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1000w LED Replacement Light Fixtures – What You Need To Know

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1000w metal halide fixtures are most commonly used for Flood and Area Lighting. Because of the high wattage of these fixtures, users have often depended on the higher light levels for safety and security of shopping centers and parking lot lighting. As well these fixtures have been key in promoting and displaying product at automobile dealerships for years. Unfortunately these high wattage fixtures consume a ton of electricity often resulting in demand charges from utility companies. However with advancement in LED Lighting, the 1000w metal Halide Fixture is now a thing of the past.

What Does It take To Replace 1000w Metal Halide?

First we must understand that arming ones self with the facts is the most important key to replacing 1000w Metal Halide. All too often, Auto Dealerships and Business Owners have been left disappointed in their investment with LED Lighting simply because they didn’t know what they were buying.

1000W Metal Halide Fixtures can produce upwards of 100,000 lumens when a new bulb and ballast are installed. Though this may seem like a lot of light, it really isn’t nearly as much as it sounds. This measure is at the arc tube in the center of the 1000w lamp.   Once the light is emitted, it bounces around in the fixture before it is reflected on to the ground.  This causes a drastic drop in lumens by the time the light travels from the fixture to the illuminated surface. Secondly, as the metal halide lamp ages, it is typical for the lamp itself to depreciate by as much as 35 percent within the first six to nine months from the date of installation. The end result is a lumen discharge somewhere in the vicinity of 43,000 lumens.1000w LED REPLACEMENT LIGHT FIXTURES - 1000W LED RETROFIT

Now that we have a true lumen value of 43,000 lumens from a 1000w metal halide fixture, we now have to accommodate for and deduce a reasonable amount of light loss from stray emissions. This is light that travels semi horizontally, and sometime vertically away from the illuminated surface and into the sky (Sky Glow). This stray light sometimes referred to as “Sky-Glow” or “Light Trespass” is responsible for another loss averaging 40 percent of the emitted light. This light that never makes it to the actual surfaces to be illuminated is wasted light, and wasted kilowatts of electricity.

Now that we have deduced from the initial 100,000 lumens emitted by the 1000w lamp, to the end result of 26,000 delivered lumens to the illuminated surface, we can now measure the required lumens necessary to replace 1000w Metal Halide with an LED Light Fixture +/- 10 percent. This means that to accurately replace your 1000w metal halide, the LED fixture must produce at least 23,400 delivered lumens, up to 28,600 at a high to be considered an “Equal”.

Benefits of Replacing 1000w Metal Halide With LED

Obviously we all know by now that LED Lighting saves money because it is a lower wattage than Metal Halide and traditional light sources and no longer requires a maintenance expense with replacement bulbs and ballasts. However here are some other benefits you need to know:

Increased Uniformity: Because Metal Halide delivers an intense amount of light from a single pinpoint source, this creates hot spots under the fixture. When using LED Lighting with multiple emitters and focus controlled optics, hot spots are eliminated and a more consistent coverage of light on the ground is created. This reduces the darker areas between poles and smooths out the lighting across a property. This is known as Uniformity. There are several measures such as 20:1, 15:1 and 10:1 enhanced security. This is a measure of how smooth the transition is of light control from one pole to another. The lower the uniformity ratio, the better quality of light across a property.


Increased See-Ability: Though this is a new word you won’t find in the Websters Dictionary, it has become an often used word in the lighting industry to surmise the effect of Scotopic Effect. This is different than Photopic Effect. The basic difference here is how the human eye perceives light. A lumen or foot candle meter reads photopic lumens. Yet the human eye through rods and cones (red, green, blue receptors in the retina), perceive on a scotopic level. Natural Bright Light, constricts the pupils which are dialated at night, and with the color temperature of LED white light, and constricted pupils, the light emitted from an LED Fixture is perceived at a higher level than traditional metal halide. This makes illuminated surfaces appear brighter under LED Light at night. Therefore 26,000 lumens from an LED can appear more light 43,000 lumens from a Metal Halide.

1000W LED Replacements Offered By Synergy Lighting


Cree CXB LED High Bay Lighting Fixture – Replace 400w Metal Halide

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CREE CXB LED HIGH BAY CXB-23L-40K-U-1-HC CXB-23L-40K-U-1-JPThe time for an affordable and highly dependable LED High Bay has arrived! The Cree®CXB High Bay LED luminaire delivers 23,000 lumens of crisp, bright white light, and is a true replacement for 400w Metal Halide.

The traditional design of the CXB High Bay LED fixture allows for a quick exchange for your existing High Bay fixture within minutes saving hundreds of dollars in labor for retrofitting. The unique design is powerful, yet light weight and can handle the higher temperatures often associated with Warehouse, Production Facilities, Gymnasiums and High Ceiling Applications. The CXB LED High Bay comes on immediately with no warm up time, and can easily be used with occupancy control devices to provide even higher levels of energy savings.

Save Money With CXB LED High Bay Fixture

Made in U.S.A. at only 230 watts and less than $500.00 a fixture, the CXB High Bay saves 55% energy over standard 400w Metal Halide and requires no maintenance for up to 75,000 hours. For most 12 hour a day facilities, this means 15 to 20 years of hassle free brilliant light. The instant on and off functions allow facilities to continue work or production when power is temporarily interrupted. Further, the CXB LED High Bay saves hundreds of dollars by eliminating the need for replacement light bulbs, ballasts or other expensive labor cost.The CXB comes standard with a multivolt 120-277v input and comes with mounting options for J-Box, Hook and Cord, and Pendant Mounting.


CREE CXB LED High Bay Offers 10 Year Factory Warranty

Peace of Mind is priceless in the eyes of an Engineer and Facility Owners. That is why the Cree CXB LED High Bay comes standard with a 10 year Warranty against premature failure. No other LED High Bay comes close to the CXB High Bay when dependability and reliability are the top priority!


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Offering Incredible Low Pricing and Free Shipping!

High Bay Lighting CXB LED High Bay MH400 High Bay
Total Wattage Per Fixture 230 Watts 468 Watts
Product Life in Years 20 5
Hour life of bulbs 75,000 20,000
Energy cost per year (.13 pkw) $250.53 $532.95
Lumen Depreciation 5% 35%
Heat Emissions Temp 140 F 480 F
Hot Spots on Floor NONE YES
Color shifting of lamps NONE OFTEN
Danger of explosion NONE HIGH
Time To Restrike INSTANT 15 minutes
Warranty 10 year 1 year
Energy Cost Reduction $2824.32 Per Fixture NONE

Green Underwater Fishing Lights

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People have often been amazed by Green Underwater Fishing Lights used around docks and canals. These lights do provide amazing effects to the water-scape as well as attract very large fish at night. The theory is simple, as the green light produces ultra-violet rays at a specific nanometer wavelength that attracts bait fish & plankton which show up first. Shortly there after, larger fish such as Tarpon and Snook begin to show up to feed on smaller fish. Very popular in Texas and Florida, these became known as the Green Underwater Snook Light.


Synergy Offers Green Dock and Fishing Lights

GREEN UNDERWATER LIGHT FOR MOMSTER FISHSynergy Lighting, a leader in innovative lighting offers the first commercially available, Heavy Duty Underwater Green Fishing Light. Constructed of a heavy duty Polypropylene Copolymer, the Underwater Fish Light from Synergy offers an indestructible housing that can withstand impacts from boats that are docking in low tides, and doesn’t break when hit by fishing lures and weights.   Additionally, the light source is protected by a heavy duty water-proof tempered lens. Because of the innovative design, the Underwater Green Fishing Light from Synergy Lighting is heavily weighted to eliminate drifting in heavy currents or storms, and comes with a secondary ground spike to ensure it stays in place for good. Unlike other kits that are available on the market, this Underwater Light Fixture comes with everything you need in one easy package, eliminating the need for large bulky boxes and hardware mounted to your pilings or structure!

Underwater Green Lights Attract Big Fish Next To Docks!

Did we mention lots of fish? The Underwater Fishing Light from Synergy emits light outwards and upwards creating nearly a 40 foot diameter through clear waters around docks, seawalls and canals. Brackish water allows light to emit up to 25 feet in diameter attracting larger and bigger fish with higher levels of plankton. The Green underwater light installs in minutes and comes with a 3 year factory warranty. The green light source lasts up to 3 years and can be replaced by the user for less than $40.00. Improve the look of your marina, back yard, waterway, or resort with Underwater Lights from Synergy Lighting. Also available in Blue!

UNDERWATER GREEN FISHING LIGHTSCall today for a free quote! 1-877-220-5483

120V LED Polycarbonate Flood Light Fixture

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Synergy Lighting introduces the latest in affordable LED Lighting with our 10 Watt and 17 Watt 120 Volt LED Flood Light Fixtures! Using as little as 10 watts 5000K Bright White LED, these LED Flood Light Fixtures easily replace traditional 13 watt and 26 Watt compact fluorescent light fixtures. At a price of less than $100, the GMF is your best value in LED lighting!

LED Ground Mount Floods Replace CFL

120V LED GROUND FLOOD LIGHT FIXTUREThe SYN-LED-10W-GMF and the SYN-LED-17W-GMF are an extremely durable wet-location rated fixture using advanced thermal polycarbonates to manage heat. These new polycarbonates are designed to allow heat buildup to transfer outwards from the fixture rather than trapping the heat in like older CFL version. This means exceptionally longer life, and better lumen maintenance.

The fixtures are designed with 1/2″ NPT knuckles for easy mounting into junction boxes, ground posts and can be used for sign lighting, general security lighting, or building flood lighting. Rated life is 4 times longer then CFL bulbs resulting in up to 8-10 years life at 40,000 hours. The GMF fixtures stay bright and brilliant, do not flicker or attract bugs!

The durable black finish blends well with any commercial building, or landscape and won’t fade, chip, peel or degrade. The GMF fixtures comes standard with our 3 year factory warranty.


Call today for a free quote or quantity discounts on the GMF fixtures from Synergy Lighting! 1-877-220-5483

LED Garage Light Bulb Retrofit

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Retrofitting your existing parking garage light fixtures no longer requires manipulating bulbs that don’t quite fit right, or having to spend tens of thousands on new led light fixtures. Synergy Lighting introduces the SYN-LED-40W-GLB Light Bulb specifically designed for parking garage light fixtures!

Synergy Lighting Introduces 40 Watt LED Garage Bulb

LED GARAGE LIGHT RETROFIT 40 WATT BULBThe SYN-LED-40W-GLB was designed specifically to retrofit existing vandal proof and canopy style garage light fixtures with ease of installation and maximum light out put in mind. The unique tapered inverted cone shape of the GLB fits perfectly in most fixtures directing light downwards and outwards providing concise light output throughout the facility. Unlike newer LED Light fixtures that only direct light downwards, the GLB provides 360 degree coverage and can be installed in less than 15 minutes!

Retrofit Garage Lights With LED 40 Watt Light Bulb

Easily replicating the light levels traditionally achieved by 150-175 watt metal Halide, the SYN-LED-40W-GLB provides pure natural, bright white, crisp light that increases drivers see-ability while saving up to 75% in energy cost.

Further the GLB LED Light bulbs eliminates potential costly maintenance costs and eliminates the need for replacing bulbs and ballasts. Retrofitting is easy by by-passing the existing ballast, hard-wiring the lamp socket, and screwing in the GLB light bulb.

The GLB LED Garage Light Retrofit is available in both Medium and Mogul bases and comes standard as a multi-volt (120-277 Volt) replacement LED. Rated at 50,000 hours, and standard with our 3 year factory warranty, the GLB from Synergy Lighting is the most affordable and effective way to convert your lighting system into an LED beauty!



For more information or to get a factory quote for your parking garage, call Synergy Lighting today at 1-877-220-5483 or visit us online at



LED Dusk To Dawn Security Light

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Synergy Lighting introduces the new LED Dusk To Dawn Security Light Fixture. This modern design on traditional Barn Light Style Fixtures offers great light at an affordable price with the highest levels of efficiency. The dusk-to-dawn fixture features a SSL light engine using LEDs that provides a higher lumen output and crisp, clean high visibility light perfect for security lighting around buildings and parking areas.

LED DUSK TO DAWN BARN LIGHT FIXTUREThe LED Dusk To Dawn fixture is of a die-cast aluminum housing with a UV resistant, thermo-set polyester powder coat finish that provides durable protection from environmental conditions, corrosion and the elements as well as being UL listed for Wet Locations. The SSL light engine is protected by a high-impact, prismatic acrylic lens that also provides greater optic control and even distribution.

Replace Metal Halide Security Light With LED

LED DUSK 2 DAWN SECURITY LIGHT FIXTUREThe Dusk To Dawn Fixture saves over $1508 over the life of the fixture compared to Metal Halide Security Lights. Using only 48 Watts on energy this LED security light provides affordability on the front end while providing years of maintenance free savings on the back end. The LED Dusk To Dawn fixtures comes equipped with a commercial grade, replaceable twist lock photocell that turns the light on at sunset and off at sunrise. The LED Dusk To Dawn Security Light offers a 5 year factory warranty.

Further, this solid state lighting LED Dusk To Dawn security Light features over 50,000 hours (15 years) of L70 operation. This fixture easily replaces existing fixtures from 120-277 Volts and slides right on the existing fixture arm, or purchase a new arm separately. Replaces 150W and 175W Metal Halide. To replace, simply remove the existing fixture. Reconnect the three lead wires to the new fixture, tighten the mounting bolts and you’re done. Saving energy has never been so easy in a security light application!



LED Gas Station Canopy Lights

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Replacing metal halide lighting at gas stations creates a great deal of energy savings as well as attracts customers by form of brighter cleaner lighting at night. This creates a warmer, more inviting experience for customers, which translates into higher sales.

LED RETROFIT BULB FOR SCOTTSDALE FIXTURESSynergy Lighting offers LED Retrofit Solutions, that allows petroluem stations to keep their existing fixtures and convert them to LED without the tremendous expense of new fixtures. Perfect for the traditional “Scottsdale” type fixtures, these LED replacements quickly and affordably replace metal halide, and mounts right into the existing fixture. Users can by-pass or remove the existing ballast and eliminating the need for costly ballast repairs with our unique retrofit lamps, or replace with a new LED Fixture.

Call Today For A Wholesale Quotation For Your Gas Station LED Canopy Lights! 1-877-220-5483

LSI CR03 LED Retrofit Fixture


LSI LED Generation 3 (CRO3) canopy lighting for both new construction and retrofit applications is designed to provide the absolute best New LED lighting fixture solution at the most affordable cost. LSI’s proprietary SmartTec™ technology is featured in every Generation 3 canopy fixture, providing reliable and constantly superior performance over the life of the fixture. Multiple optics and drive currents allow you to create the best possible lighting for your specific canopy application.CALL FOR SPECIAL PRICING ON LED GAS STATION CANOPY RETROFITS

Cree 304 Series LED Canopy Lights

CREE 304 SERIES LED CANOPY LIGHT304 Series recessed canopy luminaires can be configured to achieve 100+ lumen-per-watt performance providing superior efficiency, longevity, lumen maintenance and light control while reducing energy use. Use of optional integrated multi-level sensor provides timed reduction of light levels. 304 Series luminaires are ideal for installation in single- or double-deck open-air canopies and offer a 10 year factory warranty.CALL FOR SPECIAL PRICING ON LED GAS STATION CANOPY RETROFITS

GS-Series LED Retrofit Lamp

GS SERIES LED GAS STATION CANOPY LIGHT RETROFITThe GS Series Retrofit Lamps offer the most cost effective and affordable retrofit solution allowing you to screw in the LED Lighting Solution for almost near immediate results! Available in both 100 and 150 Watt Models, the GS Series retrofit lamps offer both vertical and outward illumination in Scottsdale fixtures. At a fraction of the cost of a new fixture, the 100w version is an excellent replacement for 320W and 400W metal halide. Looking for even brighter light? The 150 Watt GS Series lamp delivers over 20,000 scotopic lumens!CALL FOR SPECIAL PRICING ON LED GAS STATION CANOPY RETROFITS

GS-C Series Gas Station LED Canopy Retrofit

GS-C SERIES LED GAS STATION CANOPY LIGHT RETROFITThe GS-C Series packs superior punch with CREE LED Technology in a screw in retrofit. This unique design is perfect for flush mount canopy fixtures. The Slim design allows the LED to fit easily, and runs from a remote driver that installs in place of the old metal halide ballast. Available in 90 Watt, 120 Watt and 150 Watt Models, the GS-C offers serious punch delivering up to 25,480 Scotopic lumens.CALL FOR SPECIAL PRICING ON LED GAS STATION CANOPY RETROFITS

Power Outage Delays Super Bowl XLVII

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On February 3, 2013 at approximately 8:42pm, the nation observed a power outage due to surge during the Super Bowl game. This delay surely caused a hindrance to the momentum of both teams. Although the power surge only lasted a matter of moments, the stadium lights (1500W Metal Halide) require a cool down time of up to 15 minutes prior to having a thermal re-strike, before the re-illuminate.

LED Stadium Lights from Synergy Lighting would have re-illuminated immediately preventing the serious Super Bowl game delay.

Sports facilities that are not shifting to LED Stadium Lights are losing money in a big way. The multiple advantages of extreme power savings, low power consumption, impact resistance, long service life, low maintenance requirement, excellent light levels and light uniformity make LED Stadium Lights the ideal choice for any sports venue.

LED SPORTS LIGHT FIXTURE FLOOD SPOT ARENA LIGHTING STADIUM LIGHTPOWER FAILURE LIGHTS OUT SUPERBOWL - PHOTO BY ESPNFor more information on LED Stadium Lights and how they could have saved the Super Bowl, Click Here!

LED Retrofit for 250W Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium Lights

10/12/12 | Copyright Synergy Lighting USA | Call us today for sales and pricing information: Toll Free: 1-877-220-5483

Across the United States, many commercial properties and municipalities are converting their existing Metal Halide Fixtures to LED. In the past this required a complete fixture replacement because there simply was no other alternative. The upfront costs associated with this type of fixture change is high but does result in tremendous energy savings and labor savings. Fortunately, the need for a complete fixture change is no longer required as Synergy Lighting introduces two of the most efficient LED Retrofit Lamps on the market. These LED replacements for 250 Watt Metal Halide not only offers the same life as more expensive LED fixtures, but are extremely affordable at less than half the cost!RETROFIT 250 WATT METAL HALIDE TO LED REPLACEMENT LED BULB FOR LIGHT FIXTURES HIGH BAY

Universal Position 100 Watt LED Replacement Bulb

Utilizing only 100 Watts of consumable energy, the LED-8027-DL Light Bulb easily replaces up to 250w Watt Metal Halide bulbs in Roadway, Street Lights, Wall Packs, Post Lights and Garage Lighting Fixtures. This LED Retrofit results in an energy saving of $1,614.00 per fixture*. Installation is quick and simple with the LED-8027-DL. Simply remove the existing metal halide from the light fixture and bypass the HID ballast. Then screw in this multi-volt (110v-277v) retrofit lamp. The omni-direction LED array emits light in 360 degrees. Additionally the LED-8027-DL has a built in integral 70,000 hour cooling fan that provides additional thermal management. This feature ensures proper LED junction temperatures are controlled in a fully enclosed fixture. (Please note: Removal of the original HID Ballast from the existing fixture may be required for utility incentives, consult with your local utility).


  • 100 Watt Universal Position LED Array
  • Universal Voltage 110V-277V
  • 5700 Kelvin – Bright White Light
  • 8900 Photopic Lumens / 11,150 Scotopic Lumens
  • 50,000 Hour Life In Enclosed Fixtures
  • 12 Years Life @ 12 Hours Use Per Day
  • 70,000 Hour On Board Delta Cooling Fan
  • Mogul Base
  • UL Listed LED Lighting Retrofit
  • LM79 Tested by ITT Boulder
  • 5 Year Factory Warranty
  • Diameter: 4.92 Inches x Length: 11.93 Inches


Base-Up 100 Watt LED Replacement Bulb

Utilizing only 100 Watts of consumable energy the LED-8026 Down-light Bulb is the latest in Energy Efficient LED Retrofits. This unique and specially engineered lamp is the perfect replacement for up to 175 watt Metal Halide in fixtures that have vertically mounted lamps such as Street Lights, Parking Garage Fixtures, Low Bay’s and Shoeboxes. Energy Savings with this LED Retrofit yields up to $1590.00 per fixture*. Equipped with a vented prismatic lens, the LED-8026 creates a perfected distribution of light both downwards and outwards without glare that could hinder drivers from becoming distracted. Replacement is easy by simply bypassing the existing HID ballast and screwing in the LED-8026. The LED-8026 is also equipped with a 70,000 hour internal cooling fan to provide thermal management for enclosed fixtures, and can by used in outdoor open-rated street light fixtures typically found in most municipalities. Its slim size fits perfectly into PGR and Gas Station Canopy Style Light Fixtures, and can work with occupancy control systems.


  • 100 Watt Base Up LED Prismatic Diffuse Array
  • Universal Voltage 110V-277V
  • 5700 Kelvin – Bright White Light
  • 8300 Photopic Lumens / 10400 Scotopic Lumens
  • 50,000 Hour Life In Enclosed Fixtures
  • 12 Years Life @ 12 Hours Use Per Day
  • 70,000 Hour On Board Cooling Fan
  • Medium Base (Mogul Base Adapter Available)
  • UL Listed LED Lighting Retrofit
  • LM79 Tested by ITT Boulder
  • 5 Year Factory Warranty
  • Diameter: 7.15 Inches x Depth: 8.15 Inches



For more information on switching to LED Lighting or pricing, view our website and call Synergy Lighting for a free consultation.


Phone: (941)-756-4844

Toll Free: (877) 220-5483


* Energy Savings Based on $0.13 per KW at 50,000 hours. Utility Rates May Vary

RAB Lighting Introduces GLED 52 Watt and 78 Watt LED Garage Light Fixture

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Parking Garage Lighting is often one of the most energy wasteful scenarios for large commercial building and condominiums. Most often we find Parking Garage Lighting operating 24 hours a day with come and go traffic, and no measureable usage in late night hours. RAB Lighting has now introduced an affordable LED Solution that does not involve converting existing fixtures. The new 52 Watt and 78 Watt GLED Led Fixtures offer superior 100,000 hour operation as well as crisp and clear natural light output. The sleek – round design offers a beautiful LED package with the most affordable price for a complete LED fixture replacing 150 and 175 watt Metal Halide traditionally used in parking garages.

GLED 52W and 78W LED Garage Lights

The GLED offers superior thermal management with both upper and lower spars. The prismatic lens emitts light both vertically and horizontally proving for even light distribution in lower clearance garages and canopies. Unlike other LED Garage Light Fixtures that have been known to bling drivers entering the garage, the GLED is smooth and consitant and allows for easy eye adjustment when entering garage.


GLED Specifications:

  • 100,000 Hour Life (24 years)
  • 75% Energy Reduction
  • 3,644 Lumens (52w) 5,644 Lumens (78w)
  • 85 CRI
  • Aluminium Body
  • Prismatic lens
  • Powdercoat Finish Bronze or White
  • Multivolt Self adjusting input 120-277 volt
  • Works with Photocell or occupancy sensors
  • 5 year factory warranty



For more information or to purchase the GLED LED Garage light fixture in either 52 watt or 78 watt models, call us today at 1-877-220-5483 or visit us online at



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