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Spent Lamp and Ballast Recycling Services

LAMP RECYCLING FLORIDA DEP OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTIONSynergy Lighting is a Certified Transporter and Handler of Spent Fluorescent Lamps, PCB Containing Ballasts and Batteries.  Certified by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), Synergy Lighting provides the most cost effective recovery of your spent lamps containing mercury.  Our mobile recycling service reduces your storage and handling requirements, and prevents mismanagement by a facility that could lead into potential fines.   Synergy Lighting’s single point recycling services manage your recycling needs in accordance with universal waste management procedures at an affordable price.   Upon completion of the removal of these lamps, each facility is issued a Uniform Waste Manifest documenting your compliance with State and Federal Laws.

Making Recycling Affordable

Many companies offer pre-paid recycling boxes and containers for the storage and removal of spent fluorescent lamps, HID Lamps and Ballasts. These containers are expensive, hold very few lamps and include over sized freight charges hidden in the cost.  Federal Law mandates that any facility producing more than 10 spent lamps containing mercury per month, PCB ballasts and batteries, store these items in appropriately labelled containers labelled as “Universal Waste” until they are properly disposed of.  Synergy Lighting provides these storage boxes free of charge to our clients who opt for our mobile recycling services. Recycling your lamps this way results in a cost savings of up to 80% over “Pre-Paid” recycling programs.


Benefits of Recycling With Synergy Lighting

  • Lowest cost of recycling per lamp
  • Avoid potential FDEP fines
  • Social and Corporate Responsibility
  • No cost recycle containers
  • Environmentally Safe

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