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LED Brick Paver Lights For Patio Or Driveways

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LED MINIDISK PAVER LIGHTS STEPPaver light fixtures From National Specialty Lighting are an excellent way to light up the paths and walkways around your property and exceptionally easy to install. Available in both a concrete poor mold or simple retrofit, these outdoor light fixtures are installed inside the paver’s to provide both a stunning visual effect as well as provide additional safety and security for your family. LED Paver lights are an affordable way to improve the way your property is viewed and to deter unwanted visitors like vandals and thieves, and allow you to move around your property at night more freely and with a reduce chance of personal injury.

NATIONAL SPECIALTY LIGHTING LOGOPaver lights come in several styles and finishes from chrome to powder coat finish. There are also available in energy saving LED as well as solar powered versions.  Additionally, you made choose from different shades of white for the light produced or even a different color light entirely. Paver lighting systems use a 12 volt transformer and come with installation kits for do-it-yourself or may be done by a professional if you prefer. Either way the results are sure to increase curb appeal and highlight your landscaping lighting package.

LED Paver lights are available in both warm, cool white and colors.



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