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LED Garage Light Bulb Retrofit

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Retrofitting your existing parking garage light fixtures no longer requires manipulating bulbs that don’t quite fit right, or having to spend tens of thousands on new led light fixtures. Synergy Lighting introduces the SYN-LED-40W-GLB Light Bulb specifically designed for parking garage light fixtures!

Synergy Lighting Introduces 40 Watt LED Garage Bulb

LED GARAGE LIGHT RETROFIT 40 WATT BULBThe SYN-LED-40W-GLB was designed specifically to retrofit existing vandal proof and canopy style garage light fixtures with ease of installation and maximum light out put in mind. The unique tapered inverted cone shape of the GLB fits perfectly in most fixtures directing light downwards and outwards providing concise light output throughout the facility. Unlike newer LED Light fixtures that only direct light downwards, the GLB provides 360 degree coverage and can be installed in less than 15 minutes!

Retrofit Garage Lights With LED 40 Watt Light Bulb

Easily replicating the light levels traditionally achieved by 150-175 watt metal Halide, the SYN-LED-40W-GLB provides pure natural, bright white, crisp light that increases drivers see-ability while saving up to 75% in energy cost.

Further the GLB LED Light bulbs eliminates potential costly maintenance costs and eliminates the need for replacing bulbs and ballasts. Retrofitting is easy by by-passing the existing ballast, hard-wiring the lamp socket, and screwing in the GLB light bulb.

The GLB LED Garage Light Retrofit is available in both Medium and Mogul bases and comes standard as a multi-volt (120-277 Volt) replacement LED. Rated at 50,000 hours, and standard with our 3 year factory warranty, the GLB from Synergy Lighting is the most affordable and effective way to convert your lighting system into an LED beauty!



For more information or to get a factory quote for your parking garage, call Synergy Lighting today at 1-877-220-5483 or visit us online at www.synergylightingusa.com.



LED Lighting Florida

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LED-LIGHTING-FLORIDA-SARASOTA-CLEARWATER-BRADENTON-TAMPASynergy Lighting is Florida’s #1 Supplier of LED Lighting. As a leader in solid state LED Lighting,  Synergy Lighting currently distributes over 100 brands of LED Lighting. We carry LED Light Bulbs and LED Fixtures from top LED brands such Sylvania LED, Toshiba LED, Halco ProLED, MSI LED, GE, Philips and many more!

Because of LED Lighting high visual impacts, energy efficiency and long lasting performance, LED lighting can now replace virtually any Incandescent, Halogen or Metal Halide lighting system. Because of this efficiency it is predicted that in the next 20 years LED lighting will replace almost all of conventional commercial lighting systems.

LED Lighting Benefits

• LEDs produce higher lumens per watt than incandescent bulbs

• Precise light distribution doesn’t waste useful light

• Reduces energy waste by up to 95%

• Suitable for nearly any indoor or outdoor application

• Heat emissions are drastically reduced compared to halogen

• 35,000 to 1000,000 hours of useful life

• Most LED lamps are fully dimmable.

• LEDs do not contain mercury, unlike compact fluorescent lamps.

Synergy Lighting Saves You Money!

Synergy Lighting prides ourselves by offering the most affordable price on any LED light bulb, LED lighting fixture or LED Solution. We guarantee the lowest price against any competitor nationwide! Additionally we offer FREE Shipping and delivery of any of over 500 LED Light bulbs! Save time, save money, save energy with Synergy Lighting!

FREE LED Lighting Energy Analysis

Want to know if LED lighting is the right choice for you? Synergy offers Feasibility Studies to existing and potential clients. Our proprietary Feasibility Study focuses on meeting the needs of the clients Energy Management, Lighting Systems, and Environmental Impact & Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Additionally our study will identify any potential Incentives or Grants that are available to you as a consumer. This full report and Study is provided free of charge as a courtesy and as our commitment to our environment.

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