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Cree CXB LED High Bay Lighting Fixture – Replace 400w Metal Halide

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CREE CXB LED HIGH BAY CXB-23L-40K-U-1-HC CXB-23L-40K-U-1-JPThe time for an affordable and highly dependable LED High Bay has arrived! The Cree®CXB High Bay LED luminaire delivers 23,000 lumens of crisp, bright white light, and is a true replacement for 400w Metal Halide.

The traditional design of the CXB High Bay LED fixture allows for a quick exchange for your existing High Bay fixture within minutes saving hundreds of dollars in labor for retrofitting. The unique design is powerful, yet light weight and can handle the higher temperatures often associated with Warehouse, Production Facilities, Gymnasiums and High Ceiling Applications. The CXB LED High Bay comes on immediately with no warm up time, and can easily be used with occupancy control devices to provide even higher levels of energy savings.

Save Money With CXB LED High Bay Fixture

Made in U.S.A. at only 230 watts and less than $500.00 a fixture, the CXB High Bay saves 55% energy over standard 400w Metal Halide and requires no maintenance for up to 75,000 hours. For most 12 hour a day facilities, this means 15 to 20 years of hassle free brilliant light. The instant on and off functions allow facilities to continue work or production when power is temporarily interrupted. Further, the CXB LED High Bay saves hundreds of dollars by eliminating the need for replacement light bulbs, ballasts or other expensive labor cost.The CXB comes standard with a multivolt 120-277v input and comes with mounting options for J-Box, Hook and Cord, and Pendant Mounting.


CREE CXB LED High Bay Offers 10 Year Factory Warranty

Peace of Mind is priceless in the eyes of an Engineer and Facility Owners. That is why the Cree CXB LED High Bay comes standard with a 10 year Warranty against premature failure. No other LED High Bay comes close to the CXB High Bay when dependability and reliability are the top priority!


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High Bay Lighting CXB LED High Bay MH400 High Bay
Total Wattage Per Fixture 230 Watts 468 Watts
Product Life in Years 20 5
Hour life of bulbs 75,000 20,000
Energy cost per year (.13 pkw) $250.53 $532.95
Lumen Depreciation 5% 35%
Heat Emissions Temp 140 F 480 F
Hot Spots on Floor NONE YES
Color shifting of lamps NONE OFTEN
Danger of explosion NONE HIGH
Time To Restrike INSTANT 15 minutes
Warranty 10 year 1 year
Energy Cost Reduction $2824.32 Per Fixture NONE

Retrofit HID High Bay Fixtures to LED with Xeralux XLE-HB LED Kit

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turning out the lightsBY now most industrial and commercial end users of HID High Bay Fixtures are well aware of the extremely high costs of operation. We see this evident in larger commercial warehouses and distribution centers where the management often turns out the lights to avoid the high electric bills. Although the intention of creating energy savings is good, this often creates hazards associated with poor lighting such as employee safety, reduced security and increased production flaws. Obviously the original lighting was installed by necessity with intended design lumen’s for visual tasks employed within a facility.

Where Fluorescent High Bays Fall Short

In years past the only alternative was linear T8 and T5 Fluorescent high bays. These fixtures offer tremendous initial cost savings and yield very high returns on investment (ROI).  Synergy Lighting agrees that the T8 and T5 fixtures definitely have their place in commercial lighting. However there are distinctive disadvantages to replacing HID fixtures with fluorescent. These shortcomings are in large installations where machinery and equipment, and work stations are installed that can impede maintenance as well as extremely large installations. In these environments, the occasional re-lamping of a facility can involve tremendous labor and lift costs, and well as the need to replace 1000’s of fluorescent bulbs, and the ever so complicated process of recycling and handling spent mercury lamps.

LED High Bay Retrofit Upgrade Kit Outperforms

XERALUX XLE-HB LED HIGH BAY RETROFIT KITXeralux, a leader in LED technologies has engineered and developed one of the strongest and most reliable LED upgrade systems for HID High bay and Low Bay Fixtures.  The introduction of their “off the shelf” XLE-HB LED Lighting System offers smooth performance, long life solid returns and quick easy installation. The design is extremely well packaged resulting in an average installation time of 15 minutes per fixture. This feature alone yields a 50% Labor savings on initial installation compared to fluorescent rivals.

The XLE-HB (Light Engine) upgrades standard high bay and low bay fixtures with any type of reflectors, turning them into energy efficient, long-lasting solid state lighting (SSL) luminaries, without the cost or hassle of purchasing new fixtures.

American Made ARRA and Energy Star Compliant

XERALUX-XLE-HB-LED-HIGH-BAY-LOW-BAY-RETROFIT-KITAs one of the easiest upgrade kits on the market, the XLE-HB system employs the latest in thermal management, remote internally mounted drivers offer superior performance and constant current to the the XLE LED Engines. The specifications though detailed should not confuse with the easiest to understand facts. The Xeralux XLE-HB is American made and thoroughly tested by third party, nationally recognized testing laboratories (NRTL) that are certified by the Department of Energy (DOE), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and OSHA to test for compliance with ENERGY STAR®(ES), DesignLights Consortium, IESNA, UL/cUL, CE, IEC, IEEE, FCC and other agency standards.ARRA COMPLIANT LED LIGHTING FIXTURE

Savings Made Easy With XLE-HB LED Retrofit

The XLE-HB High Bay Retrofits can replaced Metal Halide (MH) and High Pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures from 50 Watts to 400 Watts with up to 80% energy savings and a 3 year ROI. 400 Watt Metal Halide High Bays are upgraded to the 186 Watt XLE-HB LED providing a gained energy savings of 60% which is 35% more savings than Fluorescent High Bays while requiring no re-lamping. This is an energy and maintenance savings of  $2575.00 per fixture. Warranty is made easy at 5 years for the LED Engine and 10 years on LED Drivers.

xle-hb highbay led retrofit wattage chartLED-HIGH-BAY-XERALUX-RETROFIT-XLE-HB


Current Installations Include:

  • Hewlett Packard Headquarters, Palo Alto, CA
  • Nikon Precision Headquarters, Belmont, CA
  • Mentor Graphics Headquarters, Fremont, CA
  • Michelin Tire Headquarters, Greensboro, SC
  • Marvell Semiconductors Headquarters, Santa Clara, CA
  • Waste Connection, Cold Canyon Facility, San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Applied Materials Headquarters, Santa Clara, CA
  • Gordon Biersch Brewery, San Jose, DA
  • Hillbrook School, Los Gatos, CA
  • Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA
  • University of California at Davis, Davis, CA
  • Sacramento International Airport, Sacramento, CA
  • Banner Health Good Samaritan Hospital, Phoenix, AZ


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