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Stairwell Lighting | Energy Saving Light Fixture Detects When People Are Present

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Often times for large commercial buildings and structures such as parking garages, one of the biggest consumers of electricity is the stairwell / stairway lighting requirements. For these requirements to be met, the light fixtures must be on 24 hours a day and waste a large amount of electricity. With the progression of Occupancy Sensors, and the incorporation of Emergency Back Up’s, those days are drawing to a close.

Stairwell Lighting Fixture Saves Money!


Occu-Smart is a product line of unique bi-level fixtures that operate either at a low standby light level or instantly go to full light output when occupancy is detected by an integral ultrasonic motion sensor. This product is ideal for stairwells, restrooms, laundry rooms, or other areas where codes, building user preferences, safety, or security call for minimal light levels during unoccupied periods and full light output during occasional occupied periods. These fixtures provide maximum illumination when needed, but conserves energy by dimming when not needed.


This Stairwell Fixture is designed to operate a total of three lamps. The two outside lamps are 4’ linear lamps that are operated by a program rapid start ballast and controlled with an internally mounted, high frequency ultrasonic motion sensor. The center lamp can be either a 3’ 25w lamp or a 2’ 17w lamp, which is on constantly for standby mode. This standby mode allows light to be present for safety and compliance purposes and designated for emergency egress.  Most areas require a minimum of 1 FC average, but we recommend choosing the option that will provide the minimum code compliant light levels while in this mode. An optional emergency battery backup is available, which eliminates the need for additional “headlamp” battery packs.

Stairwell / Stairway Lighting Codes


Can stairwell light be turned off if the building is closed? That question would make sense to most, however, the answer is NO! Not every city or state uses the same code, of course, but the 2009 Life Safety Code from NFPA says you can turn lights down with a motion sensor but not completely off – and the motion sensor has to be fail safe.

Specifically, NFPA 101 section says: Automatic, motion sensor type lighting switches shall be permitted within the means of egress, provided that the switch controllers are equipped for fail-safe operation, the illumination timers are set for a minimum of 15 minute duration, and the motion sensor is activated by any occupant movement in the area served by the lighting units.


Don’t get left in the dark, or pay for wasted energy. Upgrade your stairwell lighting to the Occu-Smart Stairway Lighting Fixture Today!


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