fixture is now a thing of the past.

What Does It take To Replace 1000w Metal Halide?

First we must understand that arming ones self with the facts is the most important key to replacing 1000w Metal Halide. All too often, Auto Dealerships and Business Owners have been left disappointed in their investment with LED Lighting simply because they didn’t know what they were buying.

1000W Metal Halide Fixtures can produce upwards of 100,000 lumens when a new bulb and ballast are installed. Though this may seem like a lot of light, it really isn’t nearly as much as it sounds. This measure is at the arc tube in the center of the 1000w lamp.   Once the light is emitted, it bounces around in the fixture before it is reflected on to the ground.  This causes a drastic drop in lumens by the time the light travels from the fixture to the illuminated surface. Secondly, as the metal halide lamp ages, it is typical for the lamp itself to depreciate by as much as 35 percent within the first six to nine months from the date of installation. The end result is a lumen discharge somewhere in the vicinity of 43,000 lumens.1000w LED REPLACEMENT LIGHT FIXTURES - 1000W LED RETROFIT

Now that we have a true lumen value of 43,000 lumens from a 1000w metal halide fixture, we now have to accommodate for and deduce a reasonable amount of light loss from stray emissions. This is light that travels semi horizontally, and sometime vertically away from the illuminated surface and into the sky (Sky Glow). This stray light sometimes referred to as “Sky-Glow” or “Light Trespass” is responsible for another loss averaging 40 percent of the emitted light. This light that never makes it to the actual surfaces to be illuminated is wasted light, and wasted kilowatts of electricity.

Now that we have deduced from the initial 100,000 lumens emitted by the 1000w lamp, to the end result of 26,000 delivered lumens to the illuminated surface, we can now measure the required lumens necessary to replace 1000w Metal Halide with an LED Light Fixture +/- 10 percent. This means that to accurately replace your 1000w metal halide, the LED fixture must produce at least 23,400 delivered lumens, up to 28,600 at a high to be considered an “Equal”.

Benefits of Replacing 1000w Metal Halide With LED

Obviously we all know by now that LED Lighting saves money because it is a lower wattage than Metal Halide and traditional light sources and no longer requires a maintenance expense with replacement bulbs and ballasts. However here are some other benefits you need to know:

Increased Uniformity: Because Metal Halide delivers an intense amount of light from a single pinpoint source, this creates hot spots under the fixture. When using LED Lighting with multiple emitters and focus controlled optics, hot spots are eliminated and a more consistent coverage of light on the ground is created. This reduces the darker areas between poles and smooths out the lighting across a property. This is known as Uniformity. There are several measures such as 20:1, 15:1 and 10:1 enhanced security. This is a measure of how smooth the transition is of light control from one pole to another. The lower the uniformity ratio, the better quality of light across a property.


Increased See-Ability: Though this is a new word you won’t find in the Websters Dictionary, it has become an often used word in the lighting industry to surmise the effect of Scotopic Effect. This is different than Photopic Effect. The basic difference here is how the human eye perceives light. A lumen or foot candle meter reads photopic lumens. Yet the human eye through rods and cones (red, green, blue receptors in the retina), perceive on a scotopic level. Natural Bright Light, constricts the pupils which are dialated at night, and with the color temperature of LED white light, and constricted pupils, the light emitted from an LED Fixture is perceived at a higher level than traditional metal halide. This makes illuminated surfaces appear brighter under LED Light at night. Therefore 26,000 lumens from an LED can appear more light 43,000 lumens from a Metal Halide.

1000W LED Replacements Offered By Synergy Lighting


Solar Powered LED Sign Light Fixtures

Installing new signage on an existing commercial property or roadway has become more common these days. Directional boring or cutting up asphalt in a parking lot and re-patching can cost upwards of several thousands of dollars, and therefore is often an abandoned idea. Residential developments as well seek solutions for illuminating entrance ways that weren’t planned by the developer with no available power. The solution of having to power entrance lighting from the nearest home, meets strong opposition. However, with advances in LED and Solar Power, illuminating signage in these situations is now easy, and remarkably bright, and most of all, affordable!


BL Series Solar LED Sign Light Kits

Synergy Lighting introduces the latest in Solar Powered LED Signage with BL Series LED Sign Light Kits. These kits are a commercial-grade solar LED sign lighting system powered by a separate solar array. The solar sign lighting system illuminates a variety of signage ranging from entry, welcome and other small signs to monuments, statues and larger DOT signs and flag pole lighting. BL Series is a low maintenance, dependable LED sign lighting system configured for your location to ensure reliable lighting under extreme weather and site conditions. Our high-output solar sign lighting system is easy to assemble and maintain because there is no need for trenching, electric meters, fixture maintenance and monthly electric bills. This durable commercial off-grid LED sign light system is the economic choice compared to conventional or “off the shelf” solar sign lighting systems, and is 5x brighter!

Solar LED Sign Light Features

The BL Series Solar Powered LED Sign Light Kits are available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 LED Light configurations, and Features include:
  • All inclusive system features LED floodlight, pv module, maintenance-free battery and intelligent controller housed in a vandal-resistant aluminum battery enclosure, direct burial pole and plug-and-play connectors
  • Programmed for full light intensity all night long or a for desired run time
  • Maintenance free gel cell batteries provide five nights of back-up power
  • FivePlus™ Warranty includes 10 years on electronics, wiring, and LED Fixtures

Solar Powered LED Sign Light Fixture For BL Series Kits


The BL Series kits features and advanced High Output LED Lighting Fixture specifically designed to be powered from the low voltage solar power array. This easy-to-install floodlight is designed for outdoor lighting applications where a directed light source is required. Powered by a separate solar array, it is ideal for sign lighting, monuments, up lighting, building security, perimeter fence security lighting, remote buildings and other floodlight applications. It features an advanced LED optical system that provides a directed light source with high uniformity, glare control and improved light distribution. The LED Fixtures is designed in a heavy duty cast aluminum commercial fixture body to match those traditionally made for HID. Offering higher lumen’s per watt, the 20W LED Sign Light fixture matches traditional HID lights between 70 and 100 watts. and has a long life of 65,000 hours (L70).

For more information on Solar Powered LED Sign Light Fixtures with the BL Series Kits, contact Synergy Lighting at 1-877-220-5483 or visit us online at

We also offer Solar Powered Kits for:
  • Solar LED Street Lighting
  • Solar LED Parking Lot Lighting
  • Solar LED Bus Station Lights
  • Solar LED Pathway Lights
  • Solar Powered LED Bollards
  • Solar LED Flag Pole Lighting
Here are some examples of successful Solar LED Sign Lighting Projects:



Photos above are not those of Synergy Lighting, they are representations of successful projects by others whom specialize in Solar Lighting. Images are copyright their respective owners.

Turtle Friendly Lighting | Amber LED Light Bulbs | Light Fixtures | FWC Approved



Synergy Lighting is a company that works closely with and strongly supports the efforts of the Turtle Conservancy, Mote Marine Laboratories, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Protecting the Sea Turtle species and other wildlife is a socially and commercially responsible act. Lighting pollution is a serious threat to many types of wildlife. Each year, artificial lights cause disruption of behavior, injury and death to thousands of migrating birds, sea turtles and other reptiles, amphibians, and mammals, and invertebrates. Only 1 in 10,000 Sea Turtle Hatch-Lings will survive.

The Basic Principles Of Turtle Friendly Lighting

TURTLE FRIENDLY LIGHTING LED LIGHTING FIXTURESKeep it LOW – Mount the fixture as low as possible to minimize light trespass, and use the lowest amount of light needed for the task

Keep it SHIELDED – Fully shield the light so bulbs and/or glowing lenses are not visible to minimize light trespass to beaches

Keep it LONG– Use long wavelength light sources (Amber’s and Red’s) in the appropriate lighting fixtures

Adapting To Turtle Friendly Lighting Compliance

Coastal properties especially are required by law to comply with light pollution standards in the protection of Sea Turtles. Each year nearly 20,000 hatch-lings are disorientated by artificial light and most do not make it to the ocean waters.  The lighting pollutions standards are designed to prevent disorientation and conserve sea turtle populations. Adapting to Sea Turtle Friendly Lighting can seem daunting for many property owners who at first glance raise the concern for human safety over Sea Turtle Conservation. Property Owners and Managers must be aware that the preservation of Sea Turtles with stringent lighting requirements is in no way to limit the safety of residences, guest and customers of properties located nearby nesting areas. Each facility faced with adapting to Sea Turtle Friendly Lighting is actually becoming masterful in lighting design through simple and affordable methods. Dark Sky and Wildlife Friendly / Turtle Friendly Lighting incorporates the highest standards of energy efficiency and light control by eliminating wasteful light emission.

Turtle Friendly Light Bulbs

Approved Amber LED, Light Bulbs and Light Fixtures

Synergy Lighting carries the largest selection of Approved “Wildlife Certified” Turtle Friendly Lighting Fixtures and Approved Fluorescent and LED Light Bulbs. With aid of our Trained and Certified Lighting Specialists, Synergy Lighting experts can recommend and provide the appropriate light fixtures and light bulbs to ensure your facility is 100% compliant with the requirements for Coastal Lighting, thus preventing your home, facility or business from facing potential fines for light pollution and Sea Turtle Disorientation

Wildlife Approved Light Bulb and LED Light Bulbs

Turtle Friendly Light Bulbs use long wave lengths of light emission typically 600 Nanometers and Higher (Amber & Red). This can be referred to similar to the longer arches of a rainbow. Green and Blue tone light emits shorter wave light spectrum’s that are more attractive to Sea Turtles and cause disorientation.   All light bulbs used to comply with light provisions of Sea Turtles must pass a spectrometer test by a Certified or Supervisory Personnel within the Sea Turtle Program as well as UL CertificationLM79 and LM80 Testing. Just because a lamp is Amber or Red, does not mean that it will pass. CFL’s, Colored tube guards, gels and colored filters are no longer accepted due to fade and color shift. Currently the following lamps meet this requirement:


Turtle Friendly Lighting Fixtures

Turtle Friendly Light Fixtures are Approved Light Fixtures that prevent light trespass to the coastal waterways. These fixtures must direct either downwards, or down and out away from beaches. Several fixtures may require accessories items such as shields and louvers in additionally to preclude wall washing and direct view exposure.   Each of the approved fixtures may require these accessories depending on placement and mounting heights. Ask Synergy Lighting for assistance on choosing the fixture that will work best for your facility or residence. Each fixture must be paired with an approved Turtle Friendly Light Bulb to form a completed package.

FWC Approved Wall And Ceiling Mounted Fixtures- Turtle Friendly Lighting



FWC Approved Landscape and Area Lighting – Turtle Friendly Lighting

All FWC Approved Pagoda and Louvered Bollards used for Sea Turtle Friendly Lighting must be accompanied with Beach Front Shields installed to prevent any light emission in the direction or direct view from beach nesting areas.  Due to salt water corrosion, Synergy Lighting only uses FWC Approved Poly Carbonate, Fiberglass, Special Coated Aluminum, Brass and Stainless Steel fixtures.


For more information on FWC Approved Turtle Friendly Lighting, view our website and call Synergy Lighting for a free estimate and consultation.

Phone: (941)-756-4844

Toll Free: (877) 220-5483



Light Fixtures | Clearwater | St Pete | Sarasota | Bradenton | Naples | Ft Myers

Synergy Lighting USA is Florida Residential and Businesses #1 Source for industrial and commercial lighting fixtures. From indoor to outdoor fixtures, Recessed Can, Troffers, Strip Lights, Wall Packs, Parking Lot Flood Fixtures, Synergy Lighting carries the largest selection. Synergy Lighting is an authorized distributor of over 250 manufacturers including Lithonia Lighting, Hubbel Lighting, Progress, Focus, Atlas, Rab, Juno, Simkar, Electro Elf, Orbit Industries, and many more. Synergy Lighting also carries the largest line of LED Lighting and Induction Lighting Fixtures.LIGHT FIXTURES CLEARWATER SARASOTA BRADENTON TAMPA NAPLES FT MYERS LAKELAND

No Charge Layout and Design

As a member of the Illumination Engineering Society and American Lighting Association, Synergy Lighting employs trained and certified experts that provide no charge layout and design services. Synergy Lighting will help you select the lighting fixtures that will best suit your needs as well as focusing on budget, maintenance and energy savings.

Free Delivery

Synergy Lighting provides free delivery to any business located within Clearwater, St Petersburg, Tampa, Sarasota, Bradenton, Port Charlotte, Lakeland, Ft Myers, Naples and all surrounding areas.


For more information on Lighting Fixtures, visit or website or call Synergy Lighting for a free consultation.


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7-11 Goes LED using LSI LED Light Fixtures

7-11 Stores, as the most popular chain of convient stores in the united states launched a National Campaign to covert nearly 5900 stores to LED Lighting. This massive campaign began early in 2010 and is nearing completion in the next week.

Synergy Lighting and our network of Electrical Installers have retrofitted many of these stores from Exterior Fluorescent and HID Lighting from Tampa to Miami. Each of the locations posed its own challenges but over all went very smoothly. The LED Lighting installed was manufacturered by LSI Industries, one of the top producers of LED lighting Fixtures with all products manufacturered in the United States. Though we don’t really know the total range of energy savings created nationally, we can only assume that it far exceeds the project total for the State Of Florida at $25 Million dollars.

The range of LED Lighting was everything from LED Parking Lot Lighting, Soffit LED Lighting, Wall Wash LED, Sign Retrofit to LED, to even replacing the fluorescent bulbs in the ATM Sign and converting it to LED. This means that there is not a single product used outdoors other than LED Lighting. Customers and employees alike were awe struck at the phenominal light out put of the LED lighting and the great improvement in light quality outdoors.

Here are a few photos of some of the LED retrofits performed at these 7-11 Stores.

The Final Result at night looks great at this Miami Florida 7-11 Location completed on July 1, 2010

For more information on LED Lighting, view our website or call Synergy Lighting for a free consultation.


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CREE OSQ LED Parking Lot Lighting Fixtures – Affordable Performance



When a facility or property is looking for LED Lighting, the hardest thing to find in a single place is PERFORMANCE and AFFORDABILITY, until now! Introducing the Affordable, Performance Spec LED Parking Lot Lighting Fixture from CREE. Improve the overall look of your site with the OSQ™ LED luminaire. The slim, low profile design adds architectural appeal to any general area lighting space – walkways, internal roadways, parking lots or even flood lighting applications. The OSQ Series provides precise optical control that delivers light only to where you need it – resulting in greater energy savings. All this for under $1000 per fixture!

The OSQ Series Area Light or Flood Light is available in both Adjustable Arm and Direct Mount configurations, and can replace up to 1000w Metal Halide in most parking lot lighting applications. The OSQ is available in multiple optic packages that allow precision light control in wide open or tightly confined parking areas without spilling light off property or into the sky. With the OSQ Series LED Parking Lot Lighting Fixtures you can enhance the safety and security of your parking lot, increase see-ability while saving up to 80% in electricity and eliminating maintenance for up to 20 years.

Specification Highlights

  • Minimum 70 CRI (4000K & 5700K); 80 CRI (3000K)
  • CCT: 3000K (+/- 300K), 4000K (+/- 300K), 5700K (+/- 500K)
  • Utilizes BetaLED® Technology
  • Utilizes NanoOptic® Technology
  • cULus Listed
  • Replaces up to 750W HID
  • Versatile mounting configurations
  • Slim, low-profile design
  • Standard 10-year limited warranty

CREE OSQ Series LED Made in U.S.A.

CREE, unlike anyone else in the industry is the only manufacturer in the United States that brings raw materials in the back door, and delivers a quality, dependable, LED Light Fixture out of the front door. Combined with award winning performance and service is the CREE 10 Year Factory Warranty that delivers the highest levels of piece of mind. The OSQ Series is an affordable LED Lighting Solution providing the latest in LED Technology with American Manufacturing.

View OSQ Spec Sheet

Synergy Lighting Provides FREE Layout and Design



If you are considering LED Lighting for your Parking Lot Lighting, you have come to the right place. Synergy Lighting provides Free Parking Lot Lighting Layouts and Design Photometrics to ensure that the fixtures selected for your property provide the best light coverage and uniformity. Most parking lot lighting projects require multiple precision beam angles to get the best results. Before you buy any LED Parking Lot Lighting fixture, let our experts layout and design the specification for you absolutely free!

Layout and Design includes:

  • 10 Page Energy Analysis and Report
  • Photometric Study and Comparison
  • Security and Uniformity Reporting
  • Luminaire Schedules
  • Foot Candle Averages with Max/Min Ratio
  • Wholesale Price Quotation on all Fixtures
  • 10 Year Factory Warranty

Call us today to see how you can start saving money and get the performance you deserve with the CREE OSQ Lighting Fixtures for your parking lot lighting project! Toll Free: 1-877-220-5483


Sollos Landscape Lighting | LED Landscape Fixtures


Synergy Lighting is proud to announce the addition of Sollos Landscape Lighting to our product offering. Sollos offers the highest quality of Alloy, Brass, Copper and Marine Grade Stainless Steel landscape fixtures. When combined with our recommended ProLED LED Light Bulbs, each Sollos fixture carries a complete 20 Year Warranty including the LED Light bulbs. This makes Sollos Landscape Lighting the best product with the longest LED warranty in the industry.

The Art Of Illumination

When night falls, Sollos elevates landscape lighting to a work of art. Bringing together form, function and efficiency, this versatile line of outdoor fixtures blends with the landscape by day and enhances the landscape by night. Sollos Landscape Lighting designs and engineers its fixtures from the ground up to achieve flexibility and ease of installation with simple, elegant designs. From the latest developments in LED to halogen-xenon, every Sollos fixture works interchangeably with an assortment of lamp technologies, providing a broad palette for your landscape.


Download the Sollos Landscape Lighting Brochure and call Synergy Lighting today to receive a no obligation quote for your landscape lighting needs. 877-220-5483.


LED Bullet Landscape Lighting Fixtures

One of the most accentuating aspects of commercial outdoor lighting is landscape lighting. Illuminating landscape features such as shrubs, trees, and plants can transform a property from ordinary into extraordinary! In additional to enhancing the image of a property, a quality landscape lighting design can add safety and security to a property with increased ambient light levels around walkways and paths.

LED Landscape Lighting Fixtures Replace Metal Halide

RETROFIT METAL HALIDE TO LEDOne of the most popular forms of commercial landscape lighting is incandescent and HID lighting such as Metal Halide. These flood fixtures are often expensive to operate, and have higher levels of required maintenance. Though they provide a great degree of brightness, the overall costs can often deter a property owner from maintaining them. Fortunately with the current advances in technology and receding cost of LED lighting, the days of spending thousands in electricity and hundreds in labor and replacement bulbs are over. Synergy Lighting offers a complete line of line voltage LED Bullet style landscape lighting fixtures that can easily replace any incandescent or HID Metal Halide flood fixture.

LED Lighting Fixtures Save Energy

LED provides a sharper brilliant white light, runs cooler and last up to 4 times longer than HID, and 30 times longer than halogen. Synergy’s line of LED Bullet landscape fixtures utilize CREE brand LED and are available from 8 watt (Replaces 50 Watt Halogen) up to to 20 Watt (Replaces up to 100 Watt Metal Halide). Sizes range from PAR20 to PAR38 for larger applications. LED Bullet Landscape Lighting FixtureAnnual energy savings for the 20 watt LED fixture is $64.00 a year per fixture, and has an initial cost equal to leading brand HID fixtures. Upgrading your existing HID system to LED is easy with a quick change using the 1/2″ adjustable knuckle mount built into the base of the fixture. The die-cast housing provides long term durability against abuse from landscape maintenance and comes standard with a tempered glass lens. Finishes include both Bronze and Verde Green to match the most common landscape designs. Color temperatures include 3000K Warm White, 3500K Neutral White and 5000K Natural White.



For more information on  LED Lighting, view our website and call Synergy Lighting for a free consultation. Our expert staff is standing by to assist you in selecting the best LED products for your application!


Phone: (941)-756-4844

Toll Free: (877) 220-5483



Small Lighting Fixtures make BIG Change for Bradenton Business

Over the years, we have always had a hard time understanding the decisions made by many electricians and customers. It seems like an everyday occurrence to come across a business who purchased the lowest price fixtures they can to light their business. Now that part we do understand, but it is the rest that we don’t. Most of the time when a customer buys based on price, they neglect the cost of operation.

Josey’s Poseys, an award winning Florist in Bradenton, Florida, had this exact situation when we met them. They were using 200 watt quartz halogen floods to light the exterior of their building. The light bulbs for these fixtures had to be replaced every 6 months, and had an annual operation cost of $131.40 per fixture. Synergy Lighting recommended switching to a Compact Fluorescent Fixture using natural daylight bulbs. In our recommendation we were focused on creating whiter, cleaner light as well as reducing the cost of operation.

Total cost of replacement was $170.00 for this project, and yielded a $571.79 per year, energy savings. The warranty for these light fixtures is five years, and the light bulbs should need replacing every two years.


For more information on replacing quartz halogen fixtures with CFL energy saving fixtures and natural white light, give us a call at 941-756-4844 or visit us online at

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