Decor Glow Solar Powered LED Outdoor Decorative Jars

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HANGING BALL JAR CANDLESEver wanted the outdoor charm of candles in mason jars hanging from the pergola or trees?  Anyone who has ever attempted this as a designer look for any outdoor living space knows that it is well worth the appeal, but can be a lot of work.  However the days of tedious candle replacing and jar cleaning is gone.   Synergy Lighting now carries Decor w Solar Powered LED Jars.  This unique product works from the sun natural energy to charge internal batteries and create dazzling outdoor lighting scenes.  Each Decor Glo Jar uses three energy efficient LED’s and can be switched from either an amber glow or blue glow effect.

The light is diffused by the frosted jar and give the appearance of sunlight emitting from the sun or a cool moon glow There is no switch on the Sun Jar – in fact there are no visible controls at all – but there is a clever light sensor inside that automatically activates the LED when it gets dark or the lights are turned out! (There is an override switch inside the lid to turn off the light at night and conserve battery life.)

Decor Glow Solar Powered LED Jars On Sale!

Decor Glo LED OUTDOOR JAR HANGINGMason jars are not only beautiful but by their very nature they are water tight – so the Sun Jar can happily be left outside in any weather conditions. A perfect garden light or night light for a child’s bedroom. The Sun Jar needs DIRECT sunshine to work! Leave the Sun Jar outside or in a sunny window in direct sunlight for several hours to charge. The Sun and Moon Jars use a standard AA rechargeable battery, which is replaceable.



For more information on Decor Glow Solar Jar Lights, view our website and call Synergy Lighting to place an order.  Our expert staff is standing by to assist you in selecting the best products for your application!


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11:28:00, 19/07/11

B Green Solar Sun Jar is a tremendous stylish solar gadget that charges in the coursework of the day & lights up automatically at night……. Eco products

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14:40:00, 31/08/11

Very decorative candles . I prefer burning ones personally.

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