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Quick Disconnects Meet New NEC Code

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Changing ballasts in a commercial setting has often been difficult without interrupting operations. For most businesses, turning out the lights in a store so that an electrician can replace and rewire a ballasts is not an option. This requires the electrician or maintenance repair man to work with the electricity hot.

Working with live electricity poses serious risk

Working with electricity hot can pose serious risk of electrocution to those performing the repairs. Fortunately the New N.E.C. code requires that all manufacturers of lighting fixtures for commercial use require quick disconnects. Ideal Industries has solved this problem with the new IDEAL PowerPlug is the first disconnect that fully meets both the new Canadian Electrical Code 30-308(4) and new National Electrical Code 410.73(G) for non-residential fluorescent fixtures with ballasts.

Synergy Lighting use PowerPlug disconnects with every ballast and fixture installation

Using these quick disconnects prevents the possibility of electricution during repairs and replacement. Synergy Lighting goes beyond the basic requirements of the N.E.C. by utilizing these PowerPlug connectors with every ballast we replace at no charge to the client. Synergy lighting feels that by including these with every ballast replacement that it should be a standard for taking care of the customer, the right way every time.


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