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Tired of not being able to find the right light bulb, ballasts or fixtures for your business? Synergy Lighting now offers one of the most diverse Lighting Catalogs that has nearly everything you could need! With over 5000 items from Light Bulbs, Ballasts, Fixtures, Emergency Lights, Parts, Globes, Lenses, we’ve got you covered!

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LED Bullet Landscape Lighting Fixtures

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One of the most accentuating aspects of commercial outdoor lighting is landscape lighting. Illuminating landscape features such as shrubs, trees, and plants can transform a property from ordinary into extraordinary! In additional to enhancing the image of a property, a quality landscape lighting design can add safety and security to a property with increased ambient light levels around walkways and paths.

LED Landscape Lighting Fixtures Replace Metal Halide

RETROFIT METAL HALIDE TO LEDOne of the most popular forms of commercial landscape lighting is incandescent and HID lighting such as Metal Halide. These flood fixtures are often expensive to operate, and have higher levels of required maintenance. Though they provide a great degree of brightness, the overall costs can often deter a property owner from maintaining them. Fortunately with the current advances in technology and receding cost of LED lighting, the days of spending thousands in electricity and hundreds in labor and replacement bulbs are over. Synergy Lighting offers a complete line of line voltage LED Bullet style landscape lighting fixtures that can easily replace any incandescent or HID Metal Halide flood fixture.

LED Lighting Fixtures Save Energy

LED provides a sharper brilliant white light, runs cooler and last up to 4 times longer than HID, and 30 times longer than halogen. Synergy’s line of LED Bullet landscape fixtures utilize CREE brand LED and are available from 8 watt (Replaces 50 Watt Halogen) up to to 20 Watt (Replaces up to 100 Watt Metal Halide). Sizes range from PAR20 to PAR38 for larger applications. LED Bullet Landscape Lighting FixtureAnnual energy savings for the 20 watt LED fixture is $64.00 a year per fixture, and has an initial cost equal to leading brand HID fixtures. Upgrading your existing HID system to LED is easy with a quick change using the 1/2″ adjustable knuckle mount built into the base of the fixture. The die-cast housing provides long term durability against abuse from landscape maintenance and comes standard with a tempered glass lens. Finishes include both Bronze and Verde Green to match the most common landscape designs. Color temperatures include 3000K Warm White, 3500K Neutral White and 5000K Natural White.



For more information on  LED Lighting, view our website and call Synergy Lighting for a free consultation. Our expert staff is standing by to assist you in selecting the best LED products for your application!


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Decor Glow Solar Powered LED Outdoor Decorative Jars

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HANGING BALL JAR CANDLESEver wanted the outdoor charm of candles in mason jars hanging from the pergola or trees?  Anyone who has ever attempted this as a designer look for any outdoor living space knows that it is well worth the appeal, but can be a lot of work.  However the days of tedious candle replacing and jar cleaning is gone.   Synergy Lighting now carries Decor w Solar Powered LED Jars.  This unique product works from the sun natural energy to charge internal batteries and create dazzling outdoor lighting scenes.  Each Decor Glo Jar uses three energy efficient LED’s and can be switched from either an amber glow or blue glow effect.

The light is diffused by the frosted jar and give the appearance of sunlight emitting from the sun or a cool moon glow There is no switch on the Sun Jar – in fact there are no visible controls at all – but there is a clever light sensor inside that automatically activates the LED when it gets dark or the lights are turned out! (There is an override switch inside the lid to turn off the light at night and conserve battery life.)

Decor Glow Solar Powered LED Jars On Sale!

Decor Glo LED OUTDOOR JAR HANGINGMason jars are not only beautiful but by their very nature they are water tight – so the Sun Jar can happily be left outside in any weather conditions. A perfect garden light or night light for a child’s bedroom. The Sun Jar needs DIRECT sunshine to work! Leave the Sun Jar outside or in a sunny window in direct sunlight for several hours to charge. The Sun and Moon Jars use a standard AA rechargeable battery, which is replaceable.



For more information on Decor Glow Solar Jar Lights, view our website and call Synergy Lighting to place an order.  Our expert staff is standing by to assist you in selecting the best products for your application!


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LED Brick Paver Lights For Patio Or Driveways

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LED MINIDISK PAVER LIGHTS STEPPaver light fixtures From National Specialty Lighting are an excellent way to light up the paths and walkways around your property and exceptionally easy to install. Available in both a concrete poor mold or simple retrofit, these outdoor light fixtures are installed inside the paver’s to provide both a stunning visual effect as well as provide additional safety and security for your family. LED Paver lights are an affordable way to improve the way your property is viewed and to deter unwanted visitors like vandals and thieves, and allow you to move around your property at night more freely and with a reduce chance of personal injury.

NATIONAL SPECIALTY LIGHTING LOGOPaver lights come in several styles and finishes from chrome to powder coat finish. There are also available in energy saving LED as well as solar powered versions.  Additionally, you made choose from different shades of white for the light produced or even a different color light entirely. Paver lighting systems use a 12 volt transformer and come with installation kits for do-it-yourself or may be done by a professional if you prefer. Either way the results are sure to increase curb appeal and highlight your landscaping lighting package.

LED Paver lights are available in both warm, cool white and colors.



For more information on LED Paver Lights, view our website and call Synergy Lighting for a free consultation.


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Apartment Complex Pool | Sarasota, FL

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Sarasota, Florida Landscape Lighting is somewhat challenging and far from boring. When the manager of a local Apartment Complex asked us to “Spruce Up” the pool area on a budget of $500.00 we were scratching our heads to figure out how to accomplish her goal. That’s when the light bulb came on out of nowhere. Could we use Self Ballasted Metal Halide lamps to provide incredible uplighting effects and maintain a budget? YES! The customer installed (6) Par 38 Bullet Light Fixtures with (6) 25 Watt Philips Metal Halide Light Bulbs: Total prject cost: $487.43. Just enough left over for a nice Margarita By The Pool!

Energy Savings acheived by using the MasterColor® Integrated 25W PAR38 Ceramic Metal Halide Lamps over Halogen was 50 Watts per fixture or $203.43 per year savings, and a 15% Increase in light quality.


For more information, visit , or call Synergy Lighting.


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