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Leviton CFL Dimmer – It works!

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Leviton Decora CFL Dimmer On Sale Now!Compact fluorescent light bulbs have a lot of advantages  over incandescents, but they’ve never been that good at dimming. Standard dimmers designed to work with incandescent or halogen lamps have failed at dimming CFL effectively without flickering or cutting out. According to James Sherman, director of residential marketing at Leviton Manufacturing, consumers had a myriad of complaints with standard dimmers. That is why Leviton, a leading manufacturer of Dimming Systems and electrical components is now introducing their new, patented Decora Slide Dimmer made just for dimmabel CFL bulbs. The new Decora dimmer has the ability to detect whether bulbs are incandescent or dimmable CFL’s, and the Decora can determine the individual bulb’s dimming capabilities – which differ according to manufacturer and type – and adjust the range accordingly.

We tested the new Decora CFL dimmer with various brands of dimmable CFL’s and found that in nearly all cases, the dimming capability of the Decora dimmer was smooth.

Here is what you can expect when using the new Leviton Dimmer:

  • Smooth dimming from full to the lowest range @ 20% lumen output
  • Flicker free at all times
  • When turned on, dimmer will cycle to full and back down to last dimmed setting
  • Self dimming on-cycle is @ 3 seconds
  • Can handle both CFL & Incandescent

For customer who purchase lamps brands other than what the Decora was designed for, it has a manual setting override to make it completely compatible with any dimmable CFL Lamp. We found the best results when testing the dimmer with Prolume brand dimmable CFL’s which are available in Spiral – A Shape and Reflector types.


For more information, or to purchase the Leviton CFL dimmer, contact our sales staff at 877-220-5483

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