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Traditionally, fluorescent lighting has been used at fixture mounting heights of <15 ft., and HID lighting was preferred in spaces with higher mounting heights.   In spaces where color quality of the light is important, metal halide (MH) was generally the preferred light source.

In recent years, manufacturers have begun offering fluorescent fixtures designed to replace MH fixtures in low-bay and even high-bay applications. The fixtures house two, three, four, six or eight T8 or T5HO lamps to provide various levels of light output.  Fluorescent lighting offers many advantages over MH lighting in high/low-bay applications.

Benefits of Fluorescent High Bay LightingMetal Halide to Fluorescent High Bays

  • Instant On/Off of the fixtures (No Warm Up Time)
  • Increased visual acuity for performing detailed tasks
  • Higher color correction values when using 800 series 87 CRI
  • Reduction of shadowing in working areas
  • Energy savings of up to 50%
  • Reduced heat output of the lamp and ballasts
  • 60% reduction in maintenance costs

To great reduce energy costs and prolong the life of the fluorescent fixtures, many companies chose to have chosen dimming ballasts or have occupancy sensors installed on these fixtures.  The use of occupancy sensor depends on the working environment.  If particular areas of an industrial facility or warehouse are seldom used, the energy saving potential is greater.   For areas where the space is occupied greater that 60% of the day, occupancy sensors would not be a solid choice.  

T8 Vs. T5HO:

Regarding fluorescent, the choice is T8 or T5HO. Lighting professionals may hear that T8 fixtures are better at fixture heights <20 ft., T5HO at >20 ft., and either T8 or T5HO at 18-25 ft. mounting heights. However, while T5HO may produce enormous light at lower mounting heights, both T8 and T5HO can be used in high- and low-bay applications.

Currently most Power Companies and select fixtures manufacturers offer great Rebates and Incentives to aid in the cost of retrofitting from HID to Fluorescent High Bays.    When comparing the energy savings, cost of maintenance and labor, the T8 & T5 Fluorescent high bays almost always come out to be a phenomenal savings with the most benefits!

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