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LED Flagpole Lighting And Requirements

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Flagpole Lighting Law and Requirements

FLAG AT NIGHT FOR FLAGPOLE LIGHTING FIXTUREThe American Flag under Article (4) of the United States Code, Section (6) states that the Flag should be flown from Sunrise to Sunset, however for those requiring a more Patriot feel, can do so by flying the American Flag so long as the Flag is illuminated with lighting, and specifically “Does Not Fall Into Darkness.” Is there a Civil Penalty for not properly illuminating the American Flag at night? Absolutely, under the Flag protection Act, failure to properly light a flag at night can result in a fine of up to $100,000 or imprisonment of up to one year.

However, chances are you will never be fined or imprisoned, as much as you would upset Veterans, or those who pass by your flag and realize it has “Fallen Into Darkness.” Which leads us to a very important planning problem…

How To Properly Illuminate The American Flag At Night

The key component of illuminating a flag at night is to never allow the flag to “Fall Into Darkness.” So the basic question of how many light fixtures do I need or how bright do they have to be is directly proportional to the height and size of the flag being flown. Still not an easy answer, but we can help you with this too. Here are the general rules of thumb:

  • 15 Feet or less from ground = 1 light fixture
  • 15-25 Feet from the ground = 2 light fixtures
  • 25-30 Feet from the ground = 3 light fixtures
  • 30-60 Feet from the ground = 3 high power light fixtures

LED Flagpole Lighting Fixtures

Synergy Lighting offers the largest selection of LED Lighting Fixtures for Flagpole Lighting. Our selection of LED Flagpole Lighting Fixtures achieve the most energy efficient and effective use of light for illuminating Flags throughout its 360 degrees of travel. Available in both Line Voltage, and Low Voltage, these options are sure to complete your Flagpole Lighting Project and offer up to 20 years of no maintenance or changing of light bulbs!

Low Voltage LED Flagpole Lighting Fixture

  • Direct Burial Spot Light
  • 18 Watt LED Flood Light Engine
  • Adjustable Angling For Precise Aiming
  • Requires 12 Volt Power Supply
  • Wet Location Rated
  • 20 Year Factory Warranty on LED
  • Strong Durable PVC Housing
  • Flagpoles up to 25′ from ground
  • Stainless Steel Transformers Sold Seperately

Low Voltage LED Flagpole Lighting Fixture


  • Stake Mounted LED Spot Light
  • 18 Watt Brass LED Flood Light Engine
  • Adjustable Angling For Precise Aiming
  • Requires 12 Volt Power Supply
  • Wet Location Rated
  • 20 Year Factory Warranty on LED
  • Strong Durable Antique Brass  Housing
  • Flagpoles up to 25′ from ground
  • Stainless Steel Transformer Sold Sperately

Line Voltage LED Bullet Fixture

LED Bullet Landscape Lighting Fixture

  • Available in Verde Green or Bronze
  • 40,000 Hour Life
  • 16 or 20 Watt LED Flood
  • Adjustable Angling For Precise Aiming
  • Wet Location Rated
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Cast Aluminum Housing with Tempered Glass Lens
  • Flagpoles up to 25′ from ground

Line Voltage LED Flagpole Lighting Fixture


  • 15 Watt Watt LED Spot Light
  • Adjustable Angle For Precise Aiming
  • Available in Narrow or Wide Beam
  • 50,000 Hour CREE Chips
  • Black or Bronze Finishes
  • Wet Location Rated
  • 5 year Factory Warranty
  • 15w – Flagpoles up to 30′ from ground
  • 3000K Warm or 5000K Bright White Light
  • Bracket Mount LED Flood

Commercial Outdoor LED Flagpole Lighting Fixture


  • 13 Watt Commercial Grade LED Flagpole Fixture
  • Adjustable Angle For Precise Aiming
  • Spot Light Distribution
  • Super Bright LED Light
  • 100,000 Hour Life (20+ Years)
  • 5 Year Factory Warranty
  • 1/2″ NPT Knuckle Mount
  • Tempered Glass Lens
  • Flagpoles Up To 40′ From Ground

Commercial High Reach Outdoor LED Flagpole Lighting Fixture


  • 78 Watt Commercial Grade LED Flagpole Fixture
  • Adjustable Angle For Precise Aiming
  • Spot Light Distribution
  • Super Bright LED Light
  • 100,000 Hour Life (20+ Years)
  • 5 Year Factory Warranty
  • 1/2″ NPT Knuckle Mount
  • Tempered Glass Lens
  • Flagpoles Up To 80′ From Ground


Spec Grade Inground LED Flagpole Lighting Fixture


  • 22 Watt In-Ground LED Flagpole Fixture
  • Superior Performance LED
  • Spot Light Distribution
  • Super Bright LED Light
  • 100,000 Hour Life (20+ Years)
  • 5 Year Factory Warranty
  • Concrete Mold Included
  • Tempered Glass Lens
  • Flagpoles Up To 35′ From Ground



For more information on Flagpole Lighting or for help to select the correct fixtures for your Flagpole Lighting Project, contact Synergy Lighting 1-877-220-5483 or visit us online at


LED Sign Lighting Fixture

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Monument Signs and Landscape Signs are a wonderful way for any business or property to display themselves at night. Most of the time, monument signs are not internally illuminated and require an external lighting fixture in order to be seen at night. Typical flood lights result in an uneven light pattern on monument signs and typically are very wasteful in energy.

Synergy Introduces the LED Sign Lighting Fixture


Made from a solid aluminum housing and in 24″ (16w)and 48″ (36w) linear design, the LED Sign Lighting Fixture from Synergy Lighting offers even illumination at night on virtually any type of corporate signage, monument or building signs as well as the latest in energy savings utilizing a patented high power LED Light Engine. This ultra-slim LED Sign Lighting series provides an attractive, yet compact lighting solution for most applications, including up lighting canopies and overhangs plus illuminating menu boards or directories from top to bottom. It can also create impressive residential and corporate development entrances and give entry walls a warm, welcoming uniform glow. These high performance LED Sign lighting Fixtures can be mounted on walls or pads to solve almost any exterior lighting problem.

Save Money, Save Energy With Synergy Lighting


For more information on LED Sign Lighting Fixtures, contact us today at 877-220-5483 or visit us online at


Sollos Landscape Lighting | LED Landscape Fixtures

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Synergy Lighting is proud to announce the addition of Sollos Landscape Lighting to our product offering. Sollos offers the highest quality of Alloy, Brass, Copper and Marine Grade Stainless Steel landscape fixtures. When combined with our recommended ProLED LED Light Bulbs, each Sollos fixture carries a complete 20 Year Warranty including the LED Light bulbs. This makes Sollos Landscape Lighting the best product with the longest LED warranty in the industry.

The Art Of Illumination

When night falls, Sollos elevates landscape lighting to a work of art. Bringing together form, function and efficiency, this versatile line of outdoor fixtures blends with the landscape by day and enhances the landscape by night. Sollos Landscape Lighting designs and engineers its fixtures from the ground up to achieve flexibility and ease of installation with simple, elegant designs. From the latest developments in LED to halogen-xenon, every Sollos fixture works interchangeably with an assortment of lamp technologies, providing a broad palette for your landscape.


Download the Sollos Landscape Lighting Brochure and call Synergy Lighting today to receive a no obligation quote for your landscape lighting needs. 877-220-5483.


Fluorescent T5 Troffer Direct-Indirect Retrofit Kit Saves Time And Money

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t8 lighting fixture

Are you tired of the same old boring Fluorescent Troffers in the ceiling, and seeking a more modern up-to-date appearance combined with energy savings?  Than Synergy Lighting offers the best solution to fit your needs. No longer do you have to spend hundreds of dollars per fixture to have modern light fixtures installed. Synergy Lighting provides a simple, affordable retrofit that will turn you existing fluorescent fixtures into the modern design fixtures typically seen in new construction.

Direct-Indirect Retofit Kit Creates Modern Appeal

KIB direct indirect fluorescent retrofit kit t8 t5 troffer

Our KIB Retrofit kit costs less than half of a new fixture. The only difference between a new fixture and our fantastic retrofit unit is the main fixture body. This is the steel part of the fixture above the ceiling grid that doesn’t go bad and no one ever sees. All the important components, such as door frames, lens, sockets, ballasts and wiring are replaced with new brand new components. With the KIB Retrofit Kit, your old 4 lamp fixture using 168 watts is reduced to only 108 watts using modern day T5 High Lumen Lamps.

The KIB Retrofit creates an energy savings of $32.00 per fixture per year, and pays for itself in less than 18 months! 

Simple, Fast Installation Saves On Labor

Labor costs are drastically reduced as the KIB Direct-Indirect Retrofit kit installs in less than 3 minutes. That’s right, you can retrofit an entire office in less than an hour! Just watch the video below to see how easy it is to have the modern appeal of a Direct-Indirect Troffer in minutes!

For More information on this product or other fluorescent retrofit kits, or to receive a quote for your business or energy saving project, call us today at 877-220-5483!

Landscape Lighting Sarasota | Free Quotes And Design

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Synergy Lighting is Sarasota’s Premier Landscape Lighting Company. Synergy Lighting carries the largest selections of Landscape Lighting Fixtures from Kitchler, Focus Industries, Energy Focus, Electro-Elf and Evergreen all at wholesale prices as well as many other nationally recognized quality landscape lighting manufacturers. With pride ourselves on the highest levels of Professionalism and Reliability.

Landscape Lighting Illuminates Lifestyles

Landscape Lighting In Sarasota FloridaAdding landscape lighting to your property enhances beauty and curb appeal that not only makes your home or business look attractive, but landscape lighting can create a greater sense of personal enjoyment. Whether your landscape lighting project illuminates the front of your home, or around the pool or patio, landscape lighting brings indoor living outdoors. Outdoor lighting can be used to create beautiful highlight aspects of your landscape such as trees, water features or stone work. Landscape lighting can also be used as a border to illuminate and accents paths and walkways, and patio decks.

Landscape Lighting Increases Home Safety

LED MINIDISK PAVER LIGHTS STEPPerhaps the most important reason to incorporate landscape lighting into your landscape project is for safety. Properly illuminated outdoor spaces deters potential crime and undesirable intruders. Further, entrance ways, paths and walkways should be illuminated to ensure that people can safely travel about the yard. Especially important is to have a well lit main entrance so that people can find their way to into the home with out stumbling. Pool decks should be illuminated with outdoor lighting for the safety of people around the pool at night.

Free Landscape Lighting Design And Consultation

Synergy Lighting offers free landscape design layouts and consultations for those who are seeking to incorporate landscape lighting for their home or business. Our Designers are expert Lighting Specialists that have the highest levels of training and experience in the industry. We will help you to chose the right fixtures to create the perfect illumination package for your home or business. From flood lights to pathway lighting, or even the latest in solid state LED Landscape Lighting, we have you covered. All of our Professional Series Landscape Lighting fixtures come with a lifetime warranty.

About Synergy Lighting

Synergy Lighting has served the Sarasota area for over 10 years. Specific to Landscape Lighting, Synergy has designed 100’s of projects for Landscape Architects, Electrical Contractors, Property Managers, Specifiers, Outdoor Living Area Professionals, and Landscape Designers to create dramatic and artistic lighting systems that are guaranteed to stand up to the elements. Synergy Lighting was nationally recognized for our Design of the LED Lighting that decorates Sarasota’s Selby Five Points Park located in Downtown Sarasota. Nationally, Synergy Lighting has designed Solid State LED Landscape and Architectural Design Systems for clients from San Diego, Chicago, New York, Houston as well as many other residential and commercial projects around the country.

Call us today for your Landscape Lighting Project! 941-756-4893

LED High Bay Lighting Fixture – LED High Bay Retrofit | Sylvania LED Warehouse Lighting

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Synergy Lighting offers our commercial customers some of the most Diverse Lines of LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures in today’s market place. Customers currently using 250 Watt and 400 Watt Metal Halide High Bays, may use LED High Bay Light Fixtures and LED High Bay Retrofits to not only increase visibility and light output, but additionally can obtain serious energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.


SYLVANIA LED HIGH BAY LIGHTING FIXTURE COLOR STARS HB-E40-WHT-180Our line of HB Series LED High Bay Fixtures are unlike any other LED on the market. This line of High Performance LED High Bay’s is available in both New Fixture with both Bracket and Ceiling Mounting options as well as the Exclusive Retrofit Model for existing HID Fixtures. Taking these superior options one step further, the HB Series LED High Bay come standard with the latest is Either Nichia or Sylvania LED Modules. The SYLVANIA ULTRA HD Professional Series offers high-definition lighting and unparalleled performance. “This is the True Bright White LED replacement product line that lighting professionals have been waiting for,”

Equal Light Output As Metal Halide

We have tested over 30 manufacturers of LED High Bay Light Fixtures many consumers find offered online and compared specifications across the board. The HB Series LED High Bay is the only LED High Bay fixture that truly replicates the light out put of metal halide by offering equal lumens / light output. Other brands tested we lacking up to 40% with significant reductions in comparison to both 250 and 400 Watt HID Systems. The 120 Series HB Fixture or Retrofit offers 10,560 Lumens equalling 250w HID, and the 180 Series HB Led Lighting Fixture or Retrofit delivers up to a consistent 15,840 Lumens, truly exceeding industry standards. The HB Series LED High Bay Lighting Fixture comes standard with a 3 year factory warranty and operates on 120-277 voltages, ideal for any warehouse or industrial commercial application.

Advanced Thermal Management And Safety Controls

The advanced thermal management housing of the HB Series Fixture delivers accelerated heat dissipation for long life and cool running operation. As an added precaution, we realize that many commercial warehouses and industrial facilities can reach high temperatures throughout the summer months in excess of 140 degrees at the ceiling. This high ambient temperatures can cause other LED Lighting Fixtures to overheat and fail in time. However the HB Series LED Retrofits and LED High Bay Fixtures will not. Built in to every fixture and retrofit is a patented electronically controlled microchip that protects the fixture from ambient excessive heat and will temporarily shut the fixture off to protect the LED’s, Drivers and electronics. This will prevent LED and Fixture damage, as well as premature failure from overheating. No other LED High Bay on the market offers this advance feature.



For more information on the HB Series LED High Bay Lighting Fixture or Mogul Base LED High Bay Retrofit, please visit our website for a free consultation.


Phone: (941)-756-4844

Toll Free: (877) 220-5483



A Tribute To Thomas Alva Edison

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We wanted to take a moment to thank the true inventor of our industry.  Synergy Lighting recognizes that it was because of Thomas Alva Edison, that more jobs were created than by any President, World Leader, Congressman, or Business Owner in U.S. History.

On Forward And Into the Night

“One day while playing around in my workshop…Thomas Alva Edison Making Light Bulb
I played around with some patents I bought….
I experimented with plants and rubber….
But those experiments soon started to blubber..

I tried more times with palms and bamboo…
Then all of a sudden, an idea I possibly knew…
Why maybe with tungsten I could surely play…
If this works, then what would everyone say…

To make this it must be formed in a vacuum tube…
Attach it to wires, and a base held with glue…
I’ll attach a few leads and give it some power…
Then my creation came to life like a beautiful flower…

This thing of mine encased in all glass….
It lit up the night and I could see out into the grass…
Its shape was arbitrary but worked very well…
So I called for Mina, so there was someone to tell..

She smiled with joy and a tearful laugh…
With one of those I could see in my bath…Incandescent Light Bulb Invention Thomas Edison
That’s right my dear, the day of candles is done…
Why its almost as if I have replicated the sun…

Its time to get busy and make more of these…
Lets build a factory and fill it with worker bees..
Every home and business around should want a few…
Imagine the possibilities of what it could do…

We can now enjoy ourselves and travel at night…
Drive around Fords Model A, with a front head light…
The days of night fear will definitely come to pass…
Now lets make a battery so these things can last…

As people began to know and enjoy incandescent light…
Things around the world started to seem all right…
Jobs were created and factories pushed on till late…
Revolution and industry were changed after this date…”


A Poem for Thomas Alva Edison – Thank you for creating the light bulb, and the industry. Thank you for bringing light to our homes, our businesses and our tomorrows.
-Synergy Lighting

Tribute to Thomas Alva Edison-Photo-By-Freakin-News-Dot-Com

Halco Lighting T8 FLuorescent Bulbs In Stock!

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With the ever growing national shortage of T8 and fluorescent light bulbs, Synergy Lighting has a full line of fluorescent lamps in stock from Halco Lighting.

Halco Lighting Vs Sylvania, Philips And GE

Most everyone is familiar with the “Big 3” automobile companies. Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. In the lighting world, we as well have the “Big 3” which are Sylvania, Philips and General Electric which manufacture contractor grade lamps and ballasts. Just like the car industry, we have all realized over the years that you don’t have to be one of the Big 3 to make a quality automobile. In fact, many consumers today would argue undoubtedly that Toyota, Lexus, Honda and others make an even better automobile with better gas mileage and reliability.

Halco Lighting Technologies Light Bulbs Ballasts Sarasota Bradenton Clearwater Tampa

This is how we look at, and feel about Halco Lighting Technologies. Halco is to light bulbs and ballasts, what Lexus is to Chrysler. Quality, Value, and Exceptional Performance and Reliability, are the breath of Halco Lighting. This line of commercial grade lighting has just as an extensive line of lamps and ballasts.  With nearly 40 years in the industry, Halco Lighting’s depth of technology spans globally with manufacturing in the United States, Germany and China. Further, Halco is pending as one of only 17 Accredited (NVLAP) Facilities for National Standards for Technology Testing Laboratories in the country relating to energy efficient products.

Synergy Lighting has supplied Sylvania and Halco Lighting products for over a decade, and in the last ten years we have experienced longer life, better quality and product assistance from Halco than we have any other brand in our company’s history.  When you buy Halco or any of the HLT branded products such as Prism, Prolume and ProLED products, you are receiving lamps and ballasts with the highest levels of quality.  Halco Lighting is the “Lexus of Light Bulbs”!  What’s your shade of GREEN?!

Call us today to purchase Halco Lighting branded products! Synergy Lighting National Toll Free Order Line: 1-877-220-5483


Wholesale Light Bulbs Bradenton Florida

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Synergy Lighting is Bradenton Florida’s Light Bulb Superstore Offering Wholesale Prices!

Since 1999, Synergy Lighting has been providing residential and commercial businesses in Bradenton, Florida, exceptional quality light bulbs, ballasts and fixtures. Whether you’re looking for halogen light bulbs, fluorescent light bulbs or hard to find light bulbs we’re sure to have you covered. Synergy Lighting carries major brand light bulbs from Sylvania, Philips, General Electric and many other quality brands. All items at Synergy Lighting are priced at wholesale levels based on case quantity whether you purchase a single light bulb or a whole truck load.

Light Bulbs Available in Bradenton Florida Warehouse

Over 5000 Light Bulbs In Stock At Bradenton Warehouse

Our warehouse located at 6015 28th Street East in Bradenton, Florida carries over 5000 items from names you trust and is open to the public daily from 8:00am until 5:00pm. Synergy Lighting staff members are always there to assist you with expertise in finding the right bulbs for your application, as well as making energy saving recommendations for our clients whenever practical.  Often times there are many Compact Fluorescent (CFL) or Light Emitting Diode (LED) Light bulbs that can save thousands off your electricity bills.

Lighting Experts You Can Depend On In Bradenton

light bulb customer service girl at bradenton warehouse

Synergy Lighting is a company that customers can depend on for excellent service, knowledge and expertise. Our long term service to Southwest Florida has made us a valued business partner with over 10,000 clients. Synergy Lighting is a family owned and operated business with a solid foundation, and is a financially stable company that can meet and exceed all of your expectations. With Synergy Lighting you save time, save energy, and save money!


For more information on Light Bulbs available in Bradenton, Florida, view our website and call Synergy Lighting for a free consultation. Our expert staff is standing by to assist you in selecting the best products for your application!


Phone: (941)-756-4844

Toll Free: (877) 220-5483



Why Fluorescent Light Bulbs Are Having Price Increases | Rare Earth Metals Shortage

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We realize that there have been numerous articles and stories trying to explain how rare earth metals are effecting fluorescent light bulbs prices. Most of these articles are very elaborate and tell you a lot of information you might not understand. So here is a very simple explanation we can give you.

rare earth phosphor shortage fluorescent bulbs

The United States ceased production of rare earth metals in 1999 in an effort to protect our natural resources. When the United States made the decision, it forced manufacturers to purchase these rare earth elements from other countries such as China. China realized that the U.S. and Arabian countries have oil, but the shear size of the rare earth deposits in China could be China’s version of a natural resource super power. Currently China produces 97% of all rare earth metals in the world.

China Reduces Export Of Rate Earth Metals

China has reached a point in their economic growth where the needs of China for rare earth metals are becoming much greater. Given the economic growth needs of China, the Chinese government has drastically reduced the export of these metals to other countries. This is a move on their part to protect their own growth, but also force more manufacturing to come to china.

Rare Earth Metals In Fluorescent Lamps

phosphor mineral shortage poored in to make fluorescent bulbs

Of the rare earth metals mined in China are Yttrium (Y), Europium (Eu), and Terbium (Tb). These rare earth metals are phosphors, and are refined and processed into blended phosphors used to produce fluorescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs. This is what is know as Tri-Phosphor Technology. In the reduction of export of these metals to the U.S. and for fluorescent lamps being made in China for export to the U.S., the costs have risen exorbitantly on the simple basis of supply and demand.

Every light bulb manufacturer has been victim of this situation now referred to as the “Phosphor Crisis” or “Rare Earth Mineral Crisis”, and the costs are rising rapidly. The white powder inside each fluorescent lamp is made from the processed rare earth minerals. Manufacturers such as Sylvania, Philips, General Electric and other major manufacturers of fluorescent bulbs can’t buy the amounts of phosphors needed to meet U.S. production requirements.  As the cost of these rare earth minerals rises, and the supply is reduced, the cost of fluorescent and CFL light bulbs is rising on a daily basis.

Will Fluorescent Price Increase Level Off?

It is very hard to predict where the end of this crisis will be without Government interference. Many U.S. mines that were previously mothballed are recommencing mining of the U.S. supply. Not only are these elements rare, but they are also used in the production of hybrid cars, defense navigation and weapons technology, and electronic devices. The United States Congress is more than aware of the problem and claims that this situation will not only effect Americans economically, but it also poses a risk to our national security. The U.S. mines will not be completely up and running, nor at a level of price competitiveness for several years to come. For now and the foreseeable future, these costs affecting several industries and the lighting industry will continue to rise incrementally.

Learn more about Rare Earth Metals with the video below from CNN.


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