Replace 1000W Metal Halide – Brightest LED Parking Lot Fixture In The USA

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Replace 1000w Metal Halide With the Omega F2

Replacing 1000w Metal Halide has go to be one of the most subjective statements made by any LED Lighting Company.   Virtually everywhere you turn there is someone claiming to have a suitable, “most affordable” replacement.  Yet all too often clients are let down by poor performance, less than adequate lighting, resulting in less than optimal foot candles on the property.   However that doesn’t have to happen to you!   Synergy lighting is proud to release the all new Omega F2 1000w LED Replacement fixture that guarantees to replace your 1000w Metal Halides with nothing less than pure satisfaction!  In Fact our Omega F2 is so bright, it will replace (2) of your 1000w Metal Halides with ease, while cutting the number of required fixtures in half!

What It Takes To Replace 1000W Metal Halide with LED

1000W Metal Halide typically produces over 100,000 lumens in the fixture, but fails miserably at delivering those lumens to the ground.  This is called light loss factor, combined with natural dimming as the lamp gets older (lumen depreciation).   In fact 1000w Metal Halide typically loses 40% of its brightness in the first 6 months of operation.   Therefore, many manufacturers try to take advantage of this lumen deficiency to offer an LED Fixture that will be equal to the dim, or old worn out 1000w Metal Halides.  They claim this is an “Equal” coming in at around 23,000 delivered lumens, which it technically is and equal, if you really want to light your parking lot to only 60% of the originally designed light levels.

replace 100w metal halide with led - brightest led fixtureIn order to truly replace 1000w Metal Halide with LED Lighting, we need to provide an LED Fixture that is “Equal” to a brand new 1000w Metal Halide or better.    This means you need an LED Fixture that can deliver 36,000 or more lumens to the ground.   The new Omega F2 does just that, plus a little bit more just in case.   At only 450 Watts, the Omega F2 delivers 47,250 lumens (105 Lumens Per Watt) providing you an equal plus 20%.   But we didn’t stop there…  The Omega F2 also comes in 600w (63,000 Lumens), then we added the 750W (78,750 Lumens) and we just took it one step more to introduce the 900W – (94,500 Lumen) which can more than replace (2) 1000w Metal Halides with only a single LED Light Fixture.     That’s insane right?    Not when you consider that it costs less to make a fixture that will replace (2) 1000w Metal Halide Fixtures, than it does to buy (2) Fixtures that would each only replace (1) 1000w Metal Halide!

Brilliant Outdoor LED Light For Parking Lots

The Omega F2 delivers brilliant 5000K Pure White Light exactly where you need it!   With over 14 different distribution patterns, Synergy Lighting can layout and design the optimal lighting design for any parking lot to maximize on energy efficiency while delivering excellent foot candles, and superior uniformity across the space.   The Omega F2 Features a cast aluminum light weight frame that incorporates billet aluminum heat sinks to thermally manage heat loads across the LED board.  Precision cut optics deliver a wide variety of optical enhancements and distributions.   Each LED board is IP66 Wet Location Rated, and sealed, then covered with a marine grade stainless steel bezel.   The Omega F2 is full adjustable for optimizing tilt angles for floods, or mounts horizontally for area light applications.   CREE XML LED Chips deliver perfect and consistant color quality from fixture to fixture, while being driven by Philips Xitanium LED Drivers.

At 100,000 Hours Rated life (L70), the Omega F2 will eliminate maintenance and deliver beautiful consistent light for up to 20 years when used 12 hours per night.  Because the Omega F2 LED Fixture is over engineered to withstand the harshest of outdoor environments, it comes complete with a 10 Year Factory Warranty and guaranteed to be free from factory defects.   On Board you will find major brand components you expect in a specification grade fixture such as Wago terminals, and 10k Surge Suppression to protect against transient power spikes and surges.

The Omega F2 Fixture is ideal for Parking Lot Lighting, Auto Dealership Lighting and Shopping Mall Lighting applications

Omega F2 Specification Details
Stock Code Omega F2 – 400/600/740/900
Brand Synergy Lighting
Wattage 400w / 600w / 750w / 900w
Delivered Lumens 47,250 / 63,000 / 78,750 / 94500
Finish Colors White, Silver, Bronze, Black
Voltage 120-277 Mvolt / 347-480V
Life 100,000 Hours @ L70
Kelvin Temp 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
Housing Aluminum
Hardware Stainless Steel
Driver Philips Xitanium
Listed UL Listed IP66 Wet Location
Dimming 0-10v Optional
Warranty Fixture 10 Year Limited
Warranty Drivers 10 Year Limited

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LED Dock Lighting For Boat Docks And Pilings

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DOCK LIGHT FIXTURE LED PILING LIGHT FOR BOAT DOCKSHaving a boat dock behind your home or restaurant can not only be useful for boating, but can create a beautiful scenic view.  In Florida, especially, having a boat dock behind your home is just part of the everyday lifestyle.   However most homeowners, restaurants and marina’s often loose the scenic view because of inadequate lighting or no lighting at all.   Being in a saltwater environment, maintaining a Dock Lighting System is cumbersome due to corrosion because almost nothing holds up to the salt air and water…. until now!

Synergy Lighting Introduces LED Dock Lighting Caps

LED DOCK LIGHT FIXTURE FOR DOCK LIGHTINGOur new line of LED Dock Lighting is a Patent Pending Piling Light that fits on to your existing dock pilings, is Saltwater Proof, and virtually indestructible!   While functioning in the day as a piling cap, our Dock Light Fixtures come alive at night with a warm glow of beauty across the deck!   This indirect/direct LED design offers superior illumination for scenic boat dock views and is bright enough  to provide safety and security for embarking and disembarking on a night boat ride or returning form a long day of fishing!

The LED Dock Light Fixture is fully sealed against salt air so that it provides zero maintenance for the life of the product (10 Year Rated Life at 12 hours use per night).   The LED Dock Light System is a low voltage system that is completely safe from electrical hazards associated with wet/water environments, and because it is low voltage, it can be installed cleanly and easily as to not show any pipe or wiring along the deck or rails to provide the most stunning lighting effect you have ever seen on a dock.


  • LED long life expectancy from LED Lighting
  • Available in Warm or Bright White, Amber, Blue, Green or Red
  • Low power usage
  • Zero Maintenance (no bulbs to replace)
  • Corrosion Proof Design
  • Black or White Polycarbonate Caps
  • Marine grade Stainless Hardware
  • Indirect – No Glare Design
  • Clean Installation provides zero obstacles
  • Protects piling from Utra-Violet decay
  • Integrates with Lutron Remote Control System
  • Can be controlled by photocell from dusk to dawn
  • Operates on safe low voltage system
  • Bird and Fowl Detterant
  • Has been known to attract fish at night
  • Made in USA
  • 3 Year factory Warranty
  • Fits Dock Pilings in multiple sizes

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LED Sign Light Fixtures | LED Signage Lighting

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Synergy Lighting USA Proudly introduces a new series of LED Linear Sign Light Fixtures for use on Monument Signs, Billboards, Community Entrances, and various other types of externally illuminated signage.   These LED Sign Lighters are Made In U.S.A. and come complete with a 5 year factory warranty!

High Output LED Sign Light Fixtures

LED SIGN LIGHT - LED LIGHT FIXTURE FOR SIGNAGE - LED LINEAR SIGN LIGHT 48 - 24- 96The New High Output LED Sign Lighters are the perfect solution for low level concealed light to illuminate your signage needs.   Available in 24″, 48″ and 96″ lengths, we are sure to have the right size with solid state high output LED Lighting that produces consistent and even coverage across the surface of your sign.   Available in both warm 2700K and cool 4000K color temperatures, the HO LED Sign Lights can be used in residential and commercial applications.   Each fixture is equipped with a specular clear reflector and diamond cut acrylic lens to eliminate hot spots and pixelations to provide smooth uniformity on the surface of the sign.   The fixture form factor is made from natural anodized and cast aluminum in a silver finish that blends well with any architectural design, and can be custom powder coated for a bronze, black, white or verde green finish.  LED’s on board are the latest in Samsung LED Chips built on a thermally managed LED Board delivering over 100,000 hours of maintenance free operation.   Drivers and LED’s can be upgraded in the future or replaced at any time with the modular design of the High Output LED Sign Light Fixture. LED Driver accommodates 120-277 voltages.

Each Fixture is comes standard with 1/2″ NPT Knuckles that mount to any outdoor junction box, or ground mount post (sold separately).  The High Output LED Sign Lights are light enough to be mounted by use of metal nipples or EMT that can extend outwards up to 36 inches for aerial mounted [shine back] applications above or below a sign.  The High Output LED Sign Light Fixtures rotate up to 360 degrees in order to provide direct adjustable illumination or can even be used to graze the surface of a sign or wall.

HO LED Sign Light to Metal Halide Compariosn Metal Halide Equivalent
WLED HO 24″ LED Sign Light (5900 Lumens) 54 Watts Compares to 175w Metal Halide
WLED HO 48″ LED Sign Light (11900 Lumens) 110 Watts Compares to 400w Metal Halide
WLED HO 96″ LED Sign Light (23800 Lumens) 205 Watts Compares to 1000w Metal Halide

These LED Sign Light fixtures have undergone 1000 hour salt spray testing and 5000 hour harsh element testing under heat, water, and freezing conditions. IP67 Rated, and LM80 tested, the High Output LED Sign Light Fixtures will hold up the the harshest of conditions from coastal applications to harsh summer temperatures without fail. The durable extruded aluminum form factor also holds up to abuse from any landscape applications that should provide you up to 20 years of maintenance free operation!

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Synergy Lighting USA Leading the way in LED Lighting

HO LED Sign Light Specification Details
Available Lengths 24 Inch, 48 Inch, 96 Inch
Lumens 24″-5900, 48″-11900, 96″ 23800
Wattage 24″-54W, 48″-110W, 96″ 205W
Fixture Body Aluminum
Lens Diamond Cut Acrylic
Mounting Dual 1/2″ NPT Knuckle
Voltage 120-277 MVOLT
LED Chips Samsung LH141A
Driver Philips,  Other by availability
Color Temp 2700K Warm, 4000K Cool
Finish Colors Natural, Black, Bronze, White, Green
Manufacture Origin Bradenton, FL USA
Life Rating 100,000 Hours / 20-25 Years
IP Rating IP67 Wet Location
LM80 Tested Yes
Warranty 5 Year Limited Warranty
All LED Sign Light Fixtures are contract manufactured in Bradenton, FL for Synergy Lighting, Inc.

CREE IG Series LED Parking Garage Fixture – WaveMax™ LED Technology

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CREE IG SERIES LED PARKING GARAGE FIXTURE IG-A-NM-5S-A-57K-UL-WHSynergy Lighting is Proud to Be A National Distributor For CREE Brand Products. The Latest Introduction of the CREE IG Series LED WaveMax™ Parking Garage Luminaire is an exciting revolution in LED Lighting Technology. The IG Series is the first of its kind offering superior performance and light output in both a 4000 Lumen and 7500 Lumen package that meets the both the old and new IES Standards for Parking Garages. Specifically, the IG Series fixture offers a “ZERO GLARE” emission of light that is still projected for both horizontal and vertical foot candles. Drivers have no distractions while security cameras can clearly see and record accurate facial recognition. This increases both driver and pedestrian safety in parking garages while providing all of the features and benefits of increased light and uniformity, energy savings of up to 80% and total reduction of maintenance.  Wattages offered are 33w and 65W with 120-277 Volt Operation.

Wave Max™ Technology From CREE


WaveMax™ Technology form CREE is the latest in light control and distribution. LED’s are mounted vertically along the top edge of the fixture aiming downward. The LED Light travels through a Vertical, Specialty UV Polymer Pane that are engineered and etched to distribute light outward through a series of tiny grooves, pin point dots, and angled cuts within the broader surface of the polymer CREE Calls DiamondFacet Microlenses.  Because nearly 70% of the surface is engineered, light is carefully controlled and distributed across multiple layers allowing the fixture to never have a hot spot and while emitting in a uniform and controlled pattern. This technology far exceeds other “edge-lit” technologies because the WaveMax™ actually distributes projected light where edge lit technology just illuminates the panel itself.

Saving With The CREE IG LED Parking Garage Fixture

Because the IG Series is the first parking garage LED Fixture built around performance, it offers uncompromising style and design without the need for bulky heat sinks and heavy aluminum castings. The IG Series is an IP66 Rated Indoor/Outdoor Wet Location Luminaire that looks great in any garage with its sleek design, is affordable at a price point under $300 per fixture and is available with Remote Programmable Dimming Controls built into each fixture. This allows the fixtures to dim when the area of the garage is not in use or during off peak hours thus increasing the energy savings by up to an additional 80% compared to other LED Parking Garage Fixtures. The IG Series from CREE is available in both 4000K and 5700K, Made in USA and Comes with a 10 Year Factory Warranty!



LED Replacement For 250 Watt Halogen Bulbs

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halogen 250 watt led replacementWith advancements in LED Lighting, Synergy Lighting introduces the Perfection LED PAR38 Dimmable Light Bulb.  The Perfection PAR38 is the perfect solution for Sanctuary, Church and Auditorium Lighting.   As easy as unscrewing your old halogen bulb and screwing in the Dimmable Perfection PAR38!  Available in both Medium Base and E11 Mini Can*, the Perfection PAR38 fits most all fixtures including recessed and pendant fixtures requiring the traditional JD250/MC Mini-Can lamps!LED REPLACE 250 WATT HALOGEN LIGHT BULB

Replacing 250w Halogen With LED Perfection

The Perfection LED comes in both 2700K and 3000K Warm Tones, this allows a Church Sanctuary to be illuminated with LED Light without anyone knowing you made a change.   We call that Perfection!   With this LED bulb users can save up to 90% in energy usage, reduce heat dramatically, and eliminate hard to replace high ceiling bulbs.   The Perfection LED smoothly dims with most all dimming systems and DMX Controlled dimmers.  Using only 28 watts of power, and producing phenomenal center beam candle power at 2100 lumens, the Perfection LED has the power and punch to illuminate smoothly from high ceilings.  Have dark spots and shadows on isle ways?  No problem for the Perfection LED as it comes in narrow, medium and wide distributions so you can chose the right light pattern to give you the best results throughout the space from any ceiling height up to 40 feet.

Switch to LED Without Anyone Knowing

Whether you are replacing 250w Halogen Light bulbs in fixtures with White Baffled, Black Baffled, or Specular Clear Reflectors, the Perfection LED PAR38 comes in a color to seamlessly blend into the existing fixture.  Chose form Pure White for white fixtures, Silver when used in a silver reflector, or black to make it disappear in a high recessed can or pendant light.    The perfection LED uses a Primary and secondary optic system that diffuses the light so that it is not blinding to patrons and closely resembles that of a halogen bulb.  LED Perfection PAR38 lamp replacement has the high light output, light weight and full dimming capabilities of halogen incandescent sources – resulting in a high-performance product perfect for religious, commercial, museum, retail and hospitality applications


For more information on the Perfection LED or to start saving on your electric and maintenance costs, call today for a free quote!   Large Volume Discounts and Special Pricing are available for Religious, Municiple and Educational Facilities!call now LED REPLACE 250 WATT HALOGEN LIGHT BULB


Perfection LED Specification Details
Fixture Housing Thermoplastic
Finish Color Silver/White/Black
Finish Type Matte FInish
Voltage 120 Volt
Color Temp 2700K or 3000K
Life Hours 50,000
Socket Weight 9.4oz
Gaskets Sealed
Lens Acrylic – Fixed
Optics 15° Spot, 25° Narrow FLood, 40° Wide FLood
Mounting Medium oe E11 Adaptive
Safe For Enclosed Fixtures Yes
Wet Location Rated No
Warranty 5 years
Lamp Width 5 Inches

Automotive LED Lighting | LED Car Dealership

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Synergy Lighting is the Nation’s Number 1 Source For Auto Dealership LED Lighting.  For over a decade, Synergy Lighting has specialized in New and Used Car Dealership Retrofit Lighting.  Synergy Lighting USA offers a true turn key solution, and can manage your LED Lighting Conversion of your Auto Dealership Lighting from supply through installation.  Our services include layout and design, as well as full photometric workups by our Engineering Department, flat-rate installation by licensed electrical contractors, as well as custom fabrication services in our OEM Fabrication department that makes fitters and  mounts to adapt to your existing poles.

Having specialized in Auto Dealerships we understand the required light levels needed to turn your outdoor parking and staging lots into a true “Outdoor Showroom” while balancing energy savings vs. cost.  Synergy Lighting works with your local municipalities and contractors to handle all facets of installation.rEPLACE mh100 WITH led aUTO dEALER lIGHTS


Illuminating an Auto Dealership is not as easy as just pulling down one fixture and putting up another.   In fact in today’s market place, there can be as many as 100 fixtures available that all claim to be able to replace 1000 Watt Metal Halide and 400 Watt Metal Halide to LED.   However, despite many of these claims, most fall short of providing the quality of light required to help an auto dealership showcase and sell cars effectively at night.  These claims can range widely as one manufacturer claims to replace 1000w HID to LED with a fixture producing only 19,000 Lumens, while other claim to do so with 36,000 lumens.   Pricing of these fixtures varies widely as well, and ranges from an average of $700 per fixture to as high as $2400 per fixture.   This is where hiring and entrusting Synergy Lighting is your true advantage!

At Synergy Lighting, we provide a complimentary evaluation of your Auto Dealership taking into account everything from the number of poles and fixtures, pole height, pole spacing, voltages, and most importantly your floor plan. Then once we have established all necessary criteria, we compare the available fixtures in the market place, scrutinizing the light output, wattages, color of light, lumens and optical control of the LED itself to select the fixtures and beam spreads of the fixtures in order to fully execute and establish a flawless lighting plan for your dealership.   Sounds like a lot of things to consider?  It is, and we do it for you!


Design Layout and Guaranteed Low Pricing

Synergy Lighting will gladly provide you with our Engineering and Expertise to layout and design your automotive dealership free of charge*.   Our LED Lighting Plan will include evaluation of your property and property concerns, floor plan and limitations.   Expert Fixture selection betweeen our top manufacturers such as CREE, LSI, GE, Lithonia, Hubbel, Cooper and Many more.    You will receive the results of our analysis in a detailed report including layout, point-by-point photometrics, and much more!  From there we will include a detailed energy analysis and cost saving proposal as well as a fully installed turn-key project package for your approval!  Then we guarantee the lowest price on the LED Fixtures selected for your dealership!led auto dsealership cree lighting

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40w LED Wall Pack 5000K- Replace 175w Metal Halide with 40 watt LED

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One of the most popular size wall packs to retrofit is the 175 Watt Metal Halide Wall Pack.  In the past the only affordable way to convert to LED was to use a screw in lamp where the ballast is by-passed and the led put into the socket.  Although that is a good alternative and it works, the draw back is a limitation to a 50,000 hour lamp (10 year life) and the need for cooling fans in order to make sure the led lamp doesn’t over heat.  Often the lamps are a 360 degree output requiring the reflector to push out lumens from the rear of the lamp that is not directly emitted from the fixture.  Often this was the choice because a new LED Fixture would cost four times (4x) as much and did not justify the higher price.  Until now….

Synergy Lighting Introduces 40 Watt LED Wall Pack40W LED WALL PACK NIGHT BLASTER

40w LED WALL PACK - 40 WATT - 5000K - 5000 LUMEN - REPLACES MH175Synergy Lighting’s 40w LED Night Blaster is a super bright 5000 Lumen, 5000K Bright White LED Fixture designed to meet design foot candle levels for safety and security.  At nearly twice the light of competing wall packs, the Night Blaster is the pinnacle of Performance and Efficiency.   The 40w LED Night Blaster is made from Die Cast Aluminum with Dupont Powder Coat, a Glass Borosilicate Lens designed for even light distribution, an angled LED array designed to focus light downward and outward.   The 40w LED Night Blaster Wall Pack is rated for 100,000 hours of maintenance free operation (22 years) and is made in U.S.A.    Each 40w LED Wall Pack when replacing 175 Watt Metal Halide saves approximately $2295.00 over the life of the fixture.

Standard Features of the 40w LED Night Blaster Wall Pack:

  • Heavy duty two piece die-cast aluminum housing is side hinged for ease of maintenance
  • Two captive stainless steel door fasteners
  • .5” threaded conduit entry with coin plug
  • Clear prismatic borosilicate glass reflector is thermal/shock resistant
  • Computer designed and precision formed specular aluminum reflector
  • Lightweight back plate is easily attached to wall
  • Silicone rubber gaskets
  • UL 1598 listed for wet locations
  • Dark bronze polyester powder finish for excellent impact, corrosion and UV resistance
  • 100,000 Hour Life (L70) with 10 year Factory Warranty
  • Standard Stocking color is bronze; also available in black and white (additional cost). Contact factory for custom finishes.




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CREE OSQ LED Parking Lot Lighting Fixtures – Affordable Performance

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Buy American With CREE LED LightingCREE OSQ LED PARKING LOT LIGHTING FIXTURE - REPLACE UP TO 1000W METAL HALIDEWhen a facility or property is looking for LED Lighting, the hardest thing to find in a single place is PERFORMANCE and AFFORDABILITY, until now! Introducing the Affordable, Performance Spec LED Parking Lot Lighting Fixture from CREE.  Improve the overall look of your site with the OSQ™ LED luminaire. The slim, low profile design adds architectural appeal to any general area lighting space – walkways, internal roadways, parking lots or even flood lighting applications. The OSQ Series provides precise optical control that delivers light only to where you need it – resulting in greater energy savings.  All this for under $1000 per fixture!

The OSQ Series Area Light or Flood Light is available in both Adjustable Arm and Direct Mount configurations, and can replace up to 1000w Metal Halide in most parking lot lighting applications.  The OSQ is available in multiple optic packages that allow precision light control in wide open or tightly confined parking areas without spilling light off property or into the sky.   With the OSQ Series LED Parking Lot Lighting Fixtures you can enhance the safety and security of your parking lot, increase see-ability while saving up to 80% in electricity and eliminating maintenance for up to 20 years.

Specification Highlights

  • Minimum 70 CRI (4000K & 5700K); 80 CRI (3000K)
  • CCT: 3000K (+/- 300K), 4000K (+/- 300K), 5700K (+/- 500K)
  • Utilizes BetaLED® Technology
  • Utilizes NanoOptic® Technology
  • cULus Listed
  • Replaces up to 750W HID
  • Versatile mounting configurations
  • Slim, low-profile design
  • Standard 10-year limited warranty

CREE OSQ Series LED Made in U.S.A.

CREE, unlike anyone else in the industry is the only manufacturer in the United States that brings raw materials in the back door, and delivers a quality, dependable, LED Light Fixture out of the front door.  Combined with award winning performance and service is the CREE 10 Year Factory Warranty that delivers the highest levels of piece of mind.   The OSQ Series is an affordable LED Lighting Solution providing the latest in LED Technology with American Manufacturing.

View OSQ Spec Sheet

Synergy Lighting Provides FREE Layout and Design



If you are considering LED Lighting for your Parking Lot Lighting, you have come to the right place.  Synergy Lighting provides Free Parking Lot Lighting Layouts and Design Photometrics to ensure that the fixtures selected for your property provide the best light coverage and uniformity.    Most parking lot lighting projects require multiple precision beam angles to get the best results.  Before you buy any LED Parking Lot Lighting fixture, let our experts layout and design the specification for you absolutely free!

Layout and Design includes:

  • 10 Page Energy Analysis and Report
  • Photometric Study and Comparison
  • Security and Uniformity Reporting
  • Luminaire Schedules
  • Foot Candle Averages with Max/Min Ratio
  • Wholesale Price Quotation on all Fixtures
  • 10 Year Factory Warranty

Call us today to see how you can start saving money and get the performance you deserve with the CREE OSQ Lighting Fixtures for your parking lot lighting project!  Toll Free: 1-877-220-5483


277 Volt PAR38 LED Retrofit Bulb

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19W 277V LED PAR38

  • 19W 277V LED PAR38
  • Price: $35.00 USD
19w 277V LED PAR38 Retrofit Lamp   
line277 VOLT LED PAR38 RETROFIT LIGHT BULBIf you are thinking about retrofitting your Recessed Can Lights to LED and need a 277 Volt LED PAR38 Light Bulb, then we have the solution for you!   Introducing the Green Creative 277v LED PAR38.  This PAR38 LED Lamp is actually multi-volt rated from 120-277 and is also Wet Location Rated for use indoors our outdoors.   Use this PAR38 LED Bulb to replace up to 70 Watt Metal Halide or 120 Watt Halogen Lamps in recessed cans, commercial track lighting system or more.  Available in 40 degree flood or 25 degree narrow flood.  Using only 19 Watts of power, this lamps saves approximately $59.72 per year, lasts up to 10 years and comes complete with a 5 year factory warranty!

277V LED Retrofit PAR38 Saves

The Form Factor of the 277V LED PAR38 is smooth and uses the latest in aluminum thermal heat dissipation air flow cooling to withstand higher heat loads trapped inside of recessed cans in use for 12 or 24 hours per day.  This works perfectly to eliminate maintenance and pre-mature failure form older generation 277v LED Bulbs.  Installation is simple.  Just by-pass the existing ballast and screw into any medium base socket.  With this lamp there is no need for step-down transformers or re-wiring of circuits.   Enclosed fixtures or glass lenses fixtures are approved as well, although since there is no explosion or violent end of life associated with LED, glass lenses may be removed.   Removal of the protective glass in corridor lighting, especially outdoors will eliminate the build up of pesky bugs and debris that collect on the glass lenses.

LED PAR38 277V

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19w 277v LED PAr38 Specs Details
Fixture Housing Aluminum
Finish Color White
Finish Type Painted
Voltage 110-277V
Color Temp 3000K or 4000K
Lumens 1260
Life Hours 50,000
Years Of Life Estimated 10 Years
Gaskets Sealed
Lens Acrylic – Fixed
Screw Base E26 Medium
Mounting Universal
Safe For Enclosed Fixtures Yes
Wet Location Rated Yes
Warranty 5 years
Lamp Width 4.72 Inches
Lamp Height 5.8 Inches


1000w LED Replacement Light Fixtures – What You Need To Know

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1000w LED LIGHTING FIXTURE REPLACEMENT1000w metal halide fixtures are most commonly used for Flood and Area Lighting.  Because of the high wattage of these fixtures, users have often depended on the higher light levels for safety and security of shopping centers and parking lot lighting.  As well these fixtures have been key in promoting and displaying product at automobile dealerships for years.  Unfortunately these high wattage fixtures consume a ton of electricity often resulting in demand charges from utility companies.  However with advancement in LED Lighting, the 1000w metal Halide Fixture is now a thing of the past.

What Does It take To Replace 1000w Metal Halide?

First we must understand that arming ones self with the facts is the most important key to replacing 1000w Metal Halide.  All too often, Auto Dealerships and Business Owners have been left disappointed in their investment with LED Lighting simply because they didn’t know what they were buying.

1000W Metal Halide Fixtures can produce upwards of 100,000 lumens when a new bulb and ballast are installed.  Though this may seem like a lot of light, it really isn’t nearly as much as it sounds.   This measure is at the arc tube in the center of the 1000w lamp.   Once the light is emitted, it bounces around in the fixture before it is reflected on to the ground.  This causes a drastic drop in lumens by the time the light travels from the fixture to the illuminated surface.    Secondly, as the metal halide lamp ages, it is typical for the lamp itself to depreciate by as much as 35 percent within the first six to nine months from the date of installation.  The end result is a lumen discharge somewhere in the vicinity of 43,000 lumens.1000w LED REPLACEMENT LIGHT FIXTURES - 1000W LED RETROFIT

Now that we have a true lumen value of 43,000 lumens from a 1000w metal halide fixture, we now have to accommodate for and deduce a reasonable amount of light loss from stray emissions.   This is light that travels semi horizontally, and sometime vertically away from the illuminated surface and into the sky (Sky Glow).  This stray light sometimes referred to as “Sky-Glow” or “Light Trespass” is responsible for another loss averaging 40 percent of the emitted light.   This light that never makes it to the actual surfaces to be illuminated is wasted light, and wasted kilowatts of electricity.

Now that we have deduced from the initial 100,000 lumens emitted by the 1000w lamp, to the end result of 26,000 delivered lumens to the illuminated surface, we can now measure the required lumens necessary to replace 1000w Metal Halide with an LED Light Fixture +/- 10 percent.   This means that to accurately replace your 1000w metal halide, the LED fixture must produce at least 23,400 delivered lumens, up to 28,600 at a high to be considered an “Equal”.

Benefits of Replacing 1000w Metal Halide With LED

Obviously we all know by now that LED Lighting saves money because it is a lower wattage than Metal Halide and traditional light sources and no longer requires a maintenance expense with replacement bulbs and ballasts.   However here are some other benefits you need to know:

Increased Uniformity: Because Metal Halide delivers an intense amount of light from a single pinpoint source, this creates hot spots under the fixture.   When using LED Lighting with multiple emitters and focus controlled optics, hot spots are eliminated and a more consistent coverage of light on the ground is created.  This reduces the darker areas between poles and smooths out the lighting across a property.  This is known as Uniformity.  There are several measures such as 20:1, 15:1 and 10:1 enhanced security.  This is a measure of how smooth the transition is of light control from one pole to another.   The lower the uniformity ratio, the better quality of light across a property.REPLACE 1000W METAL HALIDE WITH LED AT NIGHT

Increased See-Ability: Though this is a new word you won’t find in the Websters Dictionary, it has become an often used word in the lighting industry to surmise the effect of Scotopic Effect.  This is different than Photopic Effect.  The basic difference here is how the human eye perceives light.  A lumen or foot candle meter reads photopic lumens.  Yet the human eye through rods and cones (red, green, blue receptors in the retina), perceive on a scotopic level.  Natural Bright Light, constricts the pupils which are dialated at night, and with the color temperature of LED white light, and constricted pupils, the light emitted from an LED Fixture is perceived at a higher level than traditional metal halide.  This makes illuminated surfaces appear brighter under LED Light at night.  Therefore 26,000 lumens from an LED can appear more light 43,000 lumens from a Metal Halide.

1000W LED Replacements Offered By Synergy Lighting


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