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RAB Lighting Introduces GLED 52 Watt and 78 Watt LED Garage Light Fixture

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Parking Garage Lighting is often one of the most energy wasteful scenarios for large commercial building and condominiums. Most often we find Parking Garage Lighting operating 24 hours a day with come and go traffic, and no measureable usage in late night hours. RAB Lighting has now introduced an affordable LED Solution that does not involve converting existing fixtures. The new 52 Watt and 78 Watt GLED Led Fixtures offer superior 100,000 hour operation as well as crisp and clear natural light output. The sleek – round design offers a beautiful LED package with the most affordable price for a complete LED fixture replacing 150 and 175 watt Metal Halide traditionally used in parking garages.

GLED 52W and 78W LED Garage Lights

The GLED offers superior thermal management with both upper and lower spars. The prismatic lens emitts light both vertically and horizontally proving for even light distribution in lower clearance garages and canopies. Unlike other LED Garage Light Fixtures that have been known to bling drivers entering the garage, the GLED is smooth and consitant and allows for easy eye adjustment when entering garage.


GLED Specifications:

  • 100,000 Hour Life (24 years)
  • 75% Energy Reduction
  • 3,644 Lumens (52w) 5,644 Lumens (78w)
  • 85 CRI
  • Aluminium Body
  • Prismatic lens
  • Powdercoat Finish Bronze or White
  • Multivolt Self adjusting input 120-277 volt
  • Works with Photocell or occupancy sensors
  • 5 year factory warranty



For more information or to purchase the GLED LED Garage light fixture in either 52 watt or 78 watt models, call us today at 1-877-220-5483 or visit us online at www.SynergyLightingUSA.com



LED Lighting Florida

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LED-LIGHTING-FLORIDA-SARASOTA-CLEARWATER-BRADENTON-TAMPASynergy Lighting is Florida’s #1 Supplier of LED Lighting. As a leader in solid state LED Lighting,  Synergy Lighting currently distributes over 100 brands of LED Lighting. We carry LED Light Bulbs and LED Fixtures from top LED brands such Sylvania LED, Toshiba LED, Halco ProLED, MSI LED, GE, Philips and many more!

Because of LED Lighting high visual impacts, energy efficiency and long lasting performance, LED lighting can now replace virtually any Incandescent, Halogen or Metal Halide lighting system. Because of this efficiency it is predicted that in the next 20 years LED lighting will replace almost all of conventional commercial lighting systems.

LED Lighting Benefits

• LEDs produce higher lumens per watt than incandescent bulbs

• Precise light distribution doesn’t waste useful light

• Reduces energy waste by up to 95%

• Suitable for nearly any indoor or outdoor application

• Heat emissions are drastically reduced compared to halogen

• 35,000 to 1000,000 hours of useful life

• Most LED lamps are fully dimmable.

• LEDs do not contain mercury, unlike compact fluorescent lamps.

Synergy Lighting Saves You Money!

Synergy Lighting prides ourselves by offering the most affordable price on any LED light bulb, LED lighting fixture or LED Solution. We guarantee the lowest price against any competitor nationwide! Additionally we offer FREE Shipping and delivery of any of over 500 LED Light bulbs! Save time, save money, save energy with Synergy Lighting!

FREE LED Lighting Energy Analysis

Want to know if LED lighting is the right choice for you? Synergy offers Feasibility Studies to existing and potential clients. Our proprietary Feasibility Study focuses on meeting the needs of the clients Energy Management, Lighting Systems, and Environmental Impact & Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Additionally our study will identify any potential Incentives or Grants that are available to you as a consumer. This full report and Study is provided free of charge as a courtesy and as our commitment to our environment.

Call today to find the best LED Lighting Products!


Decor Glow Solar Powered LED Outdoor Decorative Jars

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HANGING BALL JAR CANDLESEver wanted the outdoor charm of candles in mason jars hanging from the pergola or trees?  Anyone who has ever attempted this as a designer look for any outdoor living space knows that it is well worth the appeal, but can be a lot of work.  However the days of tedious candle replacing and jar cleaning is gone.   Synergy Lighting now carries Decor w Solar Powered LED Jars.  This unique product works from the sun natural energy to charge internal batteries and create dazzling outdoor lighting scenes.  Each Decor Glo Jar uses three energy efficient LED’s and can be switched from either an amber glow or blue glow effect.

The light is diffused by the frosted jar and give the appearance of sunlight emitting from the sun or a cool moon glow There is no switch on the Sun Jar – in fact there are no visible controls at all – but there is a clever light sensor inside that automatically activates the LED when it gets dark or the lights are turned out! (There is an override switch inside the lid to turn off the light at night and conserve battery life.)

Decor Glow Solar Powered LED Jars On Sale!

Decor Glo LED OUTDOOR JAR HANGINGMason jars are not only beautiful but by their very nature they are water tight – so the Sun Jar can happily be left outside in any weather conditions. A perfect garden light or night light for a child’s bedroom. The Sun Jar needs DIRECT sunshine to work! Leave the Sun Jar outside or in a sunny window in direct sunlight for several hours to charge. The Sun and Moon Jars use a standard AA rechargeable battery, which is replaceable.



For more information on Decor Glow Solar Jar Lights, view our website and call Synergy Lighting to place an order.  Our expert staff is standing by to assist you in selecting the best products for your application!


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